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Thread: Dragon's Fury guild !

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    Default Dragon's Fury guild !

    We are looking for friendly players of any levels to join us and become stronger!
    Our guild wish players that are nice and respectful mostly and if you love to do
    raids or never experienced it yet, we will totally give you the chance and freedom to join us for thoses.

    Your friends are all welcome to join us too as long as they stay nice. We don't like dramas makers
    and prefer honest people for it too.

    We love helping guildmates as much as we can and we offer alchemy service for free, no need
    to provide mats.

    We have too a nice guild forum made that looks very cool exclusively for guildmates though and a facebook group.

    Ya can contact us via in game using mailbox to send us message if you wish to join us, or ya can try
    directly whisper one of us: Kemya, Kenshin7, Dechtire, Muilin or Nero1.

    We don't recruit mules unless you play on it to help the guild (no stallers-afkish)

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    Hey guys! Kemya here. Just wanted to post to update a detail about who to pm to join the guild.

    You can pm Kenshin7, me, Lissandra1, shishiu ( though at the moment he's offline for some personal reasons) or any other members that you might see around who will let us know that you want to join.

    Have fun guys, enjoy your gameplay and hope to see some of you join our family <3

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    Hi again guys!

    There's some changes since the last time I posted We now also have a discord server since a couple of months for the guild and if you want to join, you can pm Kenshin7, Kemya, Dwons or Tokoyami. Of course like I mentionned before, one of our guild members if you see them around We made it to lvl 18 recently and keep growing!

    Hope to see more ppl join the Smexy Family!

    Have fun and cya in game

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