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Thread: Level Lockout

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    Default Level Lockout

    I see it happen a lot. Players well past the drop level of a map coming back to farm, and staying in the same spot for several hours, sometimes on every channel, sometimes with two or more accounts.

    it's unfair to the players trying to play the map legitimately in progression, and it needs to be dealt with. my suggestion is a lockout when someone levels past the drop levels. If someone has other suggestions, maybe a stat penalty? whatever, please share it here if this is a problem for you also.

    this is especially problematic below level 25
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    The reason this happens is because it's an easier way to farm gold. There's really no problem with it, and there's three channels.

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    I would be very nice as well that the pk bosses would be bound to a level range, now the top10 is just controlling them all and with that the chance to get even near them is hardly present. The way it's arranged now u don't even need to make a hunting char and with it blocking your progress. That way if u would hunt to long u would loose progress against the others and cause of that u would need to balance and the drops of these bosses would spread more cause of it. Now it's just to a few, who get very rich push the market prices cause of it and place the rest even in a more disbalance. It's a support system to let the difference between the powerfull and the rest grow bigger instead of demanding a very high dedication to even be able to stay at that top.

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