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    Hi everyone,

    I was change 2 mouse in 3 month playing PT. Now, i found other way to free your hand and save your mouse.

    *You must play on window mode.

    Free running

    Double Left Click (easy, everyone know)

    Name Lock

    Hold your left mouse on monster and press Alt + Tab (Change window or u can click to desktop).

    >> Your char will cast left skill to monster till die. (Maybe you, maybe them. He he)

    *When you come back to window game, you can click right mouse, change to cast right skill. If you click left mouse, it will be cancel.

    Any admin can tell me, is this legal?


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    Only if you are AFK and not responding to people.
    Then it is considered auto botting, that you can be banned for.

    So yes, of course you can auto attack, but you must always be present.

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    Thank you, SunnyZ.

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