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Thread: New Morion 2nd Tier rank up quest need help

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    Question New Morion 2nd Tier rank up quest need help

    Got my mage to lv20 and started the rank-up quest "Hair restoration". After getting the bottle from Dfrain, I went on to kill Devilish trees in Forest of Spirits. I hunted the devilish trees for 2 hours 3 levels(20-23) and didn't see a single quest item(oil).
    I tried restarting the quest and same thing happens, no quest item found even with the bottle on my character.

    Has anyone else had this problem? How long does it take normally to complete the quest?

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    It's not bugged mate.. Just takes time to complete. Anywhere between 2-6hrs is pretty normal for RNG. Depend if you use xtals to help or not. You will gain some levels because base exp is x4 than what was back in day. Anyway good luck hunting.

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    Yes, it takes a while, and remember, the oils automatically go in your quest inventory page, they do not drop to the floor and do not end up in your normal inventory pages page.

    Check your quest inventory page, made sure its not filled up with gold crystals/dreary bones, if it is, this could be preventing the items from going into your quest inventory, go to an npc click sell button then click the gold crystal/dreary bones to clear space in the quest inventory.
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    Thank you guys for the help! I'll go back to farming more devilish trees

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