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Thread: Step Up Dance Competition - Valentine's Edition *RESULTS*

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    Default Lucent Heart Step up Dance Solo Category- Valentine Edition Entry


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    Default Solo Category by Takari

    Category: Solo
    Song: Blacksuit by Super Junior
    Performed by:Takari

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    Default Valentine Step Up 2nd Solo Category entry ~Eyerah~

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    Category: Guild
    Song: Electric Angel by Kagamine Rin and Len
    Performed by:FereverNever Guild

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    Default Step Up Dance Competition

    Solo category
    Dirty Work by Austin Mahone
    Performed by xKazzyx

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    Default solo category

    here is my entry for the solo category

    ign: Gwen_Aurora

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    Default SOLO Entry!AuKpgbSNLoZc8Dmj7cX-gndvEQzm

    Player: Joseph1
    Song: Strip That Down by Liam Payne


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    Red face Lucent Heart Step Up Entry

    Team Category Entry
    Song True Love feat. Laurell
    please enjoy

    - "Note" -> i used my Friend's Character because she wasn't able to come online. does that count as alt ? -

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    No video editing is allowed other than:
    Cropping out the video part in which players are setting up their dance/dance positions.
    Adding the MP3 over the video because the music wasn't synchronized with the steps or glitched.
    Adding subtitles in case your song isn't English.

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    Lightbulb Step Up Dance Competition

    Solo Entry

    Preformanced by SC0TTIE

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