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Thread: Mods and tricks for improving game Performance/FPS

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    Post Mods and tricks for improving game Performance/FPS

    What kind of legal modifications we have for improving HUD and game FPS. For example Atus map lags insanely (Probably Fps drop) how can i fix this. And where can i find graphic mods.

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    My hard drives are so disorganized I can't find the mods. They also could be on the noisy drive I removed. I could do a search for the zip file but I don't know what it was called.

    Edit: I found the files however they are unzipped so therefor not in their original download state as a zip/rar. And yeah forget how to use the files so..... What was the compressed achieve called?

    Edit 2: Um I would actually have to log in to see if this works, rest of the mod is water texture replacement and very small file size loading screen.

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