Selling or Trading these items for gold/sp or trading for gunner god set

- (Knight) God set {Full +10} {Unsealed} {All leveled down (-10)} {Full Durability}
- (Knight) Medusa set <Exceptional> {Full +10} {Full Durability}
- (Knight) Hera set <{Bracer is Dream grade} {Chest / Head / Pants all Perfect grade} {Boots are Exceptional} {Full +10} {Full Durability}
- (Knight) Joyce set {Full +10} {Full Durability} {All leveled down except Pants (-10)}

- God 1h <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability} {Enchanted}
- God 2h <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability} {Enchanted}
- Hera 1h <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability} {Enchanted}
- Annihilation Dagger <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability} {Enchanted}
- God Gun <Exceptional> {+10} {Full Durability} {Enchanted}
- Taming Shield {+10} {Full Durability} {Leveled down (-10)}
- Gnawing Shield {+10} {Full Durability} {Leveled down (-10)}
- Medusa Shield <Exceptional> {+10} {Full Durability}
- Hera Shield Cannon <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability}
- Hera War Shield <Perfect> {+10} {Full Durability}

PM me in game Kira or hmu on discord Kira#0199 for info, any can be bought with gold or sp or you can trade me god sets