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Thread: Hello there im new here.coming from diff servers

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    Default Hello there im new here.coming from diff servers

    i would like to introduce new in this server.i played a lot of server before. my last server that i played is ign there is LOrdHellboy. Also in fortresspt my ign there is Skelter.

    SO whats up guys? hope to see u all in game..
    ive been here i think 2days and im lvl 80 now..

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    Exclamation Cant Intall game

    Hey Guys,
    Can you help me how to install the game?
    i have problem/issues installing it
    ill attached screen shot.

    Please I want to try to play .
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    Looks like your installer has become corrupted during download.
    You can try grab full 3208 client from here:
    There are included md5 checksums to double check the integrity of the file, to make sure it is not corrupted.
    You can use a tool like to do this.

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