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    Looking for ppl who wanna GC everyday or sometimes is fine 96-105 I'm a 104 .. my IGN. Is scorpions and over

    Add me msg anytime for GC guys plz and ty

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    96-105 if anyone interested

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    No one wants to go with me

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    is my actual name

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    Plz add me and msg me I'm lookin everyday sometimes standing around for a half hour and nobuddy someone help please

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    Seriously plz GC with me 96-105

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpKilla View Post
    Seriously plz GC with me 96-105
    I will GC with u if i reach 96. Still 93. IGN shadowspeed

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    96-106 literally no one please help I'm on right now and need to use my ghost tickets

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