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Thread: All about buying/selling, gold and SP. Let's make a change here.

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    Default All about buying/selling, gold and SP. Let's make a change here.

    To Dear Lucent Heart players

    Hello everyone o/ I hope everyone is doing great. I'm Lillieth, player like each of you. I would love to suggest something to fix at least this thing, since we have control of it and no one else...that is the truth o3o

    It is been a while since i was playing here, i took a pretty long break and many things changed here. Don't know what happened, i think that it is too late even to discuss it since it will not help anyway. So what is the point, right?

    Anyway...Let's talk about sale stands, about selling/buying prices, SP rate to gold. Don't you all think that it is a bit too high nowadays? It is hard to adapt for those that coming back, those that starting game (if there are any new players o3o), but what is more important for those that are actually playing regularly as well.

    Wouldn't it be much comfortable for all of us, spending less time farming gold as beeing able to sell something finally, since price was lowered down?

    I mean i know that there are certain drops that their possibility of getting it is so low, so i understand when someone will want to get paid more, but let's keep in mind that some players can't get much gold right away, it is hard to farm for them simply because they don't spend much time playing. Can't say that all, but some of us are working too, some have family and personal life...

    Can we make game easier and more comfortable by doing that to each other? Personally i think that yes.
    That could have been a step to fixing something here and one step like that is gonna bring other steps eventually as well.

    There is other way to force it to change, by not buying anything from sellers, at least not that expensive. It could eventually make high price sellers to lower price.

    I just can't understand...Why something like that even happened. Those prices should be extremely high when there are actually people, a lot of people that would want to get certain item and they will pay as much as they could to get it..But not right now when you are selling and one MAYBE two people will whisper you back (if you are lucky, because sometimes no one is whispering you back) and you still trying to get so much money...What are you gonna do with all that gold? What is the point of getting so much if you can't spend it? I mean maybe that number looks nice, but what else are you gaining from it?

    Let's all help each other! Definitely nothing is gonna change if we will be just playing here, not communicate and etc. So everything is worth trying.

    I would love to know what you all are thinking about it, and in the end say straight forward that you are gonna make it come true or not. Because only we are controlling it and it depends only from us will it change or not.

    Unfortunately it has to be all of us agreeing on it. It can not be only most of us, because those that will not agree with me will take advantage of it by buying something cheap and selling pretty expensive...So it is gonna be yes or no only

    English is not my native language so i sincerely apologize if there is something wrong and of course i don't mind to be corrected o3o

    Also thank you very much for giving me couple of minutes of your attention to read this post/reply. It is appreciated a LOT!
    Hope all of you gonna enjoy rest of your day ^^
    If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will).

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    Default Hi !

    Totally agree all of it !

    Yup really if you wanna buy something cheap then sell cheap not high. Lets make a change and help each other out.
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    Default Hi o3o

    If some people will not want it work, then i guess the only way is to let them be. Just stop buying stuffs at high price from them and leave them behind. We all will know from who we bought things cheap and who we sold things cheap, so we will be coming back to that person...

    It worked before, it was cheaper, so we can make it happen again \>.</
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    If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will).

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    Default Hmmm

    Many people seems to read/watch thread. But for some reason no one dare to comment or say what they think. It is nice to have discussion on discord but it would be better to do it here...since instead of getting solution, discussion change to random talk.

    Does it mean that no one want to try to fix it?

    Still going to be stubborn and want more? I guess it is fine then.

    Got already a back up solution in that case \o/
    If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will).

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    Unhappy It Hurts to see this Thread

    I can count about 10 other post about Gold / SP rates and non have been successful for the following reason which I don't see why people still cant understand

    The main reasons gold and SP rates are so high
    is because you can get power leveled to 80 in about (Giving a rough estimation) give or take 30 HERA runs with account experience scrolls on other characters15-30min each run which allows people to constantly make a alternative character which will now after 72 have access to "Avalon Front Purgatory"
    The next step after you have a lvl72 and above character is to get a Pet which can bring mobs into ur agro range while you are away from your keyboard what everyone favors are Barbarossa or Hangman due to Dragon summoning skill and Huge Aoe skill ,Congratulation if you have a brain and could follow till this step you are now at the final step which is have or ask around and get every Contract pet buff you can get which give around 140% agility to pets 100% Critical damage+ 30% Damage to HP & MP+ and 300% accuracy+ not to mention the insane Stats 200+ as well as the little passive's the reflect damage or reduce damage/accuracy or other de-buffs in a area boom you now done and can afk farm while the pets do all the work you wont die because of the buffs with or without pet squad now you can farm about 4bil in about 2 weeks with just 4 characters because matts sell for about 20k gold each and you can farm about 6k matts in a day roughly 120mil per character in 1 day

    Now the reason why people sell SP and Items for insane prices are similar to any mmorpg that has ever been created aside from Black dessert which implemented a Price range for items and cannot be exceed or Decayed over time is because there is a **** ton of gold in the community which cannot be removed because players "farmed it themselves" and its the Devs fault for not changing the prices so they cant just remove peoples gold and no one would rather sell SP 1mil/1k when they know someone is willing to pay 10mil-100mil/1k no one wants to get less then what they can specially if they need gold which is why they would be selling items or SP in the first place also considering no one sell's SP they know people will offer high and they know they can do what they want with it like milking a cow like myself dry of their resources and making a fortune if people start something lets call it a "Boycott" about prices nothing will ever change considering people will stall sooner or later because of the fact that they have to sell stuff to make gold pre lvl72 or if they don't have passive pets or battle pets they need to get those to be "OP" in the game and skills and other stuff

    Tilting Story about a couple players I know including myself who use to sell items for cheap all the time and then see people resell them afterwards all the time so selling cheap is honestly never a good thing because people abuse it which is why most people stopped stalling cheap items

    Not all but MOST level 80s in the game currently have 1bil-20bil scattered on alts or things that can make them gold if they ever decide they need to buy something play or come back to the game

    Every game that has a economy thought players comes from P2W players selling Mall items or Max level players with lot of gold while it may suck for new players if they enjoy the game they will keep going till they get what they want even if it seems "Unfair" or "Pricy" only way to fix prices is to drop Purgatory prices like schneider prices to about 1k per matt and let the gold slowly sink away which I don't think will happen considering it would have happened by now its not that people don't care its just they know what is possible in the current situation and whats been said and attempted and just gave up like myself OH!!! another solution Restart the game
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    Reset everything! :^)

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    Default o3o

    Thank you for the pretty detailed information in the beginning, but luckily i got some of it from players when i back to the game. It is not about "if you have a brain", it is more about if you know about such a things or not. When i took a break from LH i wasn't even lvl 70, and all pets that were in IM were herc and posei besides zodi pets. So yeah. once you back and see changes like that, it is normal for those to not know it. But luckily thanks to you (i hope) those that will back (like me) or join LH for the first time will know without trouble of searching what they can do

    I don't mind resetting anything o3o if i will get back all $$$ i put there then let's do this \O/

    Otherwise, no. Maybe good idea, but not gonna work, because we all know that many people spend money and no one will pay it back to us XD
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    If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will).

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