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Thread: Black Snake Event ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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    Lightbulb Black Snake Event ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    You say to the gm, I am the voice of not only me (player) if I do not speak for many players for the event.
    We do not ask you to take out the event, just improve it since the event is too poor.
    I usually took 4 hours to kill the 100 snakes, thinking that going to find the restart would be appropriate.
    When I realized that it was not like that, if it was not lost time for very little reward (exp 0%) they did not even give me 1% (I am level 99).

    In my opinion the force is fine.
    but as a suggestion and speaking for all.
    That when killing the snakes finally do not release pure gold that is like 3,000-4,000, if not that they release like crystals that would be very efficient to level up.
    Or finally make instead of winning by exp number, win fixed 10% or more per mission.
    I mean if I am level 54 that any level is fixed to earn 10%.
    Thank you very much and I ask for opinions.
    I do not speak only for me, but for many players of the game.


    -no pedimos que saquen el evento, tan solo que lo mejoren ya que esta demaciado pobre el evento.
    Yo por lo general me tarde 4 horas en matar las 100 serpientes, pensando que al ir a buscar la recomenza iba a ser adecuado.
    Al percatarme que no era asi, si no que fue tiempo perdido para muy muy poca recompenza( exp 0%) no me dieron ni si quiera 1% (Soy level 99).
    En mi opinion la fuerza esta bien.
    pero como sugerencia y hablando por todos.
    Que al matar las serpientes por ultimo no suelte puro oro que es como 3.000-4.000, si no que suelten como Cristales que seria muy eficiente para subir de nivel.
    O por ultimo hacer que en ves de ganar por numero de exp, ganemos fijo 10% o mas por mision.
    osea si soy nivel 54 que cual quier nivel sea fijo ganar 10%.
    Muchas Gracias y ruego opiniones.
    No hablo solo por mi si no por muchos jugadores del juego-Español.

    Atte: BrianAlonsoXXX
    Level 99 Knight.

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    Not really sure why this is an event we don't really get anything decent at least give us more exp

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