Easter is here and the Item Mall has hidden sales all throughout! Okay, maybe not so hidden but still a treat for all to enjoy! Hop on over for up to 50% off of select useful items and Easter themed outfits! The Easter Sale is around for 1 week so be sure you don't miss out on these eggtastic sales!

Free Transmitting Scroll
Enriched Success Potion
Scroll of Return
Minotsize Tool Set
Craft Fire
Craft Gloves
Rechargeable Battery
Large Rechargeable Battery
Blessing Ares' Crystal Pole
Pure Ares' Crystal Pole
Pure Gaia's Crystal Pole

Original Honey Cake
Lime Honey Cake
Chocolate Honey Cake
Strawberry Honey Cake
Blueberry Honey Cake
Green Tea Honey Cake
Perfect Dance Step Card
Double EXP 1 Hour
Praying Ares' Crystal
Free Transmitting Scroll Bag

Organic Cookie
Dragon Fruit Cookie
Black Currant Cookie
Advanced Organic Cookie
Advanced Dragon Fruit Cookie
Advanced Black Currant Cookie
Deluxe Butter Cookie
Deluxe Blueberry Cookie
Deluxe Chocolate Cookie

Purple Bunny Ears
Dalmation Bunny Ears
Blue Bunny Ears
Tiger Striped Bunny Ears
Orange Bunny Backpack
Peppermint Bunny Backpack

Dalmation Bunny Top
Dalmation Bunny Pants
Dalmation Bunny Paws
Dalmation Bunny Slippers
Dalmation Bunny Ears

Dalmation Bunny Set (Female)
Dalmation Bunny Set (Male)

Rabbit Door Decoration