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Thread: EM iMrsZubi Event Rules & Discussions

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    Default EM iMrsZubi Event Rules & Discussions

    Event Master iMrsZubi


    • Do NOT spam me in private messages. I will do my best to reply to your message as soon as possible.
    • Do NOT join my event if you already have that item reward. That's extremely unfair for players who don't have that specific item reward.
    • Do NOT troll in my events. I have zero tolerance for that. You will receive a warning.
    • If you break a rule in my event, you are automatically disqualified. No second chances.
    • If you continue to break rules in my event, you will receive a warning.
    • If you are told to leave by me or my judge, you must do so, or you will receive a warning.
    • If you already have that item reward, I will disqualify you & give your item reward to the person below you in the scoreboard.
    • You cannot switch your prizes to mileage points. I go based off my item reward schedule.
    • You cannot give your prize away to another player. I go based off the scoreboard.
    • You cannot exchange your prize for another item you desire. **Prizes are FINAL.**
    • You have three warnings in total. If you get a fourth warning, it will be dealt with the Game Master.


    • Any Wings
    • Any Suit
    • Any 8 Star Item
    • Any Dance
    • Mileage Points
    • Conqueror AK
    • Tyrants AK12
    • World Conqueror
    • Lazur Blades
    • Tutankhamen Blade
    • Thundershock
    • Gun Eggs
    • Black Golden Crux
    • Quantum Rifle
    • Rusty Truth
    • VIP Pistol
    • Chroma Shotguns
    • Astral MP7
    • Snake Slayer MP7
    • Hades
    • Ceremonial Mantle
    • Level 3 Clip Card
    • Dual P90
    • Chroma Daggers
    • Golden Kriss
    • Level 5 Honor Card
    • Golden XM1014s
    • Flowers HK
    • Inferno Fists
    • Ceremonial Dagger
    • Guardian Knight
    • Bead of the Cosmos
    • Sun & Moon
    • Dream PP200
    • Betrayer
    • Lord of the Abyss
    • Scorpio


    • Bomb Mode Default
    • Bomb Mode AK Only
    • Team Deathmatch Sniper
    • Team Deathmatch Melee
    • Team Deathmatch Assault
    • Team Deathmatch Snowballs
    • Personal Event Fists
    • Personal Event Machete
    • Personal Event Sniper
    • Personal Event Melee
    • Personal Event Snowball
    • Clan War Event 2V2
    • Lovers Event
    • Ride Mode Event
    • Phantom Team
    • Karaoke Event
    • Sanctuary Treetop
    • Secret Maze Garden
    • H&S Mode Event
    • Occupy Mode Event
    • Crazy Mode
    • PK Mode AK Only
    • PK Mode M4A1 Only


    Please do not hesitate to leave a comment about any ideas or suggestions you might have. As an Event Master, my goal is to make sure players are satisfied with their item rewards and if they enjoyed the event. I'm also here to help write tickets for players if they have a hard time with understanding/writing in English. Message me if you have any other questions or concerns involving Mission Against Terror. Thank you!

    - Ashley Zubi
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