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Thread: Ordin Spawn and mission: Ruler of Eopi

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    Lightbulb Ordin Spawn and mission: Ruler of Eopi

    Could we please revisit how this boss spawns or how this mission works. I have played this game over years and still never been able to find the Ordin spawn. I’ve tried waiting for hours and I’ve tried finding him after thuresday maintainance but nothing works. The main problem is the 5 items (1x jewel and 4x letters) that cannot be stored, sold or deleted from my inventory.
    You’ll you please take the following suggestions to solve this issue:

    1. Make Ordin spawn much more often. He is considered low level and would not have a big impact in this map if he spawned ever 2 or 4 hours.
    2. Create a mission map that allows the player or team to enter this boss battle when they are able. This would help control the balance between boss drops and mission related drops.
    3. Add an active item to the mission to spawn Ordin for the mission when it is used.
    4. Allow the items from this mission chain to be stored in the warehouse. These include Unknown Jewel, Unfortunate Letter <So>, Ancient Letter <Th>, Lost Letter <Pa>, Shining Letter <Ki> and any following letters from this mission chain.
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    I agree

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