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Thread: B> Hla mod robe

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    Default B> Hla mod robe

    Body/pants/head with pdef no element

    Just pm/mail me

    IGN : Last

    No Glory without blood

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    I recommend my gear forge master. His IGN is Acvelus, with alt Flie-whatchamacalit-something.
    Made 3 HLA pdef piece of mine, quite good if I said so myself.
    You may need to offer beautifully tho.

    IGN : iroha "Overseer" (Lv 75 Wizard - Lv 70 Shaman Doctor Musician Dancer Sorcerer Witch Doctor)
    IGN : oriha (Lv 75 Blademaster - Lv 70 Thief Hunter Mercenary Witch Doctor)
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