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Thread: Allow thread editing at any time.

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    Default Allow thread editing at any time.

    The title and suggestion are simple: allow users to edit their threads at any time after posting instead of having only 30 minutes after posting to edit. This is intended for threads that were created after a few days, not for old months-long threads. Additionally, add a "number of times edited" in addition to the "last edited time and date."

    1. Allows users to make a changelog of, say, a thread listing buy/sell items for the games' marketplaces here (ACE Online, Priston Tale, etc.).
    2. If new information is added to a thread (e.g. a guide), users don't have to re-write a new guide. They can update it and this doesn't add a post to their post count.

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    I voted no because I don't want to post a response saying "Yes" to something like "Do you like Ice Cream?" which could potentially be changed to "Do you have warts on your buttocks?"

    I would likely be the one to take advantage of that, and that's not in anyone's best interest. 30 minutes at least protects the forum from my long term mischievous ways.

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