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Thread: New player after 10 years..... need halp :(

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    Red face New player after 10 years..... need halp :(

    Hi guy,
    My name is Huy and I used to play PTV which is priston tale Vietnam and I played a lot.
    Somehow life got in the way and gotta leave the game behind to travel to the U.S and now I have found my childhood again.
    Looking to have a great time again and do need a lot of help because Im still a low level guy and no one sell equipment for low levels like before anymore, so I just play with the Maple Tree day after day...

    My ign is leKnifu, a k9

    See you guys around!!!

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    Heyy welcome back!

    If you are after our more active community please check out our discord channel at

    Lots of active players and chatters there for you

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