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Thread: Duck (Vanitypet) shrunk a bit.

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    Default Duck (Vanitypet) shrunk a bit. -

    Full size grown duck is at level one again. Same as the one in my vanity box, that is assigned as
    "spotted duck lv 1" -


    - i like my duck, and would love to get its original size back :]

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    Similar problems with the ducks boxed in the vanity pet treasure box.

    Mine is lvl 7 currently but is lvl 0 when summoned.
    The pet bonus doesn't apply anymore.

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    Go to the Instance stone in Player Community Level 2.

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    I don't understand the meaning of your answer AK

    The duck is still shrinked in the duck feed instance.
    As it's a lvl 7 duck, it should be level 7 while summoned, but it is still level 0 and doesn't give any bonus (instead of the HP bonus it gave before).

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