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Thread: Solo Rebirth Spam Leveling Guide

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    Default Solo Rebirth Spam Leveling Guide

    Leveling Gear for Optimizing Solo EXP

    This is only possible due to the interactions of Shaman and Sorcerer skills, as well as the massive amount of Physical Defense Provided by Wardrobe(60) and DOMO Anniversary Title(100) which helps to boost PDEF high enough to not sustain much damage.
    Also, this is intended to be STRICTLY Rebirth Focused. Nothing else is taken into consideration. Just Rebirth Spamming.

    Title: DOMO Anniversary or King of Foggy or Higher.
    Wardrobe: Capped Wardrobe 245 for best results although 210 is where it really counts. 60 PDEF is REQUIRED if you solo.
    Recovery: Jiangshi's Orb(750HP and 100HPR) and Recovery Saddle on 70 Pet(50HPR/20MPR)
    Boosters: Uber Major Health Booster(1000 HP), Uber Major Magic Booster(600 MP), Magic Pill of Magic Accuracy(30 MACC). Bronze Magic Stone(Level 60+; +50MATK), Iron Magic Stone(Level 70+; +75 MATK)
    Rings: Divine Ring of Defense(13% PDEF), Divine Ring of Earth(55 EarthDEF)
    Pet: Earth Unicorn(10 Earth Defense) Mine is +20.
    Costume: MP is required after around level 25 depending on how fast you are killing. HP costume is better if you can use Magic Daikon.
    Wands: 10 Wooden Wand(Can carry you up to 50 if needed but you miss out on MACC), 40 Fragrant Wood Wand(downgrade if possible and slot Rat Onyxes), 50 Fiery Cloud Wand(Double Monkey Onyx;Downgraded to 46) 60 Wand*Any(s1 MATK56, s2 Hunter 9%, s3 MATK 5%/6%, s4 13 MPR) 70 Blackwyrm(Downgraded if possible; s1 MATK 104, s2 Hunter9%, s3 MATK 5%/6%, s4 MPR 13)
    Talisman: Divine Wand Demon Charm(MSkill Damage)

    Build: 102 AGI the pick either Wisdom, Dexterity, or Durability. Wisdom/Dex dont have much of a change in overall exp gains. Dura has a little less gain(1-2 levels slower) but provides massive survivability.

    Not Required but Recommended: Magic Daikons or Yule Logs.

    Robe Sets
    30 Set: Prioritize MPR to at least +20 between 2 pieces, HP on helm and pdef on chest/pants helps, MATK is debateable; HP onyxes, PDEF Onyx, MACC Onyxes, Mono Onyx, Evasion Onyx. If you feel like it, MGold Bracers.
    50 Set REQUIRED: MATK/Reduction II(Hunter/Martial Artist/Thief/Merchant) on Wrist/Boots, Reduction II on Helm, MPR on Chest/Pants. Onyxes: HP/MACC/Hunter/Evasion/MATK)
    50 Set Recommended: Reduction III(Wizard/Shaman/Witch Doctor) on Wrist/Boots/Helm, Earth Defense on Chest/Pants. Physical Defense modifiers are useless with 80% Hunter Reduction. If you are missing DOMO Anniversary title then prioritize MPR/PDEF on gea.

    Passives: Shaman for MP and Wand Equip, Wizard for MSkill Damage and Robe Equip.
    Shaman AoEs from Seasonal Magic and Sorcerer Spells of the Five Elements.
    All the AoE are needed and to be maxed for maximum efficiency. As such, this guide will work for every job EXCEPT for Shaman and Sorcerer(until 33 Shaman).
    Fallen Rain and Fire of Sultry Summer should be maxed as well and are used mainly at FNS and NTL.
    Shaman/Sorcerer Hotkeys should be setup as well in advance. The levels are listed below for what to keep Shaman/Sorcerer skills at for efficiency.
    10 should be 1Sha and 6Sorc, 22 for 4/9, 30 for 6/11, 38 for 8/13, 46 for 8/15.
    Fallen Rain/Sultry should be 14 for 2, then every 5 levels upgrade them. If you cap MATK its not worth upping Sultry though. Fallen Rain is mainly for FNS as well.
    Rotation Should start on Shaman for Non-Elemental Mobs(Caskmaster/Fugitive) and Sorcerer for Elemental Mobs(Crimson Globs/Man-Eating Zombies/Flying Noisy Snake/Northern Turtle Legionary)

    The Setup
    Stand at Reincarnation Instructor.
    Use Uber Major Health/Magic Booster/Saddle/Movement Buff/Magic Pill of Accuracy/SYC/SB Key.
    Rebirth and run to SB. Summon Earth Unicorn.
    Caskmasters until 20. Crimson Globs until 25. Man Eating Zombies until 33. Fugitives until 45/46. FNS until 60/61. NTL to cap.

    Desired Outcome
    Assuming you can get the hang of the rotation the hours should go First(10-55) Second(55-64) Third(64-67/68). This is assuming no Server Buff and the fact that 62 to 65 is kind of a stretch at NTL.
    On a 100% Server Buff my fastest Solo was from 10-71 in 3 hours.

    Perfect Geared Potential
    Helm with HP II III / Chest and Pants with Earth PDEF MPR / Boots with MATK II III. 80% hunter 60% wiz reduc. Level 7 Earth Unicorn(Swap in MATK ring instead of Earth Ring). Accuracy Saddle instead of MPR Saddle. Lil Eye Eggsploiter. Yule Logs.
    This is just a theory but I feel with a perfect setup as described that a 10-72 can be achieved solo within 3 hours.

    Leveling Boosts
    Blademaster: Concentration
    Dancer: Bestial Boogie and Mating Dance
    Doctor: Heals, Prolong, FFF, Inner
    Fencer: Razzle Dazzle, Offensive/Defensive Aura
    Hunter: Ready For Action
    Martial Artist: Fortifying Force, Tranquil Turtle, Channel Energy
    Merchant: Coin Shield. HP/MP Medicine Boost
    Mercenary: Passive, Better Blocker
    Musician: Mars Song, Hymn to the Goddess, Transfusion Tune, Passive
    Thief: Premonition, Fighting Foresight, Control Breathing, Rhythm of Life, Passive
    Wizard: Earth Spirits, Stalling Chant, Cataclysmic Converter, Passive, Secret Charm of Thorns, Toppling Tremor
    Witch Doctor: Blood Boil, Withered Earth, Passive
    IGN: DaathlyHero
    75 Everything. 267 Titles.

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