To those who don't know vanity elf and sprite both give the same bonus to elemental attack, they both give a +10 stat bonus at level 1 with a +5 per level up to max (lvl 8) which allows you to get a maximum of a +55 bonus.

This is a great bonus! But the biggest problem with them is the constant slay onyx (the ones that give +60 ele attack), with that onyx it renders the other 4 elemental sprites/elfs useless because of how elemental attack/defence bonuses work in this game (always uses the highest value).

This problem could be intentional as a way to get people to own 5x the same weapon with different onyx's, however if it isn't then I want to propose this.

Make Sprite and Elf buffs stack

This gives a reason for people who already have one of the vanity pets maxed out to start purchasing the other one.

Obviously the stat bonus can't transfer 1:1 as that would be incredibly broken, but how about passing over 1/2 elemental attack points per level to the other vanity pet? After all we only need to get the value above 60 and we already have it at 55 with a maxed vanity.

Both Vanity's maxed with +1 bonus: 63
Lvl 7 and 6 with +2 bonus: 62 (leaves more wiggle room when trying to max both)

Wouldn't this be broken/Be more P2W?

technically speaking yes but the stat bonuses are very minimal for the price you pay.

To the people who stack their onyx with the new sprite/elf they will receive + 8/16 elemental attack. They already have 115 so the new value would be 123 or 131 which seems like a pretty large difference except the elemental soft cap comes into play. To those who don't know any stat elemental stat above 100 gets cut by 60%.

To the people who don't have the right onyx with the new sprite/elf, they will still lack the extra damage that the onyx would bring so it wouldn't make the people who grinded for 5x different elemental weapons feel cheated on the new vanity, it will just make the people who don't have the onyx have more options available.