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Thread: The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

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    IGN : Vinsmoke
    Advanced Hunter 72

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    Default IGN : hisoka76

    Advanced hunter 71

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    IGN: -Mysteria-

    Joining regular and advanced matches now.

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    IGN : -InvistRanger-
    Advance (hunter 75)

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    Default pvp

    IGN : Proserpine
    Bracker Advance 75

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    Aug 2013
    In front of your screen


    News updates:
    -Born Again is now banned because like resurrection medals and phoenix tears, it circumvents the respawn timer. This should have not been an issue, but a single instance of this has prompted me to make it an actual ban
    -I have demoted a sizable amount of players from advanced based on them not having any points since the event began. This cannot be undone; you have to earn your position back if you care enough about the event. If you're out of the loop, this was put in place due to regular matches essentially being dead as well as filtering out people who don't stay up to date with what's happening. Check the points list to see if you were affected.

    As always, discussions should be put in the discussion thread. This thread is for updates, signups, and point redemption.
    Last edited by DOMOAKFrost; June 17th, 2018 at 09:32 PM. Reason: Vei's spelling sucks.

    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

    Games & IGNs:
    -Lucent Heart (Rikkardo, Moon Flame Envoy|DeadlyLoli, Nova Sentinel) -remaining inactive-
    -Dream of Mirror Online (Veigar, lvl 75 Wizard main) -active-

    Just a Black Mage

    Feel free to drop a question, though I am mostly limited to DOMO related content.

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    IGN : PrinceOfAceh
    Bracket : Advanced

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    Joining regular and advanced matches now.

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    Feb 2015


    IGN :kyosand
    Bracket : advance 75

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    Default Redeem Team Point


    I'd like to redeem my point:

    IGN: SuNKeJr
    Items: 2 Onyx of Interval P.Atk 8% (Lv60-100)

    Thank you.

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