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Thread: The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

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    IGN: Nianin

    redeem Tur E (14 pts) = 28


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    Oct 2014


    I have updated the final redemption requests. The Lost Art of PVP is now officially closed. Thank you all for participating I've enjoyed hosting it for you all.

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    Thank you all for participating, and I especially thank all the staff, past and present, for their continued support of the event.

    Prizes shall be delivered when spooky has the time (he's got a load!).

    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

    Games & IGNs:
    -Lucent Heart (Rikkardo, Moon Flame Envoy|DeadlyLoli, Nova Sentinel) -remaining inactive-
    -Dream of Mirror Online (Veigar, lvl 75 Wizard main) -active-

    Just a Black Mage

    Feel free to drop a question, though I am mostly limited to DOMO related content.

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