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Thread: The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyushinZ View Post
    Hello Enha, this can't be sadly proceed. Firstly it was a costume for kickstarters only and secondly it's a costume not released from the item mall. The rules on first page indicate well that it must be a costume already released from the mall. Ty for your understanding.
    oh okay,, sorry my bad. and also i want to change my redeem to modeling weapon [B]"Holy Chaos Gloves" 100 pts[/B] .
    Thank You

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    IGN: Green_Rin

    I'd like to redeem my points for lv14 lightning runes and longma's wings please o/
    (total of 300 points)

    thank you in advance

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    IGN : Alessandris

    Also register for Regular match as support
    Thank you

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    I’d like to request Angel Wings II pls.
    100 pts

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    Mar 2015
    Dimensional Crack


    IGN: iroha
    Redeem Magical Pupu Costume (120 pts) o/

    IGN : iroha "Overseer" (Lv 75 Wizard - Lv 70 Shaman Doctor Musician Dancer Sorcerer Witch Doctor)
    IGN : oriha (Lv 75 Blademaster - Lv 70 Thief Hunter Mercenary Witch Doctor)
    IGN : AceCocytus (stall) "Sovereign Abyss"
    IGN : Elegant.Sprite (Alchemy Helper)

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    IGN : sakazuki
    Reddem : Black Vietnamese Dress (female) (120 pts)
    Thank you!

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    Default Registration

    IGN: Zuxenia (70 hunter)
    Entry: Regular arena (65-70)

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    IGN: Shulk
    Redeeming lvl 20 coin toss

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    Previous requests all updated and all sent. Participations rewards and vouchers for the month of October also been sent.

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    IGN : Alessandris

    I'd like to redeem 1k of Turquoise E (200pts)


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