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Thread: The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiNsorarfi37DUv View Post
    IGN: ~Nozomi~
    Bracket: Regular (wiz shaman & sorc 70)
    Sorc is not allowed in regular matches. Besides that you can join !

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    I would like to redeem : Soul Slayer title and Onyx rejuvenation mp rec +14 lvl 60-100
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    All previous redeem and requests are updated

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    IGN : AMEK_27
    Bracket : Reguler

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    Redeem :Golden saint armor (120 point)

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    IGN: Zytria
    Redeem: Flame Paper Scroll Lv13 (200 point)
    Thank you

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    IGN: xX~BolBol~Xx
    redeem White Suit Costume

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    IGN Vinsmoke

    Redem : Soul Slayer Tittle 200 point Thx

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    IGN: ~JUSTINE~Forsaken
    Bracket: Regular Match

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    Points from my matches have been added.*

    So, in addition to enforcing more frequent promotions/demotions (and discussions with such with staff) and the disaster of regular matches I've hosted tonight, we've come to the conclusion that the entire point of promotion/demotion and being able to register for both brackets are conflicting ideas. Since this event revival was intended to make players try their best, we've decided:

    -Like how I prevented regulars playing in advanced, I will be enforcing the same in reverse; advanced players can no longer join in regulars for fun. This made things near-impossible to balance without forcing myself to fight or stacking sides.
    -We will remove the ability for players to play in both brackets at the same time. How we move players who are in both brackets will be a case-by-base basis.
    -Players with issues on their promotion/demotion will be, in some way, made to play in their new bracket whether they like it or not. Even if that means making exceptions in regards to level restriction.

    This will be effective after the EU-timed matches on January 13th.

    *I am now aware that ever since the list order was changed to be in alphabet order, points are not 100% for everyone. We will look into the issue.

    Also I gave everyone 10 points on my second regular matches. Apologies for the lack of balance which was made worse by someome trying to "prove a point".
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    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

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    Feel free to drop a question, though I am mostly limited to DOMO related content.

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