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Thread: The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

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    Thumbs up The Lost Art of PvP :: The Return

    The Lost Art of PVP has returned from the depths to excite any players with a lust for battle and competition. Journey into the often abandoned Arena to fight against each other in massive teams! Only the strongest and most tactical will remain.


    June 16th, 2019 || Announced event closure, point transfers are now available, registration closed.

    February 3rd, 2019 || Changes to participation prizes have begun to apply.

    January 13th, 2019 || Players are no longer allowed to be in both brackets. Players cannot join other brackets for fun. Looking into reducing participation point requirements.

    January 5th, 2019 || Regarding recent issues, I've made promotion and demotion requirements more clear. You can find them in this post. I will start making myself do more promotions and demotions based on that as well as the other hosts. If you have someone that you think deserves a respective action, let us know and we'll keep a closer eye on them. Also, Xyna is an offical host.

    November 20, 2018 || Potential third host found.

    October 14, 2018 || New rule was added.

    October 8, 2018 || Test banning Purify & Shadow Advance across all brackets and Sorcerer in Advanced brackets. Official results of testing will come later.

    September 30, 2018 || Sorcerer is now banned from Regular brackets. Kenshin7 is a new host, but Draculus[DE] will stick around. Weekly Cap changed to Weekly Participation.

    September 9, 2018 || Absence penalty has been removed.

    June 9, 2018 || Amount of matches reduced to 12; 6 regular matches and 6 advanced matches per day. Each host will do three at their respective times.

    June 2, 2018 || The event started. There have been several updates during this time such as which prizes are avalible and the rules. We recommend staying up to date with this post.

    May 9, 2018 || After almost a year of being shut down, Lost Art of PvP has returned with a different way on how it will be run! Everyone is encouraged to participate whether they think they are good or not. The first matches will begin on June (currently TBA on exact date). During this time, players can register for which bracket they will enter first, even after the event officially begins.

    Please note that not all information is complete at this time and is subject to change as the hosts and their schedules are fully decided.

    The event is held at the following times:
    EU Time-Based Matches: 4:00PM CET/10:00AM EDT/08:00PM West Indo - Hosted by Xyna on Sundays
    NA Time-Based Matches: 09:00PM EDT/3:00AM CET/07:00AM West Indo - Hosted by Veigar on Saturdays (will be Sunday for some of you)

    Lost Art of PvP is now separated into two brackets: Regular (60-70) and Advanced (71-75). Not only are these brackets seperated by level, but they are also separated by the individual player's skill. Before you are allowed to join ANY matches, you must first register on the forum with your starting bracket. You will only need to do this once.

    Registry form example:
    IGN (In-game name):
    Bracket: Regular or Advanced (please be honest about yourself with skill levels, job levels, and maybe gear (you don't have to say anything about gear))
    You don't have to register based on your highest leveled job, either.

    A total of 12 matches will be hosted each week; 6 regular and 6 advanced. You can join up to 6 matches a week. Points stop counting after the first 6 matches for that week.

    You will receive 1 Participation Point per match.
    In regular matches: You will receive 6 Team Points per match, 10 if your team wins.
    In advanced matches: You will receive 11 Team Points per match, 15 if your team wins.

    Teams will be formed and balanced to the best of the hosts' abilities. If your clique has to be broken, so be it.

    Points for the FIRST week can be found here

    Promotion/Demotion Clarifications
    What I am looking for in regards to promotion (or if you don't display enough, you may be demoted!), from most important to least:
    -Good communication
    -Good coordination
    -Kill potential

    Rules are subject to change.

    - Standard arena and domo rules apply; read them.
    - No PVP cards, HLA pills, or Spellpower/Scrapper Scrolls
    - No resurrection items or Born Again
    - No Pets. Period.
    - No use of Emperor Sword
    - No abuse of glitches
    - No AFKing or leaving match
    - No throwing the match on purpose or any sort of griefing
    - No Mega Medicine (Doctor skill)
    - No Double-Edged Sword (Blademaster skill)
    - No Sorcerer in Regular brackets; Advanced is fine
    - No Wedding Rings, Magical Daikons, or Yule Logs
    - No Shorty, Midget, or Lilliput Pills.
    - All DOMO in-game rules apply. Including multi-clienting.
    - Most importantly, hosts reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade you to different brackets based on your performance. If you are being upgraded or downgraded but don't have the appropriate levels, your Team Points will be reflected based on where you should be.
    - As part of the hosts' responsibility to create and balance teams, you may be asked to dps or support if there are too many dps or supports wanting to play.
    - Do not create a hostile/negative environment. We are here to play, not drag the game down. If that means not bringing up something you dislike on a regular basis, so be it.
    -If you are not a staff member, please respect that. If you have a problem, you may direct it to me. Do not speak beyond your power especially when it ends up spreading as misinformation.
    -Do not beg for a promotion. I will actively keep you in regular matches if you do.

    If rules are repeatedly broken, you will be removed and blacklisted from the event.

    Also note that this thread is not for discussion; it is for registry, redemption, and news updates. Any suggestions/concerns/discussions can be discussed with the Lost Art staff members privately or on the discord server.

    The list of prizes you can earn.

    Participation Points are gained by joining matches and are reset monthly. Prizes will be delivered by the end of each monthly period based on how many Participation Points you've earned, so there is no need to redeem these. YOU GET EVERYTHING BASED ON HOW MANY POINTS YOU HAVE.

    This Month's Voucher Selection
    • Fairy Tale M/F
    • Ancient M/F
    • Glasses and Shades
    • Bag of Hats I

    Team Points are also gained by joining matches, but you will gain more if your team wins. Team Points can be used to redeem prizes found below. Some of them may be found through an NPC, so you have the option to convert these points into "PvP Tokens" to spend on the NPC. This can be done by either talking to us directly or using the redemption format below.

    Cannot redeem 9% p.atk, 24 mp rec, or any suit onyxes; costume must have been released in PERMANENT duration in the ITEM MALL for at least 2 months. Also yes, you can redeem any skill scroll.


    When redeeming, it would help to use the following format:
    IGN (In-game name):
    Item(s): (If it's a generalized set of items, please specify. i.e: 10x Turquoise D, 1 Fire Slay. 10 points = 1 PvP Token.)
    Please allow up to 7 business days for prize distribution. All prizes will be delivered through in-game mailboxes. Items are non-refundable once delivered, including the PvP Tokens. Please think carefully.

    The Lost Art Redemption NPC is currently unavailable.

    * The previous rendition of Lost Art can be found here for history's sake.
    * Lost Art of PvP staff will include GM_Spooky (prize distributor), Xyna (host), and Veigar (host + supervisor). May add or subtract as necessary.
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    IGN: abooooody
    Advanced (71-75)

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    IGN: Zaf
    Registering for advance, bm is 75 but if i get asked to be support is only lvl 70 atm, might be rebirthing those over the summer if i have time

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    Red face Register

    IGN (In-game name): Kuroi-chan
    Bracket: Advanced - Doctor level 75
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    Chairperson of

    I Imane and Yulie

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    IGN: miber
    Bracket: Advanced - Hunter lvl 75, Merchant lvl 73, Thief lvl 72, MA lvl 71, Wizard lvl 73 (prob be more before it starts who know LOL)
    Last edited by Miberrr; May 9th, 2018 at 07:31 PM.

    Elder of

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    Dimensional Crack


    IGN: iroha (70 Sorc)
    Entry: Regular noobish (65-70)
    Role: Mostly annoy you as mdps '3'
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    IGN : iroha "Overseer" (Lv 75 Wizard - Lv 70 Shaman Doctor Musician Dancer Sorcerer Witch Doctor)
    IGN : oriha (Lv 75 Blademaster - Lv 70 Thief Hunter Mercenary Witch Doctor)
    IGN : AceCocytus (stall) "Sovereign Abyss"
    IGN : Elegant.Sprite (Alchemy Helper)

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    Default Register

    IGN: -hoshi-
    Bracket: Advanced Doctor level 75

    Elder of

    I Cihannur & Yulie

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    IGN: Niiro
    Bracket: advanced, 75
    Niiro - Prestige Prominence

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    IGN: .:Sabo:.
    Brackets: advance 75

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    IGN: xMae
    Bracket: Advanced Doctor 75

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