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Thread: Lost Art Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1roha View Post
    Its because you have mindset that once people get demoted, then they will stuck in regular forever.
    HELL NO.
    No. Freaking. Duh. Thanks for stating the obvious!

    You reset Shimote advance match counter as well, thinking she wont improve forever?
    She was never advanced to begin with, she was on tryout, and ultimately she was unable to maintain her newly requested position. Her adv participation was cleared since it didn't become official. Her ONLY problem with it was poor communication between her and drac. Obviously, she can improve! She will maintain her advanced points when she is officially an advanced player.

    That's why the requirement about promoting and demoting must be clear, for both dps and support
    Try demote 1 dps/sup each month based on monthly ranking is quantitative method I offer.
    And for those demoted, they can go back if for example:
    - Accumulate kill in regular match (this will force demoted sup to dps)
    - Accumulate regular participation
    - Pay gold to gold sink statue for instant promotion :v and get demoted again if they are low in rank
    1) That is unfair to supports that can literally only support, such as xMae.
    2) I will approach them when I see that they are exceptional.
    3) ...There's no point then, kek.

    On the other hand, hows the replacement going? You said someone is willing, and Kenshin7 is applying as well. Why it takes time? Is spooky having trust issue with them.
    I'll be honest, I'm indecisive. It is also a matter of trust especially if he want to maintain his points.

    I dont care whos hosting as long as they do good job and not being wussy about my regular pvp -_-
    There you go, being selfish again. This is not YOUR pvp. I can't even take you seriously anymore. Go back to hosting your own arena matches if you're going to say stuff like that. You seem to act like you own the place.
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    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

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    I know, I've been on hiatus for quite awhile but PVP hasnt really changed much besides the fact that everyone is a bit more geared, so here is some things I gathered from doing both matches.

    I think there's definitely a lack of participation from regular matches and partly I think it is because advance simply has more incentive to do so. Obviously, rewards for higher content should be better but I think it shouldn't be locked behind a system where you have to earn your way to it just make it easier. My solution to this would be allow points for more matches for advanced players, so you can join up to 9 advanced matches per week or 6 regular but you earn the same amount of points per match. That will be an incentive to move up in rank and would still ensure that people are entering the advanced matches but if you do miss advanced matches you can still join regular for points.

    Also, as far as tracking how well people do, there is no easy way to do it. Obviously, it will be unbalanced some stronger DPS (namely Heart and Veigar) will be racking up points quicker, but that should be the reward for building classes a certain way and gearing towards it. But also lies the issue that it is difficult to track how well a support performs in arena, but to say that all supports are the same is also completely false.

    My solution to keep tabs on how individuals perform is this, along with hosts separating people into sides (East and West Alliances) they should also decide the individual 6-man teams, DPS would get points based on kills and supports would be awarded assist points. Each kill that a dps gets that is on the supports' team will get a portion of a point depending on the team composition. For instance, a team has 3 supports and 3 dps, DPS 1 gets 13 kills,DPS gets 7 kills and DPS 3 gets 4 kills, all 3 of the supports would get 1/3 point per dps kill so all supports would get 8 points and dps would get points respective to their kills. If the team has 4 dps and 2 supports the DPS would get 1/4 point per DPS kill on their team. I feel like this would be the best way to accurately track how individuals are doing in the arena.

    Obviously this is up to the hosts to decide to implement this as this will take ALOT of time to scroll through logs and see how many kills each dps got and what team they were on, also setting up each individual team to be balanced will also take time meaning people will probably have to arrive in the arena AT LEAST 30 mins prior. Also, people joining in matches will ruin the entire system, if I were host I would say if you;re late to arena you're out for all of the matches held unless you can find someone to let you replace them. Meaning if a 75 dps is late he cannot join unless another 75 dps has to leave early. But also since both regular and advanced arena will be worth the same amount of points per match you will be able to attend regular arena you will just have to miss out on 3 matches worth of points, unless you plan on attending both of arenas scheduled times.

    1.) Advanced and Regular matches are worth the same amount of points, Advanced players can participate in Regular matches, but not vice versa
    2.) You can only participate in 6 normal arenas or 9 advanced arenas per week(these numbers can/should change)
    3.) Along with hosts separating sides(East and West Army), they also decide each team
    4.) DPS get points per kills, supports get a fraction of the points for each kill the dps on their team get(depending on team comp)
    5.) You must show up at arena early to participate
    6.) If you show up late you cannot participate in that bracket of matches unless someone of equal caliber subs out for you

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    Yes, regular match is always MY hunting grounds. And its ruined by unmotivated host who throw the match. Stacking all adv player in top team, and put me (and MY fellow regulars) in BIG disadvantage.

    Follow Aki example, He understand after I told him to not ruin regular match. And later choose to support, improvising regular player to do the work.

    If you think that I am annoying, go ahead with current flow and ignore my warning. You basically not caring from regular player view. I tried to be regular representative and make regular players prosper like advance player in this community event.
    Lastly, if you put us in Mission Impossible again, don't blame us for not caring for the rest of match (aka throwing match) because I hear them, they complain in my team chat as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstarstrike View Post
    Her ONLY problem with it was poor communication between her and drac.
    I wouldn't characterize that as an accurate statement, and I would appreciate it if you didn't speak on my behalf. I've talked to iroha about the same. I know she's trying to look out for me, but I don't care to be used as an example. I can speak for myself. Thanks.

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    Default Discussion has to end because its getting stupid.

    So, hello there.
    Im not down to discuss this topic as much as Vei is, respect to him for that.
    Ive read this whole discussion, and my view is simple as this.

    We, the hosts have very limited options to make a fair game each match.
    Also, we speculate on players performances. Lag is a huge problem when more players attend pvp, feels like half of the players are lagging regularly due to bad connection or hardware.
    So, if we make two teams we actually can only try to predict the outcome. If one or two players start to lag when they are "supposed" to carry the team the round will be 15/35. Most players just dont want to step up in pvp, and the communication has been lacking. (No one is calling anything when ever i join a team to look into it).

    The regular pvp has been very very bad, and ill be honest about it.
    Reason: We dont have a playerbase for regular pvp, regardless how hard we promote it.
    The only options we have:
    Skip regular pvp in total (rip players that are not "good" enough to join adv).
    Make regular "regular" players only. ( 3-5 players attend the match, 20 minutes with 10 kills in total) fun heh? ill fall asleep watching. I had one match last week, and i gave everyone that attended 30 points (3x win) for one match. Did you ever mention this ? You did not. Why even mention positive things.

    Make regular non pvp. Arena C/D. Question: Can those 5 players create two teams to clear arena D? imo not.

    To the point you mentioned about "the hosts dont demote enough or regularly enough".
    This is true, but matches seem to be good enough to not let anyone drop down.
    We can't simply downgrade people if they die 5x each match, or even more.
    KD won't be really a thing, if one team decides to hunt a certian player/groups they will just end with a KD of 0.2 each game, does that make them bad pvp players, or bad players? can happen to anyone.
    Many people would abuse this system to kick certian players they dont like out.
    Demoting on activity: Supports do supporting things, and its impossible to look after every of the attending players.
    I personally have about 40-50 players per match.
    On avg, each team has 15 dps and 25 supports.
    Downgrade a support because he she it dies ? congraz on killing a support that is casting a song.

    a total FAIR pvp for supports would be if the dps only kill dps.
    Which actually would mean: The hosts have to sort it out before the match starts and let people know.
    If you have two eyes you can see if someone is holding a needle or instrument or a dps weapon.

    Never forget that Vei and I are just human beings and we are doing this in our free time. Always have this in mind.

    And in the end: Ill be straight to you iroha: If you are not pleased with what we can offer you can always choose to not attend the lost arts concept. We are not here to pleasure one persons special needs, we are working together for the community.
    Yes, regular match is always MY hunting grounds. And its ruined by unmotivated host who throw the match. Stacking all adv player in top team, and put me (and MY fellow regulars) in BIG disadvantage

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    This thread has served its purpose. If you have any personal vendettas, take it to PM's or in game. I really don't care which.


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