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    Hello friends, I am new here in the community, I am coming from the bPT (Priston Tale Brazil), I would like to contribute with the ePT server, with some suggestions for improving the game ..

    I really admire SunnyZ work, I always follow him on YouTube.
    Now I would like to say something new, very interesting, that have already been brought to Priston Tale Brazil, something that really makes the difference for the players

    In an update, the company that republic the game for us here in Brazil, brought us a new possibility of acquiring cash / shop items without having to leave the game.
    They implemented the new function, which seems to be simple, but that in the end, it brings us much more convenience, and is even easier to get shop items.

    I'll put some pictures below, to better understand what I'm talking


    As the language is in Portuguese, I will translate it into English.

    1 - As you can see, in the first image we have the Shop inside the game, where we can buy items shop for coins / cash.

    1. We do not have to leave the game to buy any items
    2. We only need to have a balance available to make the purchase of the shop items successfully.
    3. Every time you buy something on this NPC, it asks for a password for more security. (The password we set in the portal, when we created our account)
    4. Any item you buy, it falls directly into your character's inventory.

    "Now, you no longer need to visit the Priston Shop website to get Priston Tale's special items! Talk to the Priston Shop NPC located in the town of Pillai, between the distributor NPCs and Vigia Lavendar (Warehouse), and Ricarten, next to the NPC Vigia Arent (Warehouse) on all servers''

    2 - In the second image we have what i said.

    "The items purchased in the new Priston Shop ingame are transferred directly to the inventory of your Character, and are not sent to you through the Item Distributor"

    1. To purchase items from the new Priston Shop ingame you must authenticate your Portal account, not your GAME ID. The value of the items purchased will be automatically charged to your credit / cash balance
    2. The expiration of temporary items will be counted from its delivery in the inventory of the character
    3. Products in the "Services" category remain unique to WebSite Priston Shop.

    I hope you can understand that suggestion, thank's for your time
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