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Thread: Book(s) you're currently reading

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    Default books are reading

    Palace of Illusions.

    I have been reading it for the past six months.
    The book is an account of the epic ‘Mahabharata’ from Panchali’s point of view.

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    Default Twilight

    Quote Originally Posted by Moneecah View Post
    Lol, why am I not suprised you like President Snow?
    But so true what you just said.
    I bet I'm going to dislike the movie version.
    These books are my alltime favorite books.

    Blurry screenshot ftw.
    They never get the characters right, except with Harry Potter.
    The Twilight movies also ruined the book. I loved the books, really.

    BUT I have to admit I'm dying to see the Arena part in "real life".

    The Cast.
    Katniss is going to be a blonde bimbo.
    Peeta is lookinnnn fineeee. They should've used him as Gale.
    Why are Gale and Katniss blonde? They have black hair in the book.
    Liam Hemsworth, I hate that guy.
    Snow and Haymitch are accurate.
    Twilight books will always have my heart sameeee.

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