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Thread: 2018 - Knight Build and Skills 112+

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    Default 2018 - Knight Build and Skills 112+

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen

    I decided to make a new updated mini guide for setting, since everyone ask me
    Its not done yet, but this is the must

    This build is for 112+ with draxo, dsr & ta for the spirit

    Strengh: Max out
    Spirit: 70 For Draxo, dsr, ta)
    Talent: 110 For Sword
    Agility: 76 For Draxo
    Health: 24 Base

    Skills From Tier I to Tier V as must:

    Holy Body Lv:10

    Physical Training Lv10:

    Holy Valor Lv: 10

    Drastic Spirit Lv:10

    Saint Knight
    Sword Mastery Lv:10

    Grand Cross LV:10(Very important for Saint Blade)

    Saint Knight
    God Bless Lv:10

    Saint Blade Lv: 10

    Holy Benedic Lv 10
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    Best man

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