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    I think there is something wrong with HP regen stat in some place. +10 HP regen is somewhat non-existent and barely adds anything. But, Onyx of Restoration give something worth doing and worth to get. And Also Jiangshi Orb, I think +100 HP regen is what you call ideal (moreover they are in 5 seconds interval). Softstar might be mis-designed this stat.

    Some place I mentioned above:
    - Standing HP Recovery on Body, Pant, Shiled mod: its considered trash mod with just +1 HP increment
    - Standing HP Recovery on Costume mod: same with above ^
    - New Onyx of Earth: +20 HP regen on max upgrade barely adds anything (I assume this onyx will imitate that of Onyx of Restoration lv 60, which add 113 HP regen)
    - Title Collection: +41 HP on 400 titles, but who can do such thing

    Of course, I don't recommend all HP regen to be at least +100 HP (because It might be to powerful).
    At least, this stat need further evaluation and tweaking (+1 HP increment is just sad)

    EDIT 1: One thing to consider that fixed HP regen might be too powerful if used in lower level (something that can be wear in lower level including Costume, and Modded Armor) So tweaking this stat to % based value might be good. But, this point doesn't apply to Earth Onyx which is level 60++
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