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    Default Western Tiger 101

    Do you wish to take on one of the toughest challenges DoMO currently has to offer? Of course you do.

    Like the previous tower raids before it, Western Tiger is a 5 floor brawl where everything is Metal. And yes, this time EVERYTHING is Metal (none of this "Tower-Patrolling Spirit is Earth but everything else is Fire" tomfoolery). Some preparations to keep in mind:
    • Again, everything is Metal. Go all fire for this. ESPECIALLY make sure someone has Secrets of the Fire Spirit.
    • If you use a shield, use the Southern Vermilion shield, no exceptions. If you do not have this, buy from someone or do Southern Vermilion more often.
    • Bring at least one mdps (magic dps), as they can have the highest damage output compared to other dps types assuming equal gear and skill progression in this raid (that's a first). Do not expect them to have fire spirits; even if they do, they should be focusing on dealing damage. This is particularly true if your run is lasting a long time AND if said mdps is holding aggro.
    • Bring the following bugs: Attack Unsealing Bug, Red Wing Bug, Red Claw Bug, and/or Blue Wing bug.
    • Enslave your HLA tool person if for some odd reason you don't use the level 70 HLA pills from Eversun Event
    • Bring a tank. An actual tank. Unless you're confident you take zero major damage as a DPS.
    • Like any big raid, saddles are pretty much mandatory for the extra movement speed alone. This is especially true here.
    • Get some Magical Daikons. I'm not just talking to the DPS; you supports are gonna need them too.
    • Note: You do NOT need more than 80 fire defense for this raid! It's fine if you're just trying to cover the gap to 80 (like spirits + verm shield) but trying to be excessive (like 171) won't help you more than simply having 80. That is only for Town-God Temple.

    M E N A C E

    Floor 1

    This path should be streamlined for you. Run towards the end of the path and kill the Spirit of the Fallen Rabbit Army to proceed to the next floor. Have your tank or whoever can take hits keep all the adds away from your team. It should be noted that this is the place where 11% Hunter Onyx of Intervals come from, so if you really like Northern Turtle Legionaries then you might wanna grab that mini-chest asap. If it IS Hunter, keep it for yourself or have it be rolled for if you're feeling generous.

    Floor 2

    Another straightforward path. Just like the first floor, have your tank (ideally) take the adds away from your teammates. This is especially true for Bloodthirsty White Tiger Soliders and Demonic Western Tiger Soliders. The former can give an attack buff to all other monsters within its range, making it potentially VERY dangerous. The latter will prevent you from attacking or casting skills, but this is not a full on stun; you can use Attack Unsealing Bugs during this time.

    Purify the Tiger Servant Shadow whenever he has a Frog-Forcefield like buff on him. You can take him to a corner to minimize the interactions he will have with his adds. Kill him, take the chest, and move on to the next floor.

    Floor 3

    Get going immediately, because this "next floor" is right next to the second floor. This means your tank will probably keep the aggro of the monsters from the last floor and they will walk right through the walls to continue unleashing their wrath ("game logic" am I right).

    Kill Western Tiger General. He should go down rather quickly before the "charge gimmick" really starts to matter. Take the chest and move on to the fourth floor.

    Floor 4

    If you're going to rebuff anytime, this is the best time to do so. This is the floor where you REALLY have to plan out what to do. It's quite the labyrinth. You have two options:

    • Throw up as many speed buffs as possible and run as fast as possible
    • Grab your Red Wing Bugs and teleport over to the boss asap

    The first method is doable, but you need EVERYONE on your team to be able to move fast. If not, you need to consider the second option or at least have your tank babysit the slowpoke. The reason why I say this is because the Tower-Patrolling Spirits on this floor onwards have a nasty debuff called Menace. This will reduce your attack AND movement speed by 50%. Not only is this bad for any aspd (attack speed) dps for this raid, but considering it is a high movement speed priority skill (your light wings and such will be clipped) and considering how fast these ruthless enemies move, they can very well stay on your butt until you die or are taken away. Any person with this debuff can end up dragging all the patrols to your team, making a huge mess and potentially causing a wipe-out to the ill-prepared.

    If that is enough to scare you, then use the second option. Grab your Red Wing Bugs or Blue Wing Bugs (you need at least one person with Red Wing), go to the first staircase of the maze (THE ENTRANCE STAIRS DO NOT COUNT. IF YOU ARE NOT FACING THE BOSS'S ROOM, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG AND WILL END UP DRAGGING A BUNCH OF PATROLS.) and use the Red Wing Bug on the Tower-Patrolling Spirits across from you. If done right, you should be facing the Tiger Servant's room immediately. Have everyone else Blue Wing or Red Wing to you/the patrols.

    Once you're in his room, start attacking them, and have your tank take the patrols away from your team. Ideally, they should be able to survive on their own. There's a few ways to tank this:
    • Blademaster's Phoenix Song. This skill is no joke if maxed out, but chances are you may not have it if you're an aspd main.
    • Go on Martial Artist or Mercenary and r11 (regeneration level 11) youself. If your stats and gear are proper, you shouldn't be able to die with this alone, unless there are too many on you. Doesn't hurt to combine this with Phoenix Song if possible.
    • Blademaster's Secret Skill bug. This will make the patrols go into "fear" mode, where they will stop aggroing and wander around until the effect wears off, allowing you to drop them outright. Of course, that requires you to be on Blademaster, known for being one of the squishest jobs in the game unless you're willing to specialize it to tank.

    If your tank cannot do any of these, then they are not a good tank have one support check up on them every once in a while.

    Finally, take down Tiger Servant. At around 45% of his HP he will summon Western Tiger General Doubles, consider pulling them away if they are remotely problematic (but even their Changing Weather debuff cannot stack with Menace). Take the chest and move on.


    Floor 5

    Now that we're done with that doozy of a floor, do one more preparation for this boss!

    This is where the "charge" gimmick comes in. If you do not know what this means, this wiki page should give you an idea. Basically, Western Tiger will give you an electric charge, (you can tell it's coming when he says "You have no idea who you are dealing with!") and to get rid of it, you must talk to either of the two statues of the room, based on your electric charge (red is negative, and needs a blue charge; blue is positive and needs a red charge. Correct me if I am mistaken). These statues are very far apart from each other though, so you should use Red Claw Bugs to pull them together. However, the indicator for what charge they are on will not move, so try not to mix the statues together. You'll also need to pay attention to your surroundings. You do want to neutralize the charge as often as possible for two reasons: It gives you a super buff and if you don't, you're hurting yourself and anyone around you, WHILE losing MP! Be mindful both statues can have the same charge for a period of time, making it impossible to remove the debuff until they change. DO NOT KILL THE STATUES. It will only cause more harm to the team.

    Western Tiger can also use a flashy AoE that isn't as threatening as Northern Turtle's or Southern Vermilion's. It can stun you though. When he's doing this, you may want to use the Attack Unsealing Bug before the aoe goes off, because if itdoes stun you, you can't use it until it wears off. Yes, the bug's buff can block the stun, but you can't remove the stun once it's on you. Might want a teammate who's kind enough to use it on you or happens to have level 1 Chant of Liberation (if they don't get stunned themselves.

    Also, here's a fun thing he does: ALMOST COMPLETELY TURNS YOUR SCREEN BLACK, save a bit of the UI. When this happens, press Alt+A. This will allow you to target the nearest monster, which should be Western Tiger. If you see "Western Tiger..." you are targeting a statue. To fix this, wander around in the darkness a bit until Western Tiger is targeted. This will be more true once his adds show up.

    Dancer debuffs do work on this guy unlike Northern Turtle and Southern Vermilion (where they just feign missing all the time instead of actually noting you that they don't work), so it's highly advised to use them since he can hit hard and has very respectable defenses.

    At 45% health, he summons Western Tiger General Doubles. At ~10% of his health, he summons those MENACING Tower-Patrolling Spirits. Get your tank working. Once Western Tiger is finally dead, congratulations! Take your loot.


    This raid will take a lot of practice and preparation. It may be a long time before this raid becomes mainstream like Northern Turtle and Southern Vermilion. Still, it might be worth the trouble and accomplishment. Sometimes, a few of the newest Skill Scroll additions can drop here. Feel free to discuss or ask questions.

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