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Thread: What is Suba's plan for this game?

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    Default What is Suba's plan for this game?

    No offense, but you guys are not managing this game properly nor do you seem to care.

    I've been gone for a little over 10 months and I come back to find only a handful of people in Thereall and that the game is exactly the same as I left it except for a few additions to the item mall. It took you guys a year to give us one expansion and it's been so long and nothing has been added to the game at all.

    Where are the updates Suba Games?

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    They claim they care..but they really don't lmao.

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    It's rather simple, the actual dedicated staff / playerbase is gone, so I don't see a bright future for this game under Suba's hosting.
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    i posted last in the fanart section... in 2017. i checked on a whim due to the contest and i'm amazed they're even hosting anything considering nothing has been done and everyone has quit. i loved lucent heart but there's been nothing new recently so it's a little disappointing
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    I don't think suba will make anything new for this game because the patch atm is all from the JP server if i'm not mistaken..
    they are only running the game but I don't think they have the resource to make new content for the game really.
    (since the JP sever is gone the game will pretty much stay the same forever)

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    Contract's gonna run out soon enough and maybe they'll close this down? I'm surprised it's still up after all these years. Could also be that their other games are paying well enough to keep this one up.
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    Default Lucent Heart was maybe cursed from the beginning...

    I am sorry to see this game in this state

    The original beanfun! game shut down a long time ago, but as you remember, the community wanted it back. It looked like a bright future, but it seems like it's going to be the same story again.

    The bulk community has left and moved on, and Id hope that one day there will be a game like LH again with brighter future.

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