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Thread: [Event Guide] Watermelons!

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    Default [Event Guide] Watermelons!

    Check the forums or discord News and Announcements section for information on when this event occurs.
    {Event currently running July 30th 2018- August 6th 2018}
    To participate in this event you must be on a server other than Valento.
    Basically hunt Watermelon monster for a chance at:
    Low-Superior Runestones
    Secret Box (Open these one at a time)
    Forces(Temporary buffs)
    Mystic Mana Potions
    13k-22k Gold
    Boss Crystals(Summons a boss monster to fight for you)

    If you intend to farm the event specifically for the loot, go to the best spawn place you know.

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    Default zzPTtool version 2.1

    Make sure you flag your drops during these events.
    The monsters drop a ton of things. Flagging will help you not miss those valuable items.
    Download the tool here.
    Happy Hunting!
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