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    Evening all,

    Clan AbuDhabi is welcoming active english-speaking players. You can find us most of the time in Valento, sometimes other subservers for boss hunts,quests or just exploring the remaining undiscovered priston land .

    AbuDhabi is founded upon 1) Union, 2) Conquer, & 3) Discipline

    Members of AbuDhabi will be added to a Clan chat channel.

    Mana pots will be shared among each other and always has been.

    Promotion to elders will be in a bi-monthly basis, after the meetings of the Chief, Deputy Chief and current Elders.

    It is the responsibility of the Deputy Chief (DC) to help find an item for a fellow member who needs a certain item in no more than 2-4 days or else the DC will have to buy it from their own gold. * Exceptions include unrealistic items

    Items will be given to members according to level seniority and/or subjective judgment incase of exceptions.

    Play on & grind on!



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    Default AbuDhabi


    I have several chars, the highest one is 81. But i have like 5 chars at 8x

    What's ur ingame name? So i can message when im online =)

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    Msg anyone you see from AbuDhabi clan in game they will guide you. You are welcome to join

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    Hello, I am a returning PT player and am interested in joining. Are all my characters able to join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsyph View Post
    Hello, I am a returning PT player and am interested in joining. Are all my characters able to join?
    Hey dsyph whats your in game name? Or discord? So i can help you get invited
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    Hi can i join your clan. Im a former pt ph player. I cant get my previous character there so i decided to make a new one. Could you invite me? Im a pikeman lvl 40. Thanks. Message me ingame name is buLex.

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