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Thread: New player returning after years away. What big changes, if any, should I be aware of

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    Default New player returning after years away. What big changes, if any, should I be aware of

    Played for years back on Aeria so I know the basics.
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    -Magic dps is viable and one of the fastest leveling roles in the game mainly thanks to the introduction of Sorcerer, changes to the elemental system, and Shaman buffed so Seasonal Magic manipulates the target's element (ineffective against big bosses for good reason)
    -Sorcerer is a new job. Requires level 70 Shaman and Wizard to qualify, and it's considered to be one of, if not the best, AoE jobs.
    -With the elemental changes, you can go above 100 ele attack, but the effectiveness goes down. The value of elemental defense has bascially doubled. Magic attacks can now synergize with elemental attack, but only if the stats match (fire attack can only get more fire; it cannot be changed to other elements)
    -Skill Scrolls are a thing. They bascially give us access to use the highest level skills possible.
    -Level 75 is new cap. Reach it by reincarnation (70->10->71, etc.)
    -Spooky Bottom is a thing for grinding and no one grinds in babel anymore. Spooky Bottom is a map where mobs have double the usual exp but requires Tokens of Clever King to access.
    -New sets of armor. Currently, only the level 60 robe (Artemis) is considered to be the defined best one for now, the LA (apollo) is debatable, the rest aren't worth the money and gold required to make them.

    The rest of the changes and additions are relatively small or can be explained in seperate posts/threads.
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