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    Exclamation bug report

    To admin

    i am the owner of username ****** need to inform you that i was bought the items(Reskill Red stone and Exp potion) so i was used the res stone and all skill was reset after that i can't up all skill it cant click anything on its so the all skill still cant use i hope you can help me to fix that bug for me just on the priestess character name dotdotdot .
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    Are you sure you are accessing the correct skill master?
    As a Priestess, you are Morion race, you must acces the skill master in Pillai.
    The skill master in Ricarten will not work for you.

    If you are trying to click the skill master in Pillai and still not working, then it is more than likely you have a current rankup quest active.
    You are unable to purchase or upgrade skills when your rankup quest is active, you will need to cancel the quest in order to purchase new skills.

    Also, please do not post your ID on public forums.
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