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Thread: New maps + fix tarintus + fix shipyard

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    Default New maps + fix tarintus + fix shipyard

    We've 4 lvl 100 characters already (NBLeo, Harlequin, Miruno, LadyTsunade), 4 more will be 100 within the month (LadyIno, LadySarada, LadyHinata and Diane). The highest training ground we've now is Sahel which overs mobs to lvl 99. So within a month we'll have 8 characters whom cannot train on mobs above there own level anymore. It sounds to me that we need new maps to be opened.

    Outside this the portal towards tarintus is at this moment active (u can use it an hour before MT time), only at this moment the levels i've been able to take let u dc or half dc. So getting a 6 star pet or great moon stones isn't an option.

    The highest level of shipyard, the only shipyard available for lvl 100 characters is empty. No mobs are present and as result lvl 100 characters cannot collect the quest result items needed to upgrade their wing/cloak/magic boots.
    The shipyard for 90-99 is bugged, the mob Big Latou (ogre) has wrong stats. Atm i can't go there anymore, but when i could i could take on a whole group of mobs, but would die of 3 big latou's while their lvl is way beneath most mobs in there. The end boss was easier to survive then the middle part where u run into group of 4 latou's. As result not only is this shipyard very hard to do but also it takes up a lot of time cause u need evading actions on the latou's.

    In my view these things should get fixed and/or introduced.
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