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Thread: New Prizes from Seizer's Palace Vending Machine

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    Default New Prizes from Seizer's Palace Vending Machine

    Since Snowball exchange WILL NOT EVER HAPPEN anymore, i wish there's a New Prizes from Seizer's Palace Vending Machine for
    The Common Drop Prizes and Semi-Rare Prizes (check : to see all prizes) because it seems not really relevant to be use nowday..
    1) Snowball (Player) & Snowball (Monster) -> No more than a junk because of no more snowball exchange
    2) Lesser Parietal Powder -> Peoples are 70+ already, they dont use this lv 10 mp pot anymore, I'm suggesting it be removed to Occipital Powder (lv 60 MP Pot) or Sweet Wine, Since alcheming this item also failable and the alchemy mats require Tier 6 material
    3) Vitamin B Pill -> Same as number 2, i suggesting it be removed with Vitamin E or F Pill
    4) Meow Meow MP Treat & Bow-Wow HP Biscuit -> Pet Muse can heal more than this item
    5) Pet Treat & Fidelity Fruit -> People have a ton of this item, and it became priceless, i hope there's a switching so this item can be worth more
    6) Mongrel Magic & Pedigree Powder -> People have a ton of this item, and it became priceless, i hope there's a switching so this item can be worth more, (Yule Log/Daikon would be nice replacement for this)
    7) 7 day Temp Costume -> I wish this temp costume also switched to glasses,headgear,ear,back, Weapon costume and another new brand costume more temporaly

    I can't really sugesting a good item to switch the old one, but if the System announced prizes can be switched, why the common and semi rare items never being switched?
    I hope people also can give their opinion for what item worth to be switch to old one, just on my own point of view, the old item is no more Relevant due of most people is high lvl already..
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    1) Well there's gotta be some kind of junk item to prevent the good stuff from dropping all the time. Those who don't use snowballs for their intended purpose might as well trash them. Let's replace them with Tomatoes instead.

    2) Implying that people ever use these pills to begin with; and even when they do it's incredibly niche. The other problem is that those who don't use these items (which is most people) will just sell them back to an NPC, which means less gold can actually be pumped out of the game. Sure, some might put that back into Seizers to get more tokens for CNTs, but that would also mean encouraging inflation for Casino Night, lest we continuously decrease the value of items.

    3) Same as number 2.

    4) What would we replace these with?

    5) See number 4.

    6) Considering how many mongrel magic and peidgree powders we can get, replacing them with Magical Daikons or especially Yule Logs would be dangerous. The value of these items far exceed the pet equivalents.

    7) The 7 day temps are are getting rather stale.
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    I prefer Seizer to drop more junks than it should be.
    If possible, those items with Shop Price listed replaced with 0 worth resell.
    For example Mongrell magic has 0 shop price, Meow meow treat has 80g shop price.

    As you see, we have casino for more than 3 years (yet) the gold hasn't sunk a bit!! (Thanks to moronic gold buyer)
    But, I respect the suggestion to replace some items because its boring as long as my points is considered
    1. It must be 0 worth resell.
    2. It must not break the balance (no daikon or yule logs)
    3. Consider that the replacing items will become junks as well.
    4. Prioritize items that useful for lower level (50 and below)
    5. Prioritize items that stack-able as well.

    I have some idea for items, that is:
    Tier 1:
    - Lesser HP, MP regen, fighting luck pills (the one in guild merchant, 10 mins not the 2 hours one)
    - Fireworks (If you want to gear up the community, give them rod and bait, not the fish!)
    - Scrapper/Spellpower I (yeah they are level 10 requirement)
    * about aspd pills; Im somewhat 50:50 about it since they are used to DPS even its just 10 mins.
    Tier 2: (these drop rate is somewhat same as go any, ptele, and PAS)
    - Special Mission Cards (yeah, give them fishing rod)
    - Mod Gems Box (This one is funny as heck, if you open it, you got another 12 kind of gems box, and then each kind of gems give you random grade)
    Tier 3: (these drop rate is somewhat same as costume)
    - SB KEY: hmm, i guess this is acceptable since for pro player who raids everyday, they got raid tokens so sb key is NOTHING!. But community still need affordable sb key to keep up with current active playerbase. THO honestly Im against new players take the shortcut and leave regular map. But, cant be helped with current era of Mirror World.
    In the end, Im 50:50 about this in Seizer.
    - Occupation Spring Water
    So, I give thumb up for AKFrost who suggested this. It was brilliant
    It will silence the elite player who keep nagging about them because of slow farming, and also give them incentive to keep wasting gold in seizer. BUT I want it to be FAR FAR LOW in drop rate than costume, since as you see any casino costume is worth like 100k now.

    That's it. Lastly, here goes my closing remark!

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