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Thread: Easier Way To Get Onyx of Water : ATK & M.ATK

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    Default Easier Way To Get Onyx of Water : ATK & M.ATK

    For Onyx Detail, Check :

    So, Onyx of Water is a SUPER amazing, interesting and wonderful Onyx Ever updated..
    Specially the Onyx of Water - MATK one, because This is the one and only one Slotable Slot 2 M.ATK Onyx so far in Suba Domo.
    That's helping so much because Magic DPS is the Most Weaker DPS type compared to SS and ASPD.
    The Onyx of Water - ATK is also not too bad to be slotted on Staff/Abacus (I doubt it would be better on Saber&Bow), Compared to Onyx of Interval 9% ATK..
    I have tested it out on True 70 Staff vs True Suit 65 Staff...

    But The problem is.. To get This onyx is a way Toooooooooooooooo Hard...
    1) Onyx of Water M.ATK maybe easier, it Drop from Southern Vermilion Raid Chest [2nd Phase]
    Okay, Lets say 'Some' People can solo it and get the loot for theirself..
    But What about People that CANT ??
    Form a Team, okay.. Lets say We can do it with Team Consist of 6 People..
    And The Raid only drop 1 Onyx, Normally 50 MATK, (on rare case it drop 54 MATK)
    And I need to fight with the other 5 people to get this onyx, Lets say I have luck and Win this onyx..
    I still need to Alchemy The onyx to get the Lastest Form of the Onyx
    Because there's 10 Phase before we reaching the end phase of the onyx (oh, can i even reach it?)..
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +50
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +54 (2x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +58 (4x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +62 (8x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +66 (16x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +70 (32x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +74 (64x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +78 (128x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +82 (256x MATK 50)
    -Slot 2 M.ATK +86 (512x MATK 50)
    Ok, so Lets say I'm the luckiest human in this world and i Win All the 512x MATK 50 in everytime I raiding with team of 6 peoples or I'm Strong enough to solo the raid and collecting the MATK 50 Onyx 512 times..
    Lets count for how much time i need to get the end phase of the onyx...
    Raid Cooldown = 16 Hours x 512 Raid = 8192 Hours
    8192 Hours / 24 Hours = 341 day..
    So i need almost 1 year to reach the End Phase of Onyx of Water MATK +86..
    and thats only for 1 wand, how if i have more than 1 wand???

    2) Onyx of Water ATK, Dropped from Western Tiger Raid Chest [2nd Phase]
    Ok, for this one, I doubt there's someone can solo This Raid, (or proof me if you can)..
    Usually people doing this as Two Team (Some people able to do in 1 team or maybe trio?), But for common way we need to fight with 8-12 people to win the slot 2 ATK onyx.. (Good Luck for it o/)
    And The phase also same as MATK one, 10 phase to reach the last form of Onyx of Water : +77 ATK..
    And We all know that Phys DPS need more than 1 weapon, SS have 12 Weapon (6 Bow & 6 Abacus/staff) and ASPD have 6 Weapon (1 non elemental, 5 elemental)
    So if you are SS, you need 12 years doing WT raid to get all your weapon sloted with +77 ATK onyx and if you are ASPD, you need 6 years doing WT raid to get all your weapon sloted with +77 ATK onyx..

    So, I'm suggesting a better or easier way to get This onyx of water..
    I'm aware doing Daily Challange instance is awarded 1 Certificate of Multi-Dugeons (Check :
    But this item still Not yet useful at the moment..
    I hope the certificate can be used for something, maybe like this Onyx of Water?
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    The solution to this is simple: Adding the higher value variants as a chance to drop in those respective raids.

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