Lately i've had question from several new players how the enchanting system works.

So here a basic explaination,
1st how to open the enchant menu.
press k
press the 3rd icon (movieclip button)
2nd row, 4th item is the enchant button (u can drag this into your action bar if desired)

The dialog will show 2 drag places.
The left dialog item is the item u'll enchant, the right dialog item is the item u'll use to enchant the left item.
To enchant a lvl 10 sword +0 to a lvl 10 sword +1 u need another lvl 10 sword +0 or a peira+0
With a lvl 10 sword +1 and another lvl 10 sword +1 (or a peira+1) u can make a lvl 10 sword +2.