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Thread: Blue english guild The Commoners recruiting Members

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    Default Blue english guild The Commoners recruiting Members

    Hi All,
    The guild thecommoners seek new members,
    our guild long ago has been founded to shown an old world things could been done differently.
    We pk in mt/gt/bosses, defense and revenge, outside this u should never see us pk. We try to be nice
    to the other players in the game and we try to give a home to the players in our guild.
    While doing your hardest best is always appriciated we don't expect anything from our players outside
    having fun and being kind to each other.

    I've u want to become part of our family u can contact:
    LadyTsunade, SilverQueenVie, SpottyOne, Harukki, Metonawty.

    Whether u're with us or not. We'll see u in game, have fun in the crazy world of Luna Reborn.

    P.S. If u've questions (whether u want join our guild or not) feel always welcome to knock on our doors.

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    Default :o

    Good Luck everybody

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