There was a dream that was Domo. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile.
Make Domo Great again! SB gives peoples to easy way to lvl up themselfs, by killing team play. DOMO is about team play, but not anymore, with all gears there are, peoples can solo SB and make themself high lvls with in 1 day. Rebirth was originaly invented to bring back team play. I guess its main reason why nomore new players wont join domo, cos they have no clue what to do there. Teams was how you met new peoplse, made friends, etc. Now you can call domo hack nd slash game instead of social game. And dont come to tell that teams exist in SB. thats not team.. how long it taked to get to lvl 50 by ordinary team play? i made myself solo to 60 with bit les then 5hrs. I so remember when i first time got into domo, someone dragged me into inn basement and from there i got added to team as puller. and all domo started from there for me. peoples guided me what to do next etc. But now for necomer, domoo can be really confusing game with all thhose stats builds etc. SB must be limited a lot!
my succession is.
Make SB opened once on week? or open at event times or get keys only throught events. Well anything that limits SB usage.