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Thread: succession to do something about Sbooky Bottom area

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    Default succession to do something about Sbooky Bottom area

    There was a dream that was Domo. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile.
    Make Domo Great again! SB gives peoples to easy way to lvl up themselfs, by killing team play. DOMO is about team play, but not anymore, with all gears there are, peoples can solo SB and make themself high lvls with in 1 day. Rebirth was originaly invented to bring back team play. I guess its main reason why nomore new players wont join domo, cos they have no clue what to do there. Teams was how you met new peoplse, made friends, etc. Now you can call domo hack nd slash game instead of social game. And dont come to tell that teams exist in SB. thats not team.. how long it taked to get to lvl 50 by ordinary team play? i made myself solo to 60 with bit les then 5hrs. I so remember when i first time got into domo, someone dragged me into inn basement and from there i got added to team as puller. and all domo started from there for me. peoples guided me what to do next etc. But now for necomer, domoo can be really confusing game with all thhose stats builds etc. SB must be limited a lot!
    my succession is.
    Make SB opened once on week? or open at event times or get keys only throught events. Well anything that limits SB usage.

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    That's a nice assumption and dream there. Realistically speaking:

    -Anyone that can solo rebirth will still be more likely to continue to solo rebirth. If I can take a lot of Spooky Bottom mobs and then kill them quickly all by myself, why should I team with anyone, especially if they're not going to be my rebirth partner? This would hardly change if Spooky Bottom was limited/closed. In fact I'd see more people be angry with me taking an entire area by myself claiming "this is a team area". In the days of old, sure, no one could do that. Now it's possible.

    -The fact you don't call teams in Spooky Bottom actual teams tells me you don't know what a team is--or rather that you can't accept any other team formation--aside the "puller-muse-doc-tank-2aoe" meta that only remains effective until level 50 anyways. Past 50, Doctors and Musicians start to become one, pullers don't exist unless you have an AoE that has some decent gear, and said AoE being a mage with Shaman, Wizard, and/or Sorcerer AoEs (Fencer and Dancer fall off too hard; Fencer becomes useless outside of farming and PvP and Dancer is relegated to a support/mage sub if not used for farming). The single-target damage dealers become viable, so jobs like Blademaster and Hunter don't have to pull anymore. If you acknowledge any team formation that works past 50 to be a team, then you seem awfully biased when you say the same formation no longer counts in Spooky Bottom.

    -Limiting/closing Spooky Bottom at this point is going to create such a backlash that people simply won't grind if they're already used to grinding there, if they aren't willing to take over entire spots by themselves like I would.

    -Rebirth was made before Spooky Bottom. You what happened? Almost nobody did it, because it was practically unaffordable and the idea of not leveling any faster (as in, the exp requirements are all the same) turned a LOT of people off. The very few people that did, didn't do much teaming; more likely they got plvl'd. Now that rebirth isn't as painful to do (nevermind the fact you'll want to do it in order to do high level content more efficiently anyway since there is a huge difference between level 70 and 75), more people will be willing to do it. The intentions of a game mechanic does not mean players will use it to play the way the developers wanted them to. In this particular case, people who rebirth will want to get back up to 70+ ASAP. If it means skipping teams and doing rebirths solo or duo (as actual duo or plvling duo) for the most efficient exp, so be it. Where exactly are people getting the idea that rebirthing was made to revitalize teams anyway? The mere fact it exists? Then it's only an assumption.

    -Your statement with newcomers being confused about leveling only shows the game's major flaw: without people, most of this game is borderline unplayable without decent gear. But with the way this game has been managed and how the general gaming populace lacks interest in it (believe me I wanted to get people to play and they didn't even want to touch it), once again limiting/closing SB will do more harm than good. Your statement also assumes that no one guides/helps new players on how to play based on your nostalgia of 6-man teams once being a thing. That is incorrect. People still do help each other, but more often it will be in their cliques/guilds than not.

    This is speaking from an Aeria Games player. Take off those rose-tinted glasses. Your real issue should be with the idea of gear progression bring factored into rebirth, AKA armor made for rebirths, not SB itself. That or the mentality of the playerbase itself. Either way, you might as well stay nostalgic. I would suggest reading and sharing this particular guide, which I made back in early 2016.
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    The current trend right now is to make new player catch up fast with community. Limiting SB will only slow down late party. It's sad to admit, everyone should learn to be flexible about leveling.

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    "DOMO is about team play, but not anymore"
    I'm not totally aggree with this statement, because Even someone already geared very well, people still doing
    partnering on lvlling, like duo or trio.. and it still count as 'team play' though.. but not as big as how it used to be before..
    And your point of view are too small if you saying team lvlling is how we meet new people and made friends..
    Theres a way lot more content in Domo, Raids, Instance, Events, Quest that actually allow you to meet new people
    and made friends, even you can made friends with someone just by a 'simple succession' on forum :>
    Its back to personal socialization skill..

    I dont see Anything WRONG with spooky bottom, Since actually its designed to boosting and makes you lvlling faster.
    The spooky bottom itself already limited tho, since it require key to enter, make it even more limited by only open once a week also meanless..
    I BET People would prefer WAITING until it opened in a week and start lvlling That day, than doing a team lvlling.
    It's because they can lvlling more faster with their own overpowered gear..
    If You want to bring back Team lvlling like how it used to be before.. You requestion wrong things..
    You should've request The Removement of "Modding System" Actually the Spooky Bottom it self already hard enough
    to kill you if you arent geared well.. You would still form a team if you arent geared well for spooky bottom xD
    So i can Guarantee your team lvlling dream will be real if the modding system is deleted. Not the spooky bottom.
    People would still doing solo lvlling if the spooky bottom not exsist tho, because they are geared well already for it.
    Spooky bottom just the way to makes your overpowered gear become more worth to made and reincarnation more worth to do.

    "No new comers on the game, and new comer think this game is really confusing"?
    Ha, You Already know they are confused, why dont u come to help them?
    Like do you even ever guide a new comer? Like.. write a guide path or maybe make a video and show them how to playing the game?
    I think if everyone in domo treat a new comer good and guide them how to catch up
    fast with community, do you still think new comer would get confused??
    Time to act now though..

    (I had tried Pranked people by made a new chara and asking people to guide or giving me some money, but i got
    mostly a disapointing answer , its the comunity it self though, not because of the game content like spooky bottom)
    Nothing Wrong with the Spooky Bottom...!
    Asisted with iroha statement, Spooky bottom actually Helps new comer to catch up the communtiy ^^
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