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Thread: Mystic mana pot bug?

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    Default Mystic mana pot bug?

    I've just noticed that the mystic mana pot recovery amount on my Priestess shows 450-600 while those on my Fighter shows 1500-2500. The actual recovered amount when i use it corresponds with what is shown, I was fighting on my Priestess and was expecting to full heal my mana with 1 pot, but instead it healed less than half.

    Is this a bug? I've tried trading the mana pots between my Fighter and Priestess but the recovery amount consistently shows 450-600 for my Priest and 1500-2500 for my Fighter

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    Yeah the pots can change if you have a stock of the old stuff.

    You can convert your old mana stock to new easily.

    Open your inventory, put all of the old mystic mana pots in a single spot on your inventory (not in the mana socket).
    Now kill a monster that drops mana once you see the mana on the ground. pick it up WITH YOUR INVENTORY OPEN
    So the mana is now on your mouse.
    Place the new mana in a new empty slot in your inventory, not in the mana socket.
    Pick up old mana, drop it over the new mana.

    BAM! All old mana converted to the new higher stat mana pots.

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    Solved it! Thanks!

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