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Thread: Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

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    Default Fan Art Halloween Luna Online

    Luna the priestess of Luna Online, is preparing to order sweets this Halloween, or maybe she will do some prank?
    by xReDragoNx

    PD: I just upload my drawing because yesterday I was trying to upload all day and the forum was dead, as soon as I allowed it.

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    "Solo se pierde la lucha que se abandona" Únete:

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    Sorry.. I was about to post yesterday but forum was down.. I hope this still count.

    Thank you for hosting !

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    Default The porcelain doll

    Isabel was only seven and a half years old, but she could not have everything that she liked because of her look of grief that she put on her parents. That same night, the small task had difficulty falling asleep and just thinking about his future new doll. Even if he had one arm less, it was the prettiest porcelain doll he had ever seen. She had many things, but that was the prettiest in her collection.

    The next morning, Isabel had breakfast watching her favorite drawings, like every morning. It had nothing to do with your wrist. He did not like it anymore. So she spent the day running with other things and did not record a mother who had a doll, because he no longer wanted her.

    He arrived at night and Isabel lay down on the floor above. She was afraid of being up, as was her mother. "I climb 1, 2, 3 steps ..." Little Isabel shouted scared calling her mother: "Mom, there's someone on the stairs". that makes noise "His mother reassured her that there was nothing at all". As for the mother left the room, Isabel returned to the theme "I climb 4, 5, 6 steps ...". Again, Isabel called her mother. His mother returned a response that calmed down, which would be the noise of the refrigerator.

    But the small voice continued up the stairs: "I go up 7, 8, 9, 10 steps and I'm already in the hall," repeated the small voice with a sarcastic laugh.

    The next morning, Isabel's mother was surprised to wake up before her. But he had found in the difficulties he had had to fall asleep and that he had grown tired. But elapsed in an hour faster than ever. The mother screamed with terror. The daughter shouted with her own daughter and stayed more than 17 times, with her arm arranged and seeing the small and adorable doll of the antique shop with her daughter's arm as a substitute for his own.

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    Default Death anniversary

    It is a closed night when a boy who returns home in his car discovers a girl hitchhiking at the edge of the road. The girl seems terrified and cold, so the boy decides to stand up, help her and accompany her home. As he supposed, she was frozen, so he lends her his jacket. The girl is not very talkative so it is he who talks most of the way.

    The next morning the boy realizes that the girl took her jacket home. To recover it (and to see it again, he liked it), he decides to go back to her house, where he had left it for the night. When a lady knocks on the door not very old, but worse, opens the door. He explains what happened and asks about his daughter. As the boy's story progressed, the woman paled more and more. He ended up crying.

    After recovering from the initial shock, the woman asks the boy for a moment, goes inside the house and returns after a short time with a photo. He shows it to the boy. It's a picture of the girl from the previous night. The lady full of pain and her face full of tears tells him that the girl was his daughter. Was. He died in a car accident a year ago on the same road where he allegedly found her. The previous night was exactly the anniversary of his death. The boy, skeptical, goes to the cemetery to see if what he says is true. And there the terror immobilizes him and makes him pale. On a grave, the girl's grave, was his jacket.

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    This is my character like drakula

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    Dream of Mirror Online


    "I'm tellin' ya... the North has the most delectable tangerines.. the tangerines of youth!"

    "Jerry shut up I'm not going to the North o'Sun. Getting past Eversun City is suicide. There ain't a single pu in their right mind that'd set foot in that God awful place" replies another pu who's dressed in what seems like a poor put together costume.

    "Oh I get it. Yer chicken, Sammy. A low life kuku. Scared that a bunch of northerners are gunna make fun of your tacky costume. Bahckqwuakk" mocks Jerry. "What are you supposed to be, a giant butterfly?" He bursts out laughing.

    Irriated and turning a shade of red darker Sammy pushes Jerry "Don't call me a kuku.I ain't scared, it's just a waste of time that's all", he pauses, "A-and I'm Scarlet Spooky--y'know the scariest ghost of all time!"

    "Hah! Not with paper thin costume" Jerry grabs a hold of Sammy's shoulder. Sammy nudges, consequently tearing the costume from the neck down to the shoulder leaving the flesh naked.

    Infuriated Sammy squeals, his face redder than ever "look what you did! I spent all week making this costume and you've ruined it!"

    Feeling guilty Jerry apologetically responded "I didn't even tug on it and it ripped, Sammy look I--"

    "NO!" He squeals "I've had enough of this. My Halloween has been ruined thanks to you.. you want me to go to the stupid North o'Sun and get the damn tangerines you keep blabbering about then I'll go if it's to shut yer damn mouth up forever!"

    Before Jerry could say anything else to him Sammy trotted off in anger, heading towards Eversun City.

    "Sammy wait! What do I tell your family?!"

    He hesitates. He sees the thick, heavy dark air emitting around the pathways towards Eversun City, becoming thicker and thicker as it reaches the destination. Grayer, darker, almost pulsating as if swallowing whatever comes into close proximity. Finding it hard to breathe, he gulps.

    "J-just don't go! Jerry come back! COME BACK!!" shouts Jerry, his cries echoing throughout Eversun south. "...please, come back.."


    The heavy doors of Eversun City open, and as Sammy enters bright light is blinding. Packed with races of all kinds. The characters diverse, from blade masters to wizards. Bright pumpkins are planted at nearly every shop. The candies from them devoured immediately by sprites. Eversun City, a lively place... one that Sammy nor any of his kind has ever associated with.

    "What in the world is this place" Sammy asks himself under his breath both in awe and fear.

    Closing in the center of Eversun City seems to be in construction, surrounded by giant figure sized babies with antlers sprouting out of their head. As Sammy observed closer their eyes seemed to gaze back at him and in an instant one of them blinked.

    "W-what was that?!" He thought to himself. "I could have sworn that thing blinked and.. it's looking at me? What the hell is this place.."

    Sammy snaps out of the hypnosis of their stares and finds a voluptuous woman with a shaggy tail and curious ears. "Excuse me ma'am, do you mind telling me what's going on over there?" he asks pointing at the center of the city. "Also I'm looking to leave here and into the North o'Sun. Can you direct me to it?"

    The shura woman's intense deep red eyes as red as blood pierces into Sammy.

    "her eyes are so red... they're glowing" He thinks to himself.

    "Ma'am? North o'Sun? Kid, you're not from around here are you. I can tell by the way you talk but more importantly... you reek of Eversun South.. yes there's just something about you Southerners that is just so distinct--" she pauses and the corners of her mouth begin to curl "aha... delicious scent..." and her mouth begins to water.

    The hairs on Sammy's neck shoot up. His skin begins to crawl. The shura's nose crinkle in delight and she's now in a hunter stance, ready to attack it's prey.

    He squeals. Sammy bolts and manages to escape. Still running his mind is all over the place and his heart racing. "Seriously.. what the hell is this place. How do I leave? How many more freaks am I gunna run into?"
    As he thinks all this he runs into a cat, not any cat that he's ever seen before. On two feet wearing what seems to be a cape..quite fantastic resembling a hero. Relieved, Sammy approaches the cat, "hey! I'm so glad to run into an animal, someone like me!! Tell me, how do I leave this place.. how do I get to the north!!!"

    The cat pauses briefly. "I see," He says.

    Puzzled and anxious Sammy continues to bother the cat for answers. "YOU see?! You see what?!"

    The cat pauses again. "I see".

    The sun is setting and it's beginning to get dark. Sammy is frustrated, fearful that he won't make find the tangerines of youth but ultimately he won't make it back home. In the corner of his eyes Sammy sees a portal with blue aura similar to the entrance into the city.

    He jumps "that must be an exit. It has to be!" He runs towards the blue light but something grabs onto his hoof and pulls him back.

    "W-what's going on here?! Let me go!" Sammy looks behind him, finding an old man clasping onto his hoof. "Let go!! What are you doing! I need to go!"

    "Is... there anyone... who can help.. this..poor..soul in need??" The greasy old man says.

    "LET GO!!" Sammy kicks but to no avail the man continues to pull him closer.

    "Menkin... help... vitamin b pill?... or.. A LEG, YOUR LEG"

    SQUEAL!! "HELP!" screams Sammy.

    The darkness is quickly setting in. The townspeople of the city have disappeared for the night. Sammy whimpers as he's about to get devoured "no one... can hear me? No one.. cares.." he sobs "mommy.. Jerry.." Sniffles.

    Just when Sammy is about to lose all hope an old man dressed fairly well with a long wise beard comes forward and wacks off Menkin, slicing off the limb attached to Sammy's leg. "Disgusting" the wise man says with a solemn look on his face.

    Sammy looks up, shocked and in tears. "W-who are you?"

    "I must apologize for not helping you sooner. I saw that grimey animal attack you but I was afraid. Your costume is quite terrifying..I am Chasm King" the man says holding out his hand. "You are in good hands now but you best hurry back to where you came from. Believe it or not there are beasts in this city who would kill to have you for a meal and once it's the dead of night it will become very difficult to see. You will lose your way. Let me guide you back home."

    Wiping away his tears Sammy smiles and thanks the man "r-rrally you think my costume is scary? are the first person to be friendly to me. I live in the South o'Sun. I.. I don't know my way back, please take me home"


    "Sir?" He asks cautiously, frantically scouting the area for Chasm King. But he's no where to be found.

    Alone in Eversun City, the darkness has completely engulfed city. "I can't see a thing. M-mister where are you?" The hairs on his back once again stand up as he hears rummaging in the background. "I can't see anything..." he shivers. He stops walking now to listen to the very subtle sounds.

    "Heeee.... haaaaahhh"

    "Breathing?" whispers Sammy his heart pounding,ready to get out of his chest.

    Tap tap tap. Running footsteps circling Sammy in an unknown distance.

    "I'm scared... I can't see anything!"
    He continues to whisper.

    Sammy notices a light. Two dots of glowing red light in the far distance but quickly emerges closer.
    Closer.. and closer.. and closer.
    Sammy starts running in any random direction fearing for his life once again but he's too slow. The figure pounces on him and the texture of its hairs brushes against Sammy's bare neck where Jerry had teared his costume.

    "These hairs they feel like... Chasm King?!" He thinks to himself
    "Please!!! Let me go you don't want to do this. You are kind! You saved me, remember?!" He pleads.

    "HAAAAAA. SSSSSSSSS. HEEEEE" He breathes ravenously as he slowly sinks his long pointed fingernails, sharp as razor blades into Sammy's neck. "Don't you see? I saved you so I can have you for myself HAHAH."

    SQUEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL. Sammy continues to struggle, his blood circulation cut off and his neck sliced.

    "You will be used greatly here I promise you that hehehehehe. Don't you worry. You will bring this city immense gold!! How can one resist the taste of you!!!!"



    Eversun City's new centerpiece shop has opened! Incredibly popular and flocked by the entire city. Long lines waiting for the piping hot and ready KFP; Kentucky Fried Pu.

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    Default Spooky Inktober Fanart

    Draw my char as a vampire XD
    Game: Lucent Heart
    IGN: KAyane

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    Default La Historia de la Sayona

    La leyenda original de La Sayona narra básicamente la historia de una mujer muy celosa llamada Casilda, que mató a su esposo y a su madre, pensando que estos ten?*an un romance. Su madre, en la agon?*a de la muerte, la maldijo. Desde ese entonces su alma en pena vaga sin descanso ni paz, persiguiendo a los hombres infieles para conquistarlos y luego matarlos. El origen del nombre se debe a que porta un sayal negro, ya que la leyenda data desde la época colonial.

    Existen miles de versiones de encuentros con La Sayona, que son los que ha popularizado a este m?*tico personaje.2?3? También se dice que La Sayona tiene la particularidad de “desdoblarse”, esto quiere decir que puede presentarse como un perro, un lobo o como la mujer antes descrita.4?

    Pero todas las versiones concuerdan en que es una hermosa mujer de largos cabellos negros (aunque no mantiene esta apariencia, ya que una vez acorralada muestra su verdadera forma a la v?*ctima), que persigue a los hombres mujeriegos. Siempre se suele terminar esta narración con advertencias como: "Por lo tanto, es mejor que aquellos hombres que disfrutan engañando a su pareja, se lo piensen bien antes que se le aparezca La Sayona".

    La leyenda también cuenta que La Sayona siempre viste de blanco y que su particular grito puede ser o?*do en la distancia y que además eriza los pelos de quienes lo oyen. Este último rasgo de La Sayona la asemeja aún más a las banshees.

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    Default El Silbon

    El Silbón es un personaje legendario de Venezuela, especialmente de Los Llanos, descrito como un alma en pena. La leyenda del Silbón surgió a mediados del siglo XIX.[cita requerida]

    Según la leyenda, consiste en el fantasma de un joven que asesinó a su padre y lo destripó por haber asesinado a su esposa diciendo que era una "mujerzuela" y que se lo hab?*a buscado. Tras este hecho, su abuelo mandó a atar al joven a un poste en el medio del campo, a destruirle la espalda a latigazos, que sus heridas fueran lavadas con aguardiente, y a liberarlo junto a dos perros hambrientos y rabiosos. Antes de liberarlo su abuelo lo maldijo y condenó a portar los huesos de su padre por toda la eternidad.1?2?

    Tiene un silbido caracter?*stico que se asemeja a las notas musicales do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, en ese mismo orden, subiendo el tono hasta fa y luego bajando hasta la nota si. Se dice que cuando su silbido se escucha muy cerca no hay peligro, ya que el Silbón está lejos, pero si se escucha de lejos significa que está muy cerca. También se dice que escuchar su silbido es presagio de la propia muerte. Puede estar en cualquier sitio en cualquier hora.

    Tal parece que si se siente el silbido de lejos lo único que puede salvar a la persona es el ladrido de un perro, ya que es lo único que le aterra, un aj?* o un látigo. El ánima suele vengarse de los hombres mujeriegos.3?

    Muchos habitantes de Los Llanos cuentan haberlo visto sobre todo en verano, época en que la sabana venezolana arde bajo el rigor de la sequ?*a y el Silbón se sienta en los troncos de los árboles y recoge polvo en sus manos. Pero es principalmente en los tiempos de humedad y lluvia cuando el espectro vaga hambriento de muerte y ávido por castigar a borrachos, mujeriegos y de vez en cuando a una v?*ctima inocente. Cuentan que les succiona el ombligo a los borrachos cuando los encuentra solos en el llano para beber el aguardiente que ellos ingirieron, y que a los mujeriegos los despedaza, les quita los huesos y los mete al saco donde guarda los restos de su padre.4?

    Dicen que luce como un gigante alargado de seis metros que camina moviéndose entre las copas de los árboles mientras emite su escalofriante silbido y hace crujir, dentro de su viejo y harapiento saco, los pálidos huesos de su desafortunado padre o, algunos afirman de sus múltiples v?*ctimas. Otras dicen que se presenta como la sombra de un hombre alto, flaco y con sombrero, sobre todo a los borrachos.

    Cuentan que el Silbón puede aparecerse cerca de una casa ciertas noches, dejando en el suelo el saco y poniéndose a contar los huesos uno a uno. Si una o más personas lo escuchan, no pasará nada, pero si nadie lo escucha, al amanecer un miembro de la familia de la casa morirá.

    Representación de El Silbón en el parque temático la Venezuela de Antier, estado Mérida.

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