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Thread: Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

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    Default Misterious Team Member

    Haloween is coming up..
    Every side of the City designed with unique decoration, Street Lightened with beautiful Lamp for Haloween in Night..
    It was a very rainy night on Middle of October..
    I was looking for team for levelling after my dinner,
    Sometimes Looking outside through the window from my bedroom..
    I can see the flash light from the Lightning..
    Thought there must be a storm somewhere outside there.

    It was a very tiring day, I was about to nap after dinner,
    But still thinking to levelling a Little bit before I went sleep..
    I tried to find people for duo, and broadcasted..
    One broadcast and Someone Hit me with whisper..

    "Are you Alone?" He said
    "Yes" I said..

    Then I added him and Asking Him to taking Sub that I properly need..
    He took it without saying anyword..

    Then I moving to dungeon, He Following me from Behind..
    We was doing good he did everything very well..
    But It was a Little bit quiet right there..


    The rain is getting bigger, I decide to grab my blanket and told him That i need to be right back to making a hot coffee too..
    He didnt say anything but He following me to safe zone, Maybe that mean He Agreed to taking a small breaktime..

    I went to my dining room and start making a coffee..
    Suddenly a thunder spread down so hard..
    Making a very loud sound surrounding with a bolt of lightning down..
    * Booooooooooooooom *
    The Sound was too Loud, i can feel the earth shaking and I can Heard the Howl of My Neighbour's dog..
    Then The Light is suddenly off..
    I'm trying to find a Emergency Light.. Using a slight light from my cellphone..
    I forgot where did I put the Emergency light...

    Suddenly, My Phone Ringing, I got a call from unknow Number..
    I pick the call..

    "Hello?" I Said..
    But I didn't hear anything except my own breathe..
    The Call suddenly off..
    Maybe because of The Rain, The Signal went bad..

    Then I contiue, Keep trying to Find The Emergency light with slight light from my cellphone..

    * Knock Knock Knock Knock *
    Someone suddenly knocked my door..
    I'm still trying to find the Light so I answered..

    "Who's there?"
    * Knock Knock Knock *
    The person still knocking my door, maybe couldn't hear me because I'm at dining room.

    "One Second Please"
    Then the knocking sound Ended..
    Maybe that person could heard me..

    There is it, I Found out where the Emergency Light are...
    And Turned it on..
    I walked from my dining room to the front of the house..

    I opened the door, looking around but No body was there..
    Maybe I was taking too long to find the Emergency Light..

    I walking back to dining room,
    About to continue making the coffee..
    Suddenly my phone ringing again..

    I pick the phone..
    Its same number as before.
    Unknown number...

    "Hellloo?" I said..
    But still Can't hear anything..
    The signal was bad That time..
    So I turned off the Phone..

    The coffee making is done..
    I walked back to my bedroom..
    And About to say sorry to the person I teaming with..

    But He Already Gone..
    I trying to whisper him but It said the player already offline..

    I decided to wait, maybe He will Logining back..

    5 minutes passed , The person not coming back yet..

    Then I saw another player run passed me..

    He whisper me...


    "Are You Alone?" He said..

    "Uhm,Yes.. I was teaming with someone else and I went to make coffee, Then the Light was off, and it took time to find the emergency Light, when i back the person already gone" I said..

    Then the person Team uped me..

    "Are you going to levelling with me?" I said..

    My Laptop suddenly died..
    Eh, Maybe because of overheat or something because i turned it on all day.

    I'm thinking to done for levelling today I think..
    Was too tired today..

    * Knock Knock Knock Knock *
    My door is Knocked again by someone..

    "One second please" I said from my bedroom
    I took off the blanket and walking to open the door..

    * Ring Ring Ring Ring *
    My phone is ringing too at the same time..
    Still the same unknown number..
    I Pick the Phone while walking to open the door..

    "Helloo?" I Said Again "Who is This?"


    Still cant hear anything..

    Then I opened the door while hanging my phone...

    No body there...
    I tried to look around for a second..
    And still cant see anyone..


    "A.. A... "
    Suddenly i heard sound from the phone..

    "Hello? Who is this?" I said..



    "Are.. You.. Alone?"
    The voice sounds like a old Lady voice there and it Kinda a bit creepy..

    I shocked out and .. suddenly the person turn off the call..
    * Tut Tut Tut Tut *

    I Closed the door.. Walking back to my Bedroom..
    And I Found My Laptop Turned on..
    And I saw a Spam Whisper from The person That I was Levelling with before..

    The whisper said..

    "Are you Alone?"
    "Are you Alone?"
    "Are you Alone?"
    "Are you Alone?"


    I whisper back the person but It said the person offline..
    My heart beated so fast..
    I'm terrified..
    I'm scared...
    Everything is weird..
    I can't breathe..
    I can't think..
    It's Horrible...

    I took a Look to the window in my bedroom..
    I still can see the water fell down to the window..
    It Still Raining Hard..

    * I took a deep breathe *

    Then, Suddenly from the dark..
    A dark shadow slowly coming spliting the fog outaide the window...
    I can see the hand trying to Catch the window..



    * Knock Knock Knock *




    "Are You Alone?" The voice sounds the same as the old Lady from The Phone...



    Then My Lecture Throw a Spidol to My Head....

    And I Just realized......

    I Slept in The Class Again

    Happy Haloween Everyone!~
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    Its Fine. Everyone makes mistake. You just need to make an effort to not make the same mistake again.
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    Post Scary night of video games

    I hope you like it

    luna evento.jpg

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    Default (Halloween ghost story)Next door window

    --- A family bought a house in a town and moved to live. Although the house is medieval, it is especially cheap. The little boy said to his mother: This house may have ghosts. ---
    --- However, there is only one room on the second floor of this house, so the price is cheap. ---

    Mom: Come on, go with me and say hello to your neighbor.

    Boy: It’s really troublesome.

    Mom: Let's start from the right!

    Boy: Mom, this house is special.

    Mom: Where is it special?

    Boy: There is only one window in the whole house. I have just seen the other side. It is really only here.

    Mom: Son, don't pay attention to people's houses.

    (D?ng d?ng..... D?ng d?ng.....)

    Mom: It seems like no one.... Then let's go to the left side first.

    (D?ng d?ng..... D?ng d?ng.....)

    Neighbor: Come, which one?

    Mom:I met for the first time, I just moved to the next door. Please take care of me in the future. This gift is my care.

    Neighbor: Thank you.

    Mom: By the way, is the household over there going to work? It seems that it is no longer at home.

    Neighbor: I don't know, the door of that household is always locked. But at night, you can see the shadow of people from the second floor window. The resident does not seem to go out. I have lived here for several years and have not met the household.
    But the people nearby are saying that they are a woman, and the woman is quite weird.

    (In the evening, the boy family is eating)

    Dad: So, so you haven't seen that neighbor yet?

    Mom: I pressed the doorbell several times and no one responded. And that house is weird.

    Boy: I'm stuffed.

    Mom: Eat so fast?

    Boy: I have to hurry up to sort the room.

    (Go to the second floor room)

    Boy: The window in my room is facing the window next door, I hate it...

    (At night, something happened)

    ???: Young Master... Young Master....

    Boy: Well..?

    ???: Young Master... Good night.... Are you sleeping?...Hello. ....

    Boy:...What sound?

    (The boy opened the window)

    (See a woman with very neat hair, but looks very weird, full of cracked teeth, drooling, and a lot of strange potholes on the body)

    ???: Young Master.... Young Master.... How are you?.... Young Master... Will you come to my house next time?.... I will open the door waiting for you. ...

    (The boy saw that he immediately closed the window vigorously)

    Boy: that.. Who is that...?

    (in the morning)

    Boy: Is that a dream last night? It’s too true to be a dream. It’s hard to believe that it’s true that I passed the house this morning. If it’s true, it’s terrible, and the door is open, I don’t want to know. ....

    (but the same thing happened the next night)

    ???: Young master... Young master... Are you sleeping?... Let me see you... You didn’t come to my house in the morning, I am so lonely... I have prepared the snacks... Are you awake? Open the window and let me go.. I came to see you... oh...

    Boy: What... What!!!?

    (open the window)


    ???: Young Master... I passed the clothes pole, please hold it firmly... I have to climb over~~.....

    Boy: Ah!!! What do you do!!!!!!!!!

    (The boy forced the clothes pole to be knocked off)


    (The boy ran all the way downstairs)

    Boy: Dad!!! Mom!!! I don't want to live on the second floor. The old lady next door is not normal!!!

    Dad: Child, what happened to you?

    Boy: She wants to climb from the window on the second floor, you have come to see!!

    (The family ran to the second floor room)

    Dad: No one.... There is no clothes on the floor.

    Boy: This is real! She is so terrible! She still wants to climb over and find me! The clothes raft may have been hidden by her!

    Dad: Are you having a nightmare?

    Boy: It is true!

    Mom: Husband, if the child is telling the truth, it is best to call the police and move.... Because everyone has legends that there are strange people living inside.

    Dad: .... ...

    (Because Dad still doesn't believe, insist on observing tomorrow)

    (Day 3 late at night)

    ???:Young master....Young master... Are you still awake?...Hello.. Young Master.. Are you still sleeping?...Let me see your face? . . .
    Wait a minute... I’ve been looking for you right away...
    Young master... still a little bit... my hand will soon touch your window, and I can go to you right away...
    You can almost knock on your window. When I knock on the window, you have to open the door for me....
    Ah.. ah.. my hand can't hook, but please wait... I will pass right away... Hee hee hee...

    The boy thought: her voice is getting closer and closer... she is really trying to get close to here. I originally wanted to go to Dad, but I was afraid that she would hide in her room when she arrived, so she dismissed her thoughts and wanted to wait for her to knock on the window and push him down the window. )

    {That night, the boy did not sleep all night until dawn. As a result, I didn't hear the sound of knocking on the window. But she really wants to come in the boy's room, and the evidence is...
    The window of the house next door is unusually prominent to the boy's home. }

    ---The boy showed this to Dad. It feels particularly dangerous tonight, so the family is discussing moving... ---

    END. What is the look of the woman, think about this photo with your thoughts, huh...???.jpg
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    Default The girl in the dark alley

    It was about 11 o'clock at night, my friend and I just got home from work, Juan said goodbye to go home to me and mine.
    But when I went through a dark place I suddenly heard some steps that followed me, but when I reached a place where I was going through light.
    I turned to see what was following me, it was a light-eyed girl with a brown skirt and a pink blouse with a purple brown hair sweater was tall and thin.
    It seemed strange to me that a girl walks around late at night, since at that time there were no more people walking the streets.
    And then when she saw me smiling she approached me, asked me to accompany her to her house and I gladly accepted and we walked.
    It was not long to cross the street and I asked her where her house was and she answered me that it is not long, but when passing through the general cemetery, suddenly I began to feel a horrible chill all over my body, I thought it was natural, while I continue accompanying the girl.
    Until it went into a dark alley that is next to the general cemetery, there was no light in the place, so I took out my cell phone.
    When I saw it, I saw that it was not the beautiful girl that I was accompanying, it was a terrifying specter. It was a faceless woman who lacked the rest of her ankles as much as arms and legs. Half of her body floated in the air while the the rest walked on the earth.
    Seeing this, I fainted for an hour.
    When I woke up, I was lying 10 meters away from the ravine.
    How lucky he could not take me!!!
    Since then the image of that creepy demon
    It keeps tormenting me

    ??????????? Happy Haloween everyone ???????????

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    Default it starts with - [inspired by DOMO]

    Would like to first apologise for the horrendous length of this; it took on a life of its own after a few paragraphs. I also hate horror (and anything even remotely related to horror) so I'm not sure if this is spooky enough for the more strong-hearted ones out there. This piece is written for DOMO and has some of its features/mythology weaved into it.


    It started out, as everything does, fairly innocently. The scrape on her hardwood floors, when no furniture had been moved around. The floating corpse of a spider in her tightly sealed water jug, as if it was enjoying a summertime swim with the cucumber slices. The mild ringing of her wind chimes on a hot, muggy, summer’s night. They are isolated enough to be dismissed as one-time events which are, at worst, a mild inconvenience in her otherwise routine life, which has been built on a strong backbone of work, dinner, sleep, shampoo, rinse, repeat.

    Then the dreams come, always heralded by a twinkle of the wind reflecting off her wind chimes. Even, upon reflection, when there is no wind at all. The Dream always starts the same way. She would be sitting in front of a mirror in a blank white room, with nothing but the feeling of suffocation, and a mirror in front of her. Every time she looks in the mirror, she sees something different. A small child stares curiously back at her, then a fairy with rainbow-hued eyes, then an angry, scowling man with a thick tail, always something different, something new. That is all she ever remembers of it, but it always ends the same way, too. It ends with a tangle of sweat and comforter wound around her legs, and half of her many pillows on the floor. It ends with her sitting up, breathless and hot even in the monsoon winds, pressing a shaking hand in her head, begging herself to either remember or forget—she is never quite sure which.

    The Dream winds itself tightly in her life. She would refuse to look in the mirror for weeks on end, afraid of what she would, or would not see. Ink-black stains start to seep into her visions, always papering the bright pastel colours with a smoky veil. Sleep becomes a precious commodity, something to be snatched in the corner of a toilet cubicle, or the lolling of her head on the bus home.

    Somewhere along the way, she starts to recall her Aunty Dot, who had always been on the edge of every family gathering, a frozen smile affixed on her face, and eyes which seemed like they were a million years way. She’d never seen Aunt Dot eating, which set her aside from the rest of her relatives, who were always talking animatedly across plates piled high with food, crumbs scattering carelessly in every direction.

    Once, on her twelfth birthday, Aunt Dot, always on the periphery, had grasped on to her arm. She had a strong grip, her fingers surely carving what would be a bruise into her bones. Aunty Dot had whispered strange things into her ear, quiet and steadfast, and she, in turn was rooted in her spot, unable to move, to do anything but listen to what had been whispered.

    The spider flies without wings, and so must you.

    Years down the road, she’d pored over family pictures, where laughing, smiling people were squeezed into the frame. Her finger hovering over each frozen face, she’d counted them off one by one: Aunty Qiulan, Uncle Harvey, Aunty Ningxi, Uncle Mingbai… but there was no Aunty Dot. She’d turned to her mother then, who took in new members of the family under her wing without a beat, who knew everyone in the family as surely as she knew her own fingernails.

    “Mum, why isn’t Aunty Dot in any of the family photographs?”

    “Aunty Who?”

    “Aunty Dot. You know, the one who always wears the polka-dotted dress with the high lace collar…”

    Her mother had smiled bemusedly at her. “We have a Duona and a Dominic, but we don’t have a Dot,” she’d said, before turning back to the excel sheets on her laptop, closing the topic effectively.

    If the sun sets in the city, everything will splinter and break.

    The string on her wind chimes snap one day, and she comes home to find a broken pile of glass on her floor. Below her, a neighbour plays a mournful song on the piano, and she gathers up the shards in her palms, before dumping them into her trashcan.

    All of a sudden, the Dream stops coming, and it’s like missing a phantom limb that she’d never thought of before. The shadows leave, and she isn’t as twitchy anymore. She still doesn’t look into any mirrors, though, to be on the safe side. She eats more and sleeps more, and according to her friends, glows more. It should be a relief, she knows it should, and yet…
    She feels there is something fundamental in her that has been pulled out, that has been taken out for inspection, poked and prodded and chopped into pieces, but has never, and will never been returned to her. Aunty Dot’s image fades from her mind, day by day, and she finds solace in the thick stack of paperwork on her desk, lulling her into… something that she’s not quite sure what it is yet.

    The towers alternate in a never-ending chain. What might be left now, might be right later on.

    That night, she waters her cacti before bed, imagining that she can hear the mild twinkling of phantom wind chimes that used to hang above their heads.

    She hears the crunch before she feels the pain. When she lifts her left foot, beads of blood are already starting to appear. And when she goes over the hardwood floors again for any crumbs of glass she might have missed, she finds nothing.

    The Dream returns with a vengeance that night, as if angry at her for not visiting. The mirror is splintered this time, and even as thick red-black liquid seeps from its opening (she tries but fails to think of where she has seen this before), something in her loosens and her phantom limb-organ jams itself back into place.

    When she looks into the mirror, she sees a thick-tailed man slam a dagger, over and over again into a young child’s chest. She reaches out, her heart bruised, though not sure what she will do, or can do. It’s the first time she’s seen more than one person (creature?) in the mirror before, and the barebones violence shakes her to her core. When she touches the mirror, it slices harshly through her hand, and the man looks up and into her eyes. The hate she sees in his eyes startles her into pulling her hand back towards herself and with a snarl the man gets up and seems to advance towards her and the child looks up and she thinks she sees a hint of a grin or a grimace it’s hard to tell which as the man comes closer and closer his tail waving like a cat stalking its prey—

    — She’s thrown awake, heaving great gulps of air, and god, her hand hurts so goddamned much but it’s not bleeding. She only notices it a few weeks later, when an elderly lady seizes her hand at the wet market and clucks sympathetically, that one of the lines has been irrevocably changed. All of a sudden, her phantom limb has manifested itself. It itches, and she clenches hard, letting her nails bite into it.

    When the pieces fall, the river border must be breached. It will be our saving grace.

    The days pass by in a placid blur, and she closes and opens her fist, over and over again, watching it fold and unfold, watching the flesh gather along the edges of the lines carved into place.

    As she walks home in the purple evening, she hears the neighbourhood children laughing and shrieking as they make their winding path around pillars and benches and strangers’ legs.

    “Bet you can’t catch me!”

    “Oh, but I already have…”

    Something flies hard and sure into the back of her knee, and her hand goes to grasp it instinctively. There’s nothing there, and she looks around for the stray pellet that must have hit her. She hears a soft, childish laughter, and a cold breeze passes right through her in the uncommonly warm air. There are, she knows, some things not worth the curiosity, so she murmurs a quick apology into the wind and marches on home without looking back.

    She doesn’t relate this to her friends, because talking about some things lend them credence. And there are some things that you don’t want to give the satisfaction. Instead she freezes at dark shapes on the edge of her vision, affecting a casual nonchalance as she turns around to investigate. Always, they are pieces of nothing: a pair of black pants casually strewn across a chair, an alarm clock she has almost forgotten about, even her own hair fluttering in the electric fan’s wake. She goes to bed still jittery, waiting to be enveloped by the white room once more. She isn’t.

    She dreams, instead, of peony fields in snow-capped mountains, with large pale blue birds, some paler than pale, almost melting into the chillingly beautiful landscape. Across this, a soundtrack from her childhood diet of Sesame Street plays: One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn’t belong, can you tell which thing is not like the others by the time I finish this song…

    The jaunty music loops over and over and it almost drives her crazy. She wonders, briefly, if there is something that doesn’t belong in this picturesque scene. She thinks she hears a shrill scream (of a bird?) before it all falls into blackness. It is time, she hears someone say faintly, in the background, for her to wake up. Now. Now. Now. Now.


    The flood comes in the 7th month. Who says only good things come in sevens?

    The Dream comes and goes in seemingly random snatches, and each time it returns (or she returns?) the thick-tailed man’s hate seems to grow stronger and stronger, even as he butchers yet another child with his gleaming iridescent dagger.

    Sometimes there’s another woman standing next to him, bobbing to phantom music, or an even younger child with their eyes closed in a perpetual sigh. But alongside the hate there is an ever-growing fear, and she pretends not to see it.

    If she cannot see it, then she cannot need to understand it. She doesn’t think she is particularly frightening. But then again, the man does not seem to think he is, either.

    She slips into her parents’ car at 5 in the morning, and her mother glances back at her sympathetically when she lets out a heaving yawn. She waves off her mother’s concern, and leans back against the car seat, letting exhaustion sweep over her like a wave. When she wakes next, they are at the columbarium.

    They go through the proper steps quickly and quietly, nodding in commiseration to other families who had the determination to get up at the crack of dawn to get a jumpstart on the crowds. She watches idly as the fire engulfs the box of thin paper money, and watches the smoke spiral and swirl into the air, curling ever so briefly around the wire that traps the ashes.

    Her flat burns down a week later. Her mouth goes dry as she takes in the news over the phone, and she can barely stammer out a reply to the police when they tell her the fire seemed to be self-contained – her neighbours’ houses weren’t affected at all – and that they cannot rule out the possibility of foul play, but unfortunately they couldn’t find the cause of fire.

    She declines to go back to the shell of her flat, already imagining the acrid tang of smoke and char at the back of her throat. Instead she retreats back to her parents’ home, thinking that she should never have left it in the first place. There, she spends her nights calculating how much it would cost to fix her place, to refurbish it, to replace all her belongings. The final answer is always too much, even after she cuts costs here and there as much as she can.

    Stress wears her thin and keeps her awake at night now, and she gasps awake most mornings at invisible flames licking at the edges of her bed. Her parents reason that it must have been traumatising, having survived a fire in her own home, even if she hadn’t been around for it. She nods along to their explanations, something niggling at the back of her mind that that isn’t what it is. But then again, she’s always been a sound sleeper until the fire, so she supposes there must be some stock in their armchair psychology.

    She remembers why she moved out in the first place, over the course of the next five months. She loves her parents, she really does, but some people have to love from afar. And she’s always been that kind of person. She finds a nice elderly lady who is willing to rent out a room to tide her over while her own charcoal shell is being dealt with, and moves whatever meagre possessions she has to the starkly white room.

    Her parents bring her out to dinner, ostensibly to celebrate the return of her freedom, but the three of them know that it’s nothing but a flimsy front to cover up their worry that she’s not eating right. They have a good time, though, and she hugs them both in a rare display of affection before they part. Her mother remembers something, then, and reaches into her bag for it. She’s presented with a small box – a room-warming present, her father jokes. They’d seen it in an antique shop and thought she’d like it. It’s a small wind chime, made with pieces of small, smooth coloured glass, with swirling motifs of birds, dragons, and a flying pig. It’s beautiful, and she thanks them for it. The first thing that she does when she gets home is to hang it by her window, and she watches as it reflects the streetlights down below.

    Something in the world sighs into place as she pulls her blanket over her that night, as she watches the wind chime dance in the light breeze.

    She wakes up the next morning to realise that she’s forgotten to set her alarm the night before, and that she’s late to meet her friend. She stumbles out of bed in a blur, and stubs her foot on her bedside table as she rushes to the bathroom to get ready. Above her bed, her calendar displays the quote of the day: Life cycles round, and will always bring you home.

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    Default Ahiruuuu Spooky

    Gula gula Galapung
    Biar Kada bakula tapi sakampung.
    Roughly translated to "Sugar Sugary flour (as in sugar mixed with flour), even if we're not family, we live in one village/place"

    Have you read the verse? Carefully?
    Because that will be related to the story I'm gonna tell you about.

    It's a story from my parent hometown
    The place consist of many small village, and its been known that there, the villager believe in mystic and supernatural since long ago, some even still believe and keep the tradition. Like keeping some "Special" stones, old artifact, that give them power, or connect to their predecessor for gift or help.

    One of the village is called Baruh Village. Long ago, there was a plague come to baruh village, like their crops gone bad, many children start to get sick, and many bad things fall upon them. Seeing how this things come altogether, but none happen to neighbour village, they start to get suspicious and think maybe there are someone who practice dark arts in their village. Mind you, i'm not saying which is good or which is bad because any "power" require sacrifice. The difference would be that normally, the sacrifice come from the one who do or use the power, like doing ritual by giving food to river, trees, or kill an animal, things that can be categorized as worth the risk for getting the help in return. Dark arts on the other hand will take sacrifice without asking, it will affect the surrounding, greatly corrupt even the earth itself.

    The villager then start to look for the source and when they finally found it that night, they decide to raid the house right away. It was a house of a woman who recently lose her husband. The village chief ask her to come in quite, stop what she was doing and pay for her crime. As there is nothing she could gain from it, she decide to lock herself in his house. People try to break in but everyone who get close and try to open the door is thrown away by unknown force. The chief, seeing this situation order that they have no choice but to burn the house with her in it, but even as they try to lit the house, the flame is ablaze but it wont burn the house, which is made of wood.

    The chief tells the villager to keep circling the house and light the flame all around, while he start chanting, and followed by all other villager. As they done circling and light the flame around the house, it start to burn the house as it meant to.
    All the villager keep chanting as they form a circle around the house and watch it as it slowly burn. As the house burn, they start hear something from inside the house, a soft eerie voice, saying a repeated verse again and again. The voice source start to change, they hear it from inside the house at first but it beginning to feel like coming from inside them.
    Like their own thought.

    "Gula gula galapung
    Biar kada bakula tapi sakampung"

    They keep chanting, as the voice keep getting stronger inside them, until the flame burn all the house with the wife inside and the voice stopped.

    To this day, the older people will tell this story to their kids, and then tell them to tell their kid later, so as to not be forgotten. And in their life, they must only mention this two times. One time to their own offspring, and another if there are stranger come to their village, so they can tell them about this. Because as the legend goes, whoever repeat the verse three times, will become victim of the wife revenge. That is why i only write it twice.

    Now.... you only read em twice. Right??

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    Default Dog caught in the throat

    After a woman came home, she saw the dog at home fell to the ground and gasped.
    She immediately took the dog to the vet.
    The vet told her that because she still didn't know the cause of her breathing, she had to cut the organ and put the tube inside.
    Going to do it, and saying that it would be unbearable, so I advised the woman to go home first and put the dog there for one night.
    As soon as the woman returned home, the phone rang immediately.
    The phone was picked up and it turned out to be the veterinarian.
    "I will leave the house immediately, then go to the next door and call the police!"
    It turned out that the veterinarian discovered the cause of difficulty in breathing the dog during the operation.
    That's because something stuck in the dog's throat, it will cause breathing difficulties.
    And the thing stuck in the throat is the three fingers of human beings.
    After the policeman arrived at the woman's home, she followed the blood and found the thief who had bitten her finger by the dog, kneeling on the ground and painfully pressing the part of her finger that was bitten off.

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    Default Strange police officer

    When a woman returned to her apartment, she passed by a man at the entrance.
    Although she felt that the man was a little careless, she did not think too much, so she went over.
    Not long after, the woman saw on the TV the news of the murder incident in Baoyu.
    After a while, a criminal policeman went to the woman's residence to visit and said that she was asking if she had seen a suspected prisoner.
    For a moment, the woman thought of the man who had passed by at the entrance.
    But because I don't remember it, I thought it might not be related, so she didn't tell it.
    Not long after that, the woman saw the news that the murderer was arrested on television. The face of the prisoner reflected on the TV is the criminal police who came to the door not long ago to ask.


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    Default Under the bed

    One day, a young woman living alone, her friend came to her residence to play.
    The two chatted very late. When the woman decided to go to sleep, her friend suddenly said that she was thirsty and wanted the woman to go out with her to buy juice.
    The woman said: "The juice refrigerator is there."
    But her friend said: "As of today, I can't drink a kind of juice!"
    I am not willing to give in.
    Because the friends are determined to be in this position, the woman has to let her, unwillingly accompany her to go out and buy juice.
    As soon as I left the room for a while, my friend immediately changed his face and said: "There is a man who hides under your bed with a kitchen knife!
    Can't go back to the room now, hurry to find! "

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    Default knowing the unknown

    A gray dawn, a totally different day. I get up like every day at 6:45 AM to go to work. Today, October 26, 2018, exactly 17 years have passed since the death of my wife, which I lost in a strange car accident. A moment before leaving home to resume my routine of the week, I feel a chill all over my body, it is not a common chill, of those who give it when it is fresh or of those when a scar on a person, was something very I miss that it never happened to me. I was in shock and thought immensely about many things, but mainly in her, I felt that she was there with me, accompanying me, trying to give me that hug she had not felt since she passed away.
    At work I kept thinking about her, I was extremely confused, like every year on this date. My friends tried to cheer me up and I could not, I missed her too much.
    In the afternoon I took a while and went to the cemetery, to take roses as every year, I went back to my work and everything was the same, empty.
    We left the offices at approximately 7 p.m., when my colleagues and friends invited me out, to cheer me up. At that time I did not think of anything else but to get home and sleep. They insisted so much that I accompany them.
    We had a few drinks when suddenly, such an attractive woman happened that she made me forget for 3 seconds the woman I love in all my life. My friends realized that she was looking at me and I was looking at her, it was mutual. They told me "go, have fun, enjoy, you have a life ahead"
    I went, after we introduced ourselves, we had a drink, we went out to dance and it was something very strange, I felt that I knew it from somewhere, I knew that in a moment I had seen it.
    Melissa (the girl I saw at the bar) was funny, very nice, beautiful, with a particularity, she had very cold skin too cold. At one point I offered him my jacket so that he would not get sick, and very coordinately I accept it.
    0.27 A.M., I had forgotten many things, I was having a great time doing something that I had not done for a long time, my mood was totally different from what I had when I had desperado. She wanted to go back home, offered to take her, she accepted.
    She guided me to her house while she hugged me, my face to see her again said everything. We arrived at his house, it was about 4 kilometers from the city, in the countryside.
    I left her in the street (there was no lighting, it was extremely dark) she without problems entered her house, I hit the turn and left with fear but eager to see her again.
    I arrived home and was surprised ... I had forgotten my jacket, she had worn it, perfect excuse to be able to see her again. Also forget your phone number.
    6:45 I wake up again to resume my routine, this time with another mood, another day and a wonderful woman I met. Eager to be the evening / night to see her the night had ended very well and I thought that she wanted to see me again.
    Leaving the building, planning everything we could do in the night, I arrived at her house. I felt weird, very weird.
    I stopped the car, go down and hit my hands many times it would seem that there was no one in that house until suddenly a lady of about 60 years old came out.

    - "Good afternoon lady, I'm looking for a young lady of about 23 years it turns out that last night we met at a bar I lent my jacket and forgot it and I forgot to ask it"

    - "You are wrong Mr. no one lives but me."

    - "How can that be?" If Melissa led me here last night, she said it was where she lived.

    - "Melissa, did you say Melissa?" - very nervous lady

    - "Yes Melissa, 23 years old." - I answered very sure.

    - "Melissa, my daughter, she is not here, 17 years ago she died, she was 23. She was going to the city when she died in a multiple accident"

    The nerves came into point in my body, I left as fast as I could without saying anything.
    The face of the woman I saw in the bar at night (Melissa) made me remember so much someone, and she was a woman who died with my wife in the accident.
    I accelerated the car and went to the cemetery, something took me there, I felt something strong saying something was wrong and feeling guilty for knowing another woman, it is not that bad but I had promised Michelle to be faithful in life and in death.
    I bought roses, I went to his grave, the flowers I had taken the day before for their anniversary were totally withered. I replaced them with the ones I had just bought, I greeted her and I heard a very loud noise ... turn my head to the right and there I was ... a few meters away ... my jacket up from Melissa's grave ...

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