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Thread: Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

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    Default A DOMO Haunting Story

    Cursed by Black widow
    It was just an ordinary Friday when i was home alone reading books, when suddenly the sound of a spoon dropping downstairs startled me. I jumped out of the couch hurriedly running down the stairs to see who was there. To my surprise,there was no spoon nor anyone, thinking i was imagining it, i went back upstairs and continued reading. I finished sharpening my blade and was about to jump to bed when this time, instead of a the spoon dropping sound, i heard a sudden screeching noise as if all my cutlery was thrown into the floor. This time i furiously ran down my stairs to see who was inside my house, and once again, the cutlery was still assembled nicely and no one was there, thinking i might have gone crazy, i went back inside my room and locked my door.

    The next day, i went down to make a sandwich when i realize that some toast bread supply has considerably went down, thinking i might have went made a midnight snack and not remembering it, i ignored it. Finishing the breakfast, i went up to my room to get ready for work when i heard a slight knocking sound coming from my wardrobe, slowly, i walked over and swang the door open, only to find there was nothing visible there that could have possibly produced that sound. Horrified, i quickly wore my suit and went for work. During work, i could not get that thought of something being in my house, as many unexplainable phenoma has been occuring non-stop. As i finished work, i was too scared to go back, as the thought of my house being haunted crossed my head multiple times. I decided to just invite my co-worker to go for a drink or dinner, at the table, i explained to him what went happens in my house, he just thought i was crazy or had too much to drink. Once we finished, i went back and dropped on my bed as i was very tired.

    Next thing i knew, i woke up at the odd hour of the night. I decided to go take a leak when this time, i heard a very loud bang in my attic above my room. Scared to go back inside, i called a friend over and decided to go check the attic together. Navigating inside the attic with a flashlight, we checked all corners of the room when suddenly a knock was heard above us, we swang the flashlight above us, only to see a note" Leave the House or I will Kill You" made of webs. At that moment, we immidiately ran out of the house and ran to my friend's house. I stayed over for the night and called the house movers the next morning to move all my things to a new place. That is the end of my horrible experience. My hunch was that my house was possibly haunted by a Legendary Monster known as Black Widow, as cutlery can be moved around really quickly using webs and Black Widow Eats food like bread too.

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    Default Losing Yourself

    So when I was barely twenty years old I was travelling with a small group of people through China, and we were spending about two months in Qinghai province, which used to be part of Tibet. Our destinations was a specific town to teach English, but we'd been stopping often in towns and small cities along the way. One day we arrived in a rural town, very small, nothing unusual. We spent only a couple of days there, shopping for food at the markets and walking around to see the sights, although there weren't many. This was in the dead of winter, in February, and all the grass on the hills and plains around the town was dead and brown. The overall feeling was that of the normal kind of bleakness that any rural place has in the winter.

    At this time in my life things were going amazingly, extraordinarily well for me, and I say that because my teenagehood had been rather darkly overcast. But the overwhelming good luck of being able to travel and these close friends I'd made in the last year had more than changed my feelings and attitude towards life — it was like I was a whole new person. I was ecstatic to be in Tibet, went to sleep with a smile on my face every night.

    On our second day staying in this small town I woke up feeling a little odd. Not bad, just odd, like my normal thoughts and feelings had been turned down low, like on a dial. We all decided to go for a walk on the hills right behind the town, where there was a small summit with a pile of rocks and some prayer flags (to be honest there were little "altars" like these on every other hill, but it gave us something to do).

    As we hiked up the hills behind the town I started feeling stranger and stranger. I wasn't scared, and I didn't feel angry or any strong emotion. In fact, it was like emotion was trickling out of me somehow, and I was getting blanker and blanker, emptier and emptier. My mind started feeling a little hazy and more and more I felt like I simply didn't care about anything. A small and rapidly dwindling part of myself started to panic, knew that something bad was happening, but it was like my own inner voice was slowly getting quieter and quieter.

    I remember we reached the little summit and I simply sank to the ground next to the pile of rocks. Without meaning to, I started tuning out the voices around me and fixed all my attention on the little pebbles in the dirt. I began tapping one against the other, repeatedly. Do you know the kind of horror that is opposite of feeling scared or feeling anything at all? The kind of vacuous hideousness of a fly buzzing against a closed window for hours on end in an empty room? That's what was filling my mind. It was demonic in its meaninglessness.

    I touched my face and felt that I was grinning at nothing. Through all the emptiness a thought floated to the forefront of my mind: You should just die.

    At first it sounded totally reasonable, but something in me fought it and I was momentarily troubled. Right then, my group started to walk down from the hill, and I followed. The further we walked, the more normal I felt, until we left the town that afternoon and I was totally freaked out. When another girl, Hanna, mentioned in an odd off-hand way that she had felt very strange and depressed while staying there, I told her that I'd felt the same.

    When the group leader mentioned that a local had told him that the town had been plagued with a rash of young women under 25 committing suicide, Hanna and I went white. <3 Ty

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    Default The Horror Building

    I work in an old building that was built in 1970. The space was closed for at least 20 years before we moved in because the previous owner had killed his wife, and then himself. We moved in two months ago and almost every day at exactly 12:08 p.m. the bell for the front door rings, but there's never anyone there. We've looked at the security recordings and everything, and there's never anyone there.

    The other day I was alone in the office late in the evening. I was on my way out so I turned off all the lights, closed the windows, and activated the alarm. When I turned to close the door, the kitchen light was on (even though I had just turned it off). Another time, I arrived in the morning and the light in the main room turned itself off. I even heard the sound of the switch flipping. The last straw was when I saw my someone else's face next to mine in the reflection of my computer screen. There was no one there when I turned around.

    I decided to talk about these things with the building manager's wife, who's lived in the building for several years. She assured me that it's actually pretty quiet in the building these days, and that there used to be a lot more strange occurrences, and at least now she can take the elevator by herself. I just laughed nervously."

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    Default Night

    There was a woman who went back to the dormitory in the middle of the night. In order not to wake up the female companion who lived together, she did not turn on the light and touched the black wash and went straight to bed. When she woke up, she found many people in the room.
    It turned out that her female companion was killed and was divided last night. The wall inside the room is filled with a row of big characters:
    Are you glad that you didn't turn on the lights?

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    Post A story

    The sky outside was bright and sunny, albeit more of an orange overcast due to the setting sun as I walked down to my street to my small, shabby apartment. The building was old and the apartments rickety and falling apart in some areas, but the rent was dirt cheap and close enough I can walk to the bus stop and take that to work in the morning.
    The stairs creaked as I walked up them like the did every day. I unlocked my door with my key and entered my apartment, dropped my bag by the door and headed to the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water I thought of cooking something for a moment but decided against it. It had been a long week and I was beat.

    Crossing the kitchen I made my way to the living room and sat down on the couch, turning the television on. The news drone on in the background as I zoned out on the couch. The window was open some and the screen let a nice breeze into the small room. leaning back as my eyes got heavy I must have dozed off because I was suddenly awoken by a...sound.
    It was like a sawing sound. I couldn't place where it was coming from or if it was even real. I muted the TV and looked around. The only light was coming from the small one in the kitchen above the stove so I couldn't see much, but it seemed like it stopped. Had I just imagined it? I must have.
    I turned the sound to the TV back on and settled back down on the couch, too lazy to go to my bed. Throwing the small blanket over me I dozed back off.

    There it was again though. This time I leaped off the couch and turned the light to the living room on. By the time I turned around to look however the sound had stopped again.
    Rats. It must be rats chewing the walls. The apartment is old after all. Taking a few deep breaths I decide maybe I need a shower and proper sleep. I turned off the tv and passed through the kitchen. The hallway off of the other side of the kitchen had a bathroom at the end and my bedroom about halfway down. I passed by my room when something caught the corner of my eye. I don't know how because it was basically pitch black in there.

    I turned and peered into the darkness. Something was there. Then I heard it. A slow, raspy breathing that got louder and louder as I stared past my bed and nightstand to the corner of my room by the window that just barely let in a sliver of moonlight from the outside.

    I froze. I didn't even know if I was breathing or not. I couldn't see what it was but it was breathing. I know it was, I could see it. Then it moved. As it stepped into the light I saw it's...claws. Long, gnarled claws that stretched out from it's long, bony fingers. The claws scraped the wall, tearing the wallpaper as it moved more into the light. One claw on it's left hand was completely missing and thick, black fluid seemed to drip as it dragged it's hand along.

    It's voice gargles as it breathed. It was long and deformed, a bony, thin face and a jaw sharp and thin enough that I don't know how it could even speak. But its jaws were opening and it was attempting. Thick, mucus-green colored saliva dripped from between the few long, pointy, yellow 'teeth' that were inside its mouth.

    It's frame was almost skeletal and it was tall, hunched over as it was too tall for the room. It's skin was a sickly green-black color that almost looked like it rolled around in soot. Ragged tatters of what I assumed were clothes covered it sparingly. It almost creaked every time it moved and the sound alone sent shivers down my spine.

    Long tangled and matted hair flowed down from it's head, covering some of it's deformed face in shadow. It's eyes were abdormally huge and sunken with what appeared to be tiny black pupils. One appeared to be damaged as that same fluid that dripped from it's finger was also rolling down her face.

    She? It? It seemed to grin at me. A wild, primal look that if looks could kill I would have died right then and there. It stopped moving though as it stood across the room from me, the moonlight hitting it from the back making it harder to see.

    It's long arm reached out to me as it gurgled something. Only after the second time I realized what it was saying.
    "Come on." It paused as if speaking was too hard. Saliva dripped to the ground and it struggled to breathe, almost gasping for air. "Come on!"

    It let out what appeared to be a growl when I didn't move. When it lunged forward something in me finally clicked and I bolted down the hall and to the front door. I could hear it lumbering behind me as I realized the door was locked. When? I didn't lock it!

    It was behind me. Gurgling words that I couldn't make out. Fumbling with the lock I finally gave up and noticed out of the corner of my eye that the living room window was open. I could hear it just behind me and I raced through the kitchen, listening to it crashed into things on the counter.

    As i reached the window I threw it open and felt a seering pain in my calf as it's claws grasped my leg. Ignoring the pain I broke through the flimsy screen and tried to pull myself out the window.
    I kicked at it, pulling myself further out as I felt it dig deeper into my leg and either saliva, blood, or both on my skin. Finally I managed to land a kick right into it's face and that stunned it just long enough that I pulled myself out the window and dropped to the ground, landing on some bushes below.

    The wind was knocked out of me and I laid there trying to breathe when I saw it poke its head out the window and heard it let out more of a screech. Ignoring all the pain in my body I could force myself to race away as far from my apartment complex as possible.

    As I raced by my complex I heard my neighbor's door open and them yell, asking if I was alright. Then I heard a scream. An utterly fearful, dread filled scream of someone who had seen something from their darkest nightmares.

    Their scream was then cut off suddenly.
    I didn't look back.


    In the weeks that followed my neighbor was never found. All that remained was streaks of blood leading off into the woods behind the complex. I never went back alone. I moved back in with my parents.
    Sometimes I think that night was just a terrible, terrible night terror. But then I look in my dresser drawer. There in a baggy was what I had pulled from my calf that night.
    A long, gnarled claw. The same that the creature had tried to grab me with.

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    Default I'm you

    John Smith quarrel with his wife one day morning,so he was very angry to work. Unfortunately, he was told that he was dismissed.when he came back sadly, he found his wife left with all his money.John felt fate made fun of him, but he did not intent to give up.

    After a week,John found a temporary employment to watch the tomb in the night. His parents and friends turned against him ,but John refuse them. Because he did not believe there was any ghost in the world.

    One night, the moon was very bright and round,he wandered around the tomb as usual. Suddenly,he heard someone saying,"John, John!" He looked around, but no one was there.

    "I'm here, John!" A man was sitting on a tomb and smiled with him."Take your time, can you talk with me?"

    "Who are you? Why did you stay here?"John was very surprised.

    "I had a sad fate. My wife left me and I had just been unemployed. I think the world have forsaked me.

    "That's too strange, your things what have happened also happened on me."John walked to him and sat down.

    "Don't be sad, everyone will be fine."John wanted to touch his fingers,but caught nothing.

    Under the moon, the man had no shadow. John was frightened and shouted,"Who are you? Are you ghost?"

    The man watched the moon and said slowed,"I'm John, John Smith."

    "John Smith? That's my name!"

    "Yes, that's your name.In fact, I'm you!"

    "What? What?"John fell down and shouted loudly.

    "I feel so lonely and cold here.When will you change with me?"

    The next day, someone found a man lying in the path and the man had dead.His name was John Smith.

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    Default Horror muse

    My friends and I often want to go to the old and mysterious museum. The walls of the museum are covered with vines. It is both terrible and terrible. Don't look at her so gloomy, but there are many people who visit the museum's rare artifacts. The museum has ten floors and people cannot visit cultural relics throughout the day.

    Finally, I spent a winter vacation, and in this long 20 days, we will watch this terrible museum. One afternoon, I came to the museum with my friends. The museum is a bit dark, with little light, and it is quiet and terrible. It didn't take long before something terrible happened. There was a sudden cold wind in the gloomy museum. I can't see it everywhere. Everyone's body is invisible. I can only see clothes. We are afraid to run out immediately. But I didn't expect all the houses to become museums. We didn't end our home immediately, but the house became a museum. We are all anxious to call and say, "Dad, Mom, where are you, what happened, how this family became a museum." But no one responded. When I got home, I found out that my parents became the same person in the museum. I met them and they suddenly disappeared. We are scared. In the dark, we rushed to the army's home. Friends also saw their family disappeared. Everyone is trapped in this huge museum of horror. We are very scared, we burst into tears.

    Just then, the top of the Horror Museum suddenly flashed with colorful light. I said to my friend's army: "If you don't do this, we don't care about those who can't see, take them as air, go home and buy some tools, maybe we are at the top of the museum, we might know some useful information. "

    After a while, we picked up the bag from home, so we set foot on the road to the top of the museum. On the way, we found that all the artifacts are still alive. Although we are very scared, when we think of making everything good, we have the courage to rise to a level. After a while, I think this is the most wrong thing. We rose a few layers, but I didn't go to the top of the building. I think this is a bit strange. I think we will go backwards. If we go backwards, maybe we will flee to the top in advance, so we tried it according to my reasoning. Suddenly the entire museum became a piece of debris. Suddenly, we connected and joined the top layer. Finally we reached the top, but because we were too tired, we collapsed. it is.

    When we woke up, we found that the outside was back to normal. We both are very happy. We managed to escape. We saw a policeman. He said: "How are you here? This museum has retired a year ago. Suddenly, we looked back at it as if we found the invisible inside. We are very scared, we ran home sweaty No return.

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    Default The chapel


    Victor: Young adventurer full of eagerness to explore the world of the Luna.
    Rubén: very greedy man, always wants to take advantage of things.
    Pancho: A little clumsy who enjoys destroying things, is what he does best.
    Mother Emilia: Nun in charge of the reconstruction of the chapel.

    Rubén walked while his friends talked about everything they could buy if they found the great treasure of the Moon Blind Swamp chapel, after reading and investigating online the buried chapel would be their first step to become treasure hunters.
    For safety they stopped at a considerable distance from the chapel since the terrain could become very unstable.

    Rubén: - We have arrived! - I look at the landscape.

    Victor: - I can not wait to find the treasure!

    Poncho: - First we must mount the saddles and take a tour, although I would like to see the place for a moment

    The three of them took out their mounts and prepared to give a first sight to the place, there were several lamias nearby, to their surprise or fright they found a nun.

    Mother Emilia: - Good afternoon gentlemen, how can I help you? - He said with a stern face.

    Rubén: - Good evening, nun, mother! - I did not know how to address Mother Emilia

    Mother Emilia: - What are three young people doing with you in such a distant place? Are you by any chance looking for a problem?

    Victor: - Not at all, little mother, we came to see the place, is it true that this chapel collapsed some time ago?

    Mother Emilia: - You're right, young man, that was a long time ago, this was a beautiful chapel, but apparently the ground did not resist the construction and it fell apart, ending the lives of the faithful, the nuns and the priest , really a tragedy

    Poncho: - And what does a mother do in a place like this? - It was discourteous his way of asking.

    Mother Emilia: - I think your question is young but I will answer you, I come on behalf of the church to verify for myself the state of the chapel and see if it has the potential for the faithful to visit this place - I was very proud to speak about their plans - The chapel will not be the shadow of what it is when the renovations begin.

    Victor: - I imagine, it will be all the sensation

    Mother Emilia: - Well I must retire, soon they will come for me, I advise them not to walk around the place, the ground may give way and be very dangerous if they are buried underground, besides there is no one to ask for help for miles as perhaps You will have noticed on your trip here, happy afternoon, I retire - When he said goodbye he walked out until he was out of sight of the boys.

    Victor: - What a strange woman, let's explore

    The three traveled all over the place, they could see several places and narrow roads, perhaps where the collapse occurred, the truth did not find something to tell them where there could be a treasure, because it was getting dark they decided to return the next day as they could look better and descend.
    In the morning the three got up late, prepared breakfast, and by the time they had left the chapel it was 12 noon.

    Victor: - This will be difficult, we will have to descend

    Poncho walked a couple of meters when the ground below him fell. Quickly his friends hurried to call him, did not dare to approach to prevent the floor from collapsing and they were all trapped.

    Poncho: - I'm fine! I think I fell on a mattress, I think it was the priest's room, they know I'm going to check over here, you explore the rest of the area - Your friends decided to separate.

    Poncho continued exploring, what seemed to be the room of the one who was a priest at the time, there were very ugly paintings for his taste but no gold, he continued to knock down a door and reach a dark corridor, he was not to believe in ghost but seeing a real skeleton made the hairs stand on end.

    I continue on a dark path, very dark, but thought to find the exit to see a light, this light could be your way out, continued walking to it, for a good time.

    Rubén and Victor had grown tired of looking for some safe entrance to descend and in turn look for a way to get their friend out, but they were surprised that their friend had disappeared from the room where they had left him.

    Rubén: - Where did this imbecile go? - He scratched his head.

    Victor: - I do not know but we must look for it, we will go down, we will fall on the mattress that he told us
    Both jumped but did not fall on a mattress, fell on his friend Poncho who lay dead and very cold.

    Victor: - Oh my god! How could this happen? But he talks to us

    Rubén: - Damn, this can not be, but how can he be dead here and have talked to us

    Victor: - Rubén, do not you think it could have been his ghost?

    Rubén: - Stop talking stupid things, we have to get out of here, it's better that we separate to find a way out

    They both took different paths, to find a way out quickly, Rubén was able to reach the center of the chapel, he could not miss the opportunity, he searched between the drawers, the confessional, and there he was, the alms box was intact, when he opened it he found the Gold coins, for a moment he thought about calling his friend, but with Poncho dead, he just had to get out of there without Victor and the treasure would be his, he took the box and ran out of the place.

    Victor was very scared and confused, his friend had died and now he was trapped without being able to leave that place, he did not have a good run, he walked a bit through the tunnels until he reached the center of the chapel, there was nobody, but something called his attention, from the other hall came a woman dressed in black.

    Mother Emilia: - What are you doing here, my son?

    Victor: - I am very happy to see her mother, something very terrible has happened, my friend Poncho has fallen and died, also Rubén and I fell and now we do not know how to get out

    Mother Emilia: - Oh god! It's a shame, they were such young guys

    Victor: - How can I get out of here?

    Mother Emilia: - That same thing I've asked myself all these years

    Victor: - What do you mean?

    Mother Emilia: - You and your friends were already dead, when I left the three fell to the ground after collapsing the floor, the most tragic is that they have not realized their deaths, even after seeing their bodies piled on top of each other , they are trapped, like me, like many, welcome

    Victor could not believe what he was hearing, went quickly to the place where they had fallen and indeed, the three bodies were stacked one on top of the other, in a corner he saw his friend Rubén with a box observing the bodies, he had also noticed of what happened there.

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    Default It is inside

    Hendrickson was a college student who needed money to pay for his studies and personal expenses, the problem was the search for work became very difficult and his last option was the care of a sick octogenarian, his only function was Mr. He will take all his medicines and be with him at night. The doctor advised him not to leave him alone so that the old man could heal quickly and he did so. During the second year, however, there is no need to pay.

    On one of his free nights, the old man called him urgently to come and help him. Aaron was worried about what seemed to happen to Mr. and in the continuation of his way to the old house in the neighborhood. It was 9 o'clock at night, time was tense, something was not right. When you have been in the house, the old man has commented that he has not slept or been observed, nor has it been said.

    Spending the minutes and the telephone of the house began a sonar, a contest and a very hoarse voice told him to leave the house and that, otherwise, he would not hesitate to kill him. Aaron paid no attention and hung up without even speaking. 3 minutes later, we called again and they did the same
    Threats, already fed up, called the police so that they could make a charge. The agent told him that if he called again, he would talk a little so they could trace the call. When the phone rejoined, the man started laughing and hung up.

    Only seconds passed for the police to communicate with the boy.

    -He is inside of the house... Run, get out-

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    Default Do you like chocolate?

    Xiaomo is a girl who likes to eat chocolate. Dove, Jindi, Ferrero, etc. are her favorite. Sometimes she does not eat, she eats chocolate. She felt that the silky tongue touch was the best enjoyment in the world.

    Xiaomo, who just went to college, is still very simple. At the age of 18 or 9 years old, there is no city, and the mature age is full of dreams. The quiet sky is used as a canvas, and the distant thoughts are turned into a stream. Her young face is always full of hope, and it also infects the people around. Xiaomo is not beautiful, but the smile is always very bright, very bright, and has a natural affinity.

    Freshman enrollment is always a huge engineering system. The welcome group consisting of the student council's seniors and sisters is doing a good job in the orientation. The reception of Xiaomo is a tall and handsome senior, with bright eyes and a warm smile. The senior enthusiasm gave the small foam baggage. The report, the daily necessities, the dormitory, and other procedures have a strong enthusiasm. After everything was packed, the schoolmaster left his mobile phone number in Xiaomo’s mobile phone.

    "Schoolmaster, do you want to eat chocolate?" Xiao Moyang raised his hand in Dove, and the senior manager smiled.

    Her smile is so beautiful, the schoolmaster has a moment of disappointment, and feels a heartbeat on his left chest. Try to control yourself and not let yourself lose your mind. Shake your head and walk away quickly.

    After a while, the door suddenly opened, and a very elegant girl came in. "Hello, my name is Fang Yaya." The girl nodded friendlyly, and Xiaomo smiled. "I am Yin Xiaomo. ”

    Fang Yaya soon became a good friend with Yin Xiaomo. Two people often stayed in shape, went to dinner, went to class, and went shopping. After the initial freshness of the university life, there is nothing left to be boring, but fortunately, the company of good friends is always good. Fang Yaya is one year older than Xiaomo, always taking care of her. What is delicious and fun always thinks of her naturally. In the eyes of other students, they are like a "small baby."

    At that time, Xiaomo and Fang Yaya came across the restaurant and happened to meet Rick. Xiaomo is a slap, it is him! It was the schoolmaster who received him. Xiaomo was thinking about whether to say hello. Fang Yaya around him flew like a butterfly, "Rick..." Fang Yaya grabbed Rick's arm.

    He gently licked her long hair, Fang Yaya pulled him to the front of Yin Xiaomo, "Xiao Mo, this is the Rick senior, my childhood neighbor." Xiao Mo looked to Rick, polite Laughing at the ground, this laugh made Rick feel that the heart had a strong reaction. Is there any magic in her? Why is it always easy to turbulent my heart?

    When I returned to the dormitory, Fang Yaya said that the basic topic was around An Zhenyuan. It turned out that he and she were childhood friends. Indeed, it is a very good pair.

    It’s just that Xiaomo doesn’t know. At that time, Rick stared at the words “Yin Xiaomo” in the mobile phone address book. Do you want to call her? I have been hesitant during this time, I want to meet her, I want to listen to her, I want to see her bright smile, but what reason to find her? Finally, Rick couldn't help but send a text message to Xiaomo, "How are you?"

    Ten minutes later, the phone has a reply "I am fine, what do you have for the seniors?"

    Yes, what is it? Rick replied with a thick cheek: "Xiao Mo, I refused the chocolate you gave me last time. However, I want it now, you can't regret it."

    Xiaomo looked at this somewhat childish text message and couldn't help but smile.

    The hot pot restaurant at night was filled with warmth, and it resisted the chill of the late autumn outside the window. Anzhen looked at the smiling face of the opposite girl and felt that the whole heart was still. Is this love? Come so fast and so direct. Rick took out the gift that had already been prepared and put it in front of Yin Xiaomo. It is Dove - Dove. It means "Doyouloveme" "Yin Xiaomo, is it my girlfriend?"

    Xiaomo looked at the boy's slightly nervous eyes and gently nodded. In fact, in the heart of Xiaomo, he also liked Rick, but some love did not dare to express it easily.

    Two people came out of the hot pot restaurant and strolled on a quiet campus. The boys stopped and gently licked the autumn leaves that fell between the girls' hair. The girl shyly bowed her head and snuggled up in the arms of the boy. Happiness spread around, but neither of them noticed the hidden figure behind the plane tree.

    After returning to the dormitory, Fang Yaya sat thoughtfully on the bed. After seeing Yin Xiaomo, tears could not help but rushed down and rushed forward to shake the arm of Yin Xiaomo: "Why, why, why do you want to and Rick? Together, don't you know that I love him?"

    Xiaomo stunned, not knowing what to do, not knowing that Fang Yaya likes Rick, but Xiaomo thinks that Fang Yaya will understand himself, just like the hairpin that was seen in the boutique, only the last One, Fang Yaya still gave Yin Xiaomo, the shop owner blurted out and said: "Miss your long curly hair will be more beautiful!" Fang Yaya headed up and took a small foam shoulder: "My sister took It will be more beautiful!" She thought she would give everything to her, but she forgot that love is always selfish.

    The past has come together, Fang Yaya is crying, Yin Xiaomo is also crying, for the friendship, and the love of everyone now. Fang Yaya slowly opened Yin Xiaomo's arm and burst into tears and ran out. Xiaomo squatted on the ground and hugged his arm like a baby. Inadvertently saw his desk, a box of beautifully packaged chocolates - Fang Yaya bought it for her, Xiaomo cried even more fiercely.

    All night, Fang Yaya did not come back. Xiaomo fell asleep crying and fell asleep. Dreaming of herself and Fang Yaya, Rick went to climb the mountain together. When passing a high slope, Rick’s hand did not Grasping them, Fang Yaya fell. Ah... Xiaomo wakes up from his dreams and knows that he has a cold sweat.

    After a few more days, Fang Yaya still did not come back. Xiao Mo went to ask the counselor and knew that she had taken a week of sick leave.

    Without the days of Fang Yaya, Xiaomo felt particularly lonely. When I returned to the dormitory, I found a box of beautifully wrapped chocolates on the door, which read "Give it to Yin Xiaomo." Xiao Mo thought that it must be sent by her boyfriend Rick. Thinking of her boyfriend, she felt particularly happy, and she forgot all the unhappy things.

    In the days that followed, chocolate would always appear, and the small foam ate these delicious chocolates and felt that they didn't want to eat. One day, a classmate came to the dormitory to find a small bubble to borrow books. After opening the door, he was shocked: "Yin Xiaomo, you, you, you, you... how are you so fat?"

    Xiaomo looked at each other confusedly. The face was incredible. The classmates pulled Xiaomo to the front of the dressing mirror. Xiaomo discovered the seriousness of the problem. The body in the mirror was bloated, obviously twice as thick as before, and the eyes were black. It seems that I have not slept for a few days, and there is still a double chin. Is this yourself? Yin Xiaomo couldn't believe it, yelling and fainting.

    After waking up, I smelled the smell of heavy disinfection water. When I saw my boyfriend Rick standing next to me, Xiaomo’s tears came out suddenly. An Zhenyuan said: “Xiao Mo, you really make me sad. Why always Don't listen to me? I want you to eat less chocolate." After that, he pushed the door and went out. The result of a doctor's diagnosis is that eating too many sweets containing hormones causes the body to gain weight. After leaving the hospital, Xiaomo dragged the obese body and felt a little hard after a few steps. After returning to the dormitory, he did not want to move. He fell asleep in bed.

    The dream was awakened by the subtle crying. Yin Xiaomo stunned her eyes and saw the girl sitting opposite her. The long hair covered her face. It was Fang Yaya.

    Yin Xiaomo tried to scream "Fang Yaya". Who knows that Fang Yaya’s sharp laughter echoed in the bedroom, and Fang Yaya slowly turned her face.

    "Ah!..." Yin Xiaomo was so scared that she saw a face, a bloody face, and oozing blood outside. Exposed the white flesh, unknown insects crawled up and down. Xiao Moser shrank in the corner of the bed and shouted "Don't come over, don't come over."

    Fang Yaya slowly drifted toward Yin Xiaomo: "Xiao Mo, I am so cold, are you accompanying me, I am already dead, why don't you want me? Why do you only think about Rick? Rick is me. He said that he would marry me when he grows up, we are happy!"

    Yin Xiaomo was scared to be overwhelmed and could only continue to shrink to the corner. At this time, she met her mobile phone. Yes, I called for help, but the next second, Yin Xiaomo found that her mobile phone was bleeding and scared her. Hurrying to throw away his mobile phone, Fang Yaya continued to smile slyly. "Small foam, do you know that the chocolate you eat has been touched by me? Haha!! You are getting fat, Rick does not love you." Don't you like chocolate? You eat, eat it!"

    Xiaomo burst into tears. "Yaya, I am sorry, I am sorry for you, I am wrong..." Yin Xiaomo yelled, without consciousness.

    The next day, because Yin Xiaomo’s dormitory didn’t open the door, the squad called the security guard and forced the dormitory to open. The result was a very painful scene. Yin Xiaomo’s mouth was stuffed with chocolate, lying there dying, and the guards hurried. Send her to the hospital.

    The counselor quickly called the phone of Xiaomo's parents. Xiaomo struggled and said: "Teacher, Fang Yaya, Fang Yaya, she wants to harm me."

    The teacher asked inexplicably: "Who is Fang Yaya?"

    Xiaomo cried and said: "Fang Yaya is my roommate, we live together."

    The counselor teacher feels incredible, Xiaomo, the teacher now tells you one thing, you have a roommate, but she is not called Fang Yaya, she was unfortunately injured at the beginning of the school, and then applied for half a year, so you have been I live alone, I think you all know.

    Xiaomo’s tears are more and more, and undoubtedly, she has become more and more desperate. I used to live with the "ghost roommate", and have such deep friendship? So what about Rick? He must know the truth?

    Xiaomo struggled to dial Rick's phone. After 20 minutes, Rick appeared in front of him. Xiaomo hurriedly grabbed Rick's hand: "You must know the truth, right? You say?"

    Rick glanced at her indifferently: "Yin Xiaomo, you are too self-righteous, do you still remember the childhood? When you were young, you lived in a courtyard, lived with a little girl, a little boy, and one day you went out to play. When you compete for a nice candy paper, you pushed the girl into the river, do you remember?"

    Xiaomo suddenly felt that his eyes were sour and sour. He thought that this past event would be dusty, and he was not afraid. I don't know what happened to the little girl and the little boy.

    Suddenly Xiao Mo thought of something, "You are the little boy?"

    Rick smiled disdainfully: "Yin Xiaomo, Miss Yin Da, your rich parents have laid a lot of things for you, but you never imagined that I would be here? Still remember that you did to Asia. Everything, you see her look more beautiful than you? Tell you, Ya Ya later became a vegetative person, lying in bed for many years. Just died suddenly last year, you see the Asian is a ghost, she came to You avenged, as for me, I love you in Asia, how can I live alone in this world?"

    Xiaomo looked at Rick's body a little bit transparent and then disappeared into her sight.

    It turned out that everything was a conspiracy.

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