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Thread: Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

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    Default Infinite loop

    At 9:10 in the evening, I studied at the end of the evening. Orlando put the review materials aside and took the math textbook to page 96. At first glance, I saw a check in the eight function questions and two proof questions. This is the teacher this morning. Arranged work. For a high school student, the implementation of the sea tactics on them seems to be the purpose of each teacher's flattering, so that students can do their homework every day.

    Orlando took out the homework and seriously thought about the topic, a question... two questions... three questions... He answered the questions in one go, and finally when he looked up, he found that there was only one person left in the classroom. The clock on the wall shows 10:40.

    He put the book on the cover, turned off the lights and locked the doors and windows, and hurried back to the dormitory.

    Not far from the teaching building to the dormitory, but he seems to have gone for a long time tonight...

    Finally I saw the dormitory building. Hua felt very strange. There was no noise in the whole dormitory building. It seems that all the students were surprisingly sleeping earlier than the premise. He didn't think so much, just walked into the dormitory building...

    He opened the dormitory door and groped for the switch of the electric light. The "?" light was on. Just then, strange things happened! This is not your own classroom! Orlando can't believe what's happening in front of him, and lick his eyes, or the classroom! How... How do the dormitory become a classroom? He walked out of the door in a panic and looked around. That's right, here is the teaching building!

    Orlando can only comfort himself. He just didn't mind very well. He didn't go in the direction of the dormitory. Instead, he went back to the classroom. This time, he mentioned the spirit of twelve points and confirmed that he was heading towards the dormitory.

    When I came to the dormitory downstairs, he repeatedly confirmed that this was a dormitory building instead of a teaching building, so I walked in with confidence...

    When the dormitory door was opened, the lights were on. At this time, Orlando met the situation just now. He was scared and stunned, his pupils enlarged, and he stood still in the same place and did not dare to move. How is the classroom again!

    When he waited for him to come, he only panicked out of the classroom. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and then faintly felt his body slowly slipping...

    "Hey, get up, get up..." He opened his eyes with difficulty and woke up with his roommates. Fortunately, it turned out to be just a dream! "Magpie, have you seen my toothpaste?" Going into the scrubbing room to prepare for washing, I found that my toothpaste was gone.

    No one responded. He asked again, and no one responded. He walked out of the scrubbing room inexplicably. Where is the magpie in the dormitory?

    Walking on the way back to the classroom, he felt very strange today. When classmates or friends saw him, he did not say hello to him. Even if he took the initiative to greet them, they also walked on their own hands and nobody ignored him, as if he suddenly Transparent between the general.

    The difficult math class finally got off the class. At this time, the math teacher on the podium called everyone to turn to the 96th page of the textbook. "Everyone made the eight-way function title and the two proof questions on this page, and the homework will be handed over tomorrow..."

    Orlando opened the textbook and prepared to tick the subject. Suddenly, the hand holding the pen was fixed in the air, and the cold sweat was drilled from every pore in his body...

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    Default Do you want beautiful clothes?

    When my grandmother passed away, she was less than 60 years old and very young!

    Grandma’s cause of death is heart disease~~! This story happened before her death, the last time I was awakened from a coma - at three o'clock in the middle of the night, my dad watched the night. That night, the hospital was quiet and everyone was very familiar with sleeping. Suddenly, my father was in the middle of the door, heard Grandma calling, wake up, and heard her shouting: "Don't! Don't~~! Let's go, let's go~~~! I really don't want it!"

    Dad was delighted to know that Grandma woke up from a coma for more than 20 days and immediately rushed to her bed. It was strange. Grandma’s look was very clear, and there was no long-term coma. She pointed at the door. Hold on to Dad’s hand and say, “Look! Just wear the red vests! I want to pick the clothes from the box they brought!” Dad looked over Grandma’s fingers but saw nothing. . Dad pressed hard on the bed of his grandmother's bed, and said to his grandmother loudly, "Mom, are you awake?? Do you recognize me??" Grandma returned to God and rushed to Dad: "Ah~! When you talk, they are gone~ Great~~ gone!" Dad asked inexplicably: "Who?" Grandma took a deep breath, only then showed the chaotic exhaustion and said: "You don't know, I just came in two red vests and carried a big box. There are a lot of beautiful clothes inside. They walked in front of me. I wanted to do it. I don’t want it. I told them to go. They didn’t want to, wrapped around. I was so angry that I was angry, shouting loudly, and then saw you coming over and talking to me, they just left, No, the two people I just told you, I saw them go next door. !"

    Dad glanced: "People? Who? I just didn't see anything??"

    "You..." Grandma was about to talk. The nurse had already walked in. In the case of her grandmother, the ward suddenly rang the bell, and the nurse put her grandmother to the next door. After a while, there was a cry...

    When the nurse returned to her grandmother's ward, she told her grandmother: "You are very lucky for the old lady. The old lady who entered the hospital on the same day as you next door has just passed away!! Just when you wake up, you suddenly lose your breath. ......"

    When Grandma heard it, she suddenly turned white and stopped talking. When the nurse walked away, she said to her father, "Fortunately, you know, you saved my life~! The two men in red vests are taking me away...the clothes they want me to be, Shroud...if...if it’s not you wake me up...if, if I want the clothes there, then...then...”

    Dad was shocked and said loudly, "Mom, don't talk nonsense!"

    "No... I know... I saw it. I saw them go to the next ward... The old lady next door must... I must have the beautiful clothes in their suitcases... They want to take me, think ......" Grandma is helpless, muttering with her eyes closed...

    A week later, my grandmother still went, outside of a heart attack... I don't know, she, saw the two red vests, whether... I chose this box, this time, beautiful Clothes...

    "Do you want beautiful clothes?"


    Happy Halloween.
    Hope this can.

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    Default video

    Xiaohua likes online video. One day he was alone at home and saw a strange female netizen having a video. He clicked on the video and was rejected by the other party several times. He continued to point, and the other party sent a message: Did you regret it? Xiaohua replies: Do not regret. The video was connected. Xiaohua saw a girl with bangs in front, heavy makeup, and white powder on her face. It looked like a corpse with makeup. . . Xiaohua was a little scared. She wanted to turn off the video. The girl sent a message: It is already late. The video suddenly became dark and Xiaohua’s heart was hairy. Xiaohua found a photo on the desktop of the computer. As soon as he opened it, he screamed. She was the girl who had just videotaped with him. Xiaohua rushed to put the photo in the recycle bin and then emptied it. Xiaohua’s heart is always not practical, and she is worried about where she will come out. Xiaohua checked the house all over and found no trace of the girl, but he knew that the girl must have been hidden, but he did not find it. He desperately thought: Where is the girl like a corpse hiding? Someone knocked at the door, Xiaohua’s father came back. Xiaohua quickly opened the door. Dad saw Xiaohua’s glimpse and then said to Xiaohua with apologies: “Oh, sorry, miss, I went to the wrong room. ”

    Do you understand? A_A

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    Happy Halloweeen!

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    Default If you like it, just take it.

    Peggy is a female high school student. Because she loves dressing up, she often goes to school on the street after school or rest day to find favorite jewelry.

    On Saturday, Peggy walked the street for a long time. When she didn't find the jewelry she liked, she sighed and wanted to go home. Suddenly, she saw a shop not far away, as if it was newly opened. Peggy thought: Hey, this jewelry store is new, and you can't have your favorite jewelry. So she went to the shop, she looked at the store's store name "Like, take it," and said to himself: "What a strange name." Then he went in. Peggy looked around and the display was pretty good. A small path in the middle of the locker led straight to the counter. There were many lovely jewels on the locker, and a counter was sitting in the twenties. Woman, she smiled and said to Peggy: "Welcome to the store, what is there for you?" Peggy looked at the jewelry on the locker and said to her, "Oh, no, thank you." When Peggy went around When looking for jewelry, a blood-red cross necklace appeared in her sight. She felt that the necklace was mysterious and it was definitely good to bring it. So Peggy picked up the cross necklace and said to the woman: "I like this very much, how much?" The woman smiled and said: "If you like it, just take it." Peggy listened, stunned. I thought: I lost the pie in the sky, but it was free, hahaha. So Peggy said thank you to the woman, then turned and left. However, when she turned and left, Yu Guang saw that the woman was looking at herself with a horrible look, and at the same time rubbed her bloody red lips with her tongue. Peggy felt very strange. She didn't dare to think about leaving the store and returning home.

    In the evening, Lingling put this cross necklace on her neck and felt that she was so lucky that she got a favorite necklace for free.

    The next day, she walked down the street wearing a necklace, which attracted many boys' eyes and felt very happy. When she passed by a sly side, I saw that it was very pitiful. I sympathized with him. I took out ten yuan from the bag and gave it to the cockroach. After picking up the money, I said to Peggy: "Thank you. "When I saw Peggy's necklace, I hurriedly said to Peggy: "Girl, I see you are a good person, remind you that throwing this necklace, otherwise it will be devastated by blood." Pei Qi listened. The sympathy just disappeared, revealing a disgusted expression, and said to himself: "Good intentions are not good." Then he left.

    In the evening, Peggy was lying on the bed, thinking about the expression of the woman who opened the shop and the words of the old man, but it was strange, but Peggy believed in science and did not believe in superstition, and thought about it and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Peggy was awakened by a strange dripping sound. She opened her eyes and found herself crucified, and the cross was obtained free of charge in the shop. Peggy wanted to call for help, but for some reason, she couldn’t scream. At this time, a person came out of the kitchen. It was the woman in the shop. She had a knife in her hand and said to Peggy: "If you don't choose this necklace, maybe I won't appear in your house. The necklace is cursed. Anyone who likes this necklace will eventually die because the blood is sucked by me." Peggy struggled, but could not escape, and could only be disposed of by the woman. The woman walked to Peggy's side, on Peggy's neck, using a knife to open a mouth, biting her mouth against the small mouth, sucking the blood of Peggy in one bite, Peggy kept struggling, and finally Finally did not move. After the woman sucked the blood of Peggy, she touched her lips and disappeared.

    After a few days, Peggy’s body was discovered, and the cause of death was because there was no blood.

    In that shop, the blood-red cross was still on the shelf, but the color was redder than before. At this time, a girl came. She saw the cross and took it up and asked the woman the price. The woman still smiled and said to her: "If you like it, just take it." After the girl rejoiced, This woman once again rubbed her bloody red lips with her tongue...

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    Default washing machine

    A man bought a second-hand washing machine online. The gray-blue body looks quite new, and he likes it very much. He couldn't wait to bring dirty clothes and let it go. When the washing machine was running, it made a sound that was hard to hear. He felt strange and quickly stopped. Take one of the clothes out and look at it, covered with dark red blood, emitting a stink. what happened? He took all the clothes and then looked down at the washing machine. At the bottom, a fleshy face, two bloody eyes with him. The hoarse voice came from the washing machine: "Let me out..............."

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    Default Hotel

    Late at night. There was silence in the surroundings, revealing some repression.

    Tony sat up slowly from the bed, dizzy, seems to be going up from the inside, a jump and a pain, he slammed his temples, no effect. At this point, the stomach tumbling, he bent over and retched a few times, but did not spit out anything, may have been emptied before this.

    He rubbed his dry lips and found some thirst. So he rolled over and got out of bed.

    Perhaps the voice just was a bit noisy, and the buzzing oppositely stopped. Tony looked vaguely, and the man turned over unsatisfactorily and went to sleep.

    This is a room with 6 beds, all of which are full of people, and the buzzing and grinding sounds come and go, and some are still talking. Tony couldn't remember who sent him to the hotel, and there was still a picture of the inconsistency with the customer yesterday. As soon as he thought of wine, he immediately felt sick.

    He rubbed his head and gently pushed open the door.

    The roads on either side of the corridor were completely engulfed by the darkness, and the margins were not seen, nor did they know where it would lead. It’s surprisingly quiet. He stood at the door of the room and looked a little hesitant.

    A gust of wind blew, he couldn't help but shudder, and suddenly he had a sense of urine.

    He didn't know where the bathroom was, but he habitually groped for the right hand.

    After a few steps, he suddenly remembered that he didn't know the room number at all. If you lose your way in this dark corridor, I am afraid I can only sleep outside at night. So he folded back.

    However, he found the room number on the door for a long time.

    On the white wall on one side, there is a sign of white flowers, which is written in a few bold characters - mortuary.

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    This is my Dream of Mirror Online fanart:


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    I Imane and Yulie

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    Default Kiri's Adventures in AOM! DOMO story

    The story is based on DOMO and my imagination! \o/

    Ding-dong! The chimes of the school bell fill the entire school, signifying that the day has finally come to an end. The joyous students fill the hallways, chattering about their plans for the weekend. One student remains seated, flipping through her textbooks.
    "Miss Kiri, you better be off now! With all those rumors about AOM, you don't want it getting too late," the teacher says with a concerning tone to the student.
    "Don't worry Mrs. Simmons, I'll leave in a bit," Kiri says reassuringly. The Academy of Mirrors.. a school so incredibly difficult to get into, even the strongest of students have a hard time with the training here. Rumors have it that a dark aura surrounds the school at night, sprites who have lost their way roam the corridors and their energy is so strong that it can swallow you. But a rumor is just a rumor, right? As the teacher bids her farewells, Kiri continues reading and jotting down notes for her assignment. The text begins to look fuzzy and Kiri rubs her eyes to try and restore her vision. Dizziness hits her suddenly and she decides to put her head down to rest a bit.
    "How strange is this? Maybe it's because I didn't have a proper lunch," she thinks to herself. With her eyes closed, she suddenly begins to hear different noises. Swayed by her curiosity, she decides to open her eyes to see if some students are still around. Taken aback, Kiri stumbles out of her chair gasping. The once ordinary Academy of Mirrors is now so dark that she can barely make out her surroundings. With an unpleasant stench that refuses to ease up, Kiri looks for a light source but there is none. The deep, disturbing green hues of the wall and uneven stone tiles make the Academy appear as though it's a different place. An uncanny maroon colored liquid oozes from the walls, as if they're bleeding.
    "I must be dreaming.. The rumor was the last thing on my mind so that's probably it," Kiri thinks conclusively. "I might as well play along until I wake up."
    After feeling around in search for the exit, Kiri gently slides open a door. Taking careful steps to limit the amount of noise she makes, Kiri stays focused looking around the area.
    "This place feels so realistic, how do I wake up?" Kiri whispers with her teeth chattering.
    The hairs rise on her arms and her body begins to shiver uncontrollably. Suddenly a flash appears before her, causing a burning sensation to resonate from her shoulder.
    "Ouch!" Kiri screams. Her shoulder seemed to be grazed by something; a deep crimson red begins to spread on her school uniform. She notices two sapphire colored creatures guarding the door she went through, unmoving like soldiers. Another beam of light flashes and Kiri immediately ducks.
    "They shoot lasers!" she yelps as she runs for safety, but ends up slamming onto the floor. She looks up to see what she bumped into, and it appears to be another sprite. With his odd ruby colored skin and silvery gray hair, Kiri does a double take. She notices him yielding a long rectangular sword with swirls on it, which only the strongest of warriors have.
    "Oh! I'm so glad, please help me!" Kiri says in desperation, grabbing on to the boy's clothes.
    He puts away his glowing sword and helps her up. After leading her through this maze-like path, they end up in a spacious room. Crouching on the floor, Kiri profusely thanks the person.
    "This pain.. I guess this is not a dream, then," she mutters to herself after catching her breath.
    Realizing the boy has been silent the whole time, Kiri tries to get his attention.
    "Uh, excuse me.." she says politely. He glances towards her and finally speaks.
    "Do you know why you're here?" he questions with a cold stare. Confused, Kiri stands up and answers back, "Am I supposed to?" She thinks back to the rumors, but can't pinpoint the reasoning behind it.
    The sprite turns towards her and begins explaining, "Sprites were given a second chance after leaving the village, even their memory was restored after suffering from a strange case of amnesia,” he continues as he slowly pace the room. “How do they repay that kindness? By tarnishing the reputation of sprites and falling so low in society."
    With the cold bite of his words, Kiri slowly widens the distance between them. She remembers leaving the village only to go through the struggles of living a nomadic life. Every other race had a city to live in, a place to call home, but the sprites were not so fortunate. Yet they managed to grow accustomed to that lifestyle, they managed to find happiness.
    "Yes, happiness," she interrupts her thoughts. "How are we tarnishing the race, we're educating ourselves to be better fighters and finding happiness."
    The room filled with a crippling cackle.
    "No, you have all gone astray and that's why you're here. You need to be fixed!" the sprite proclaims, “We will try to rid the world of you tainted sprites and create a new one!”
    Kiri darts for the door, turning every corner she finds in order to lose the strange sprite. A faint glow appears from a room, drawing Kiri in. A bright red crystal floats in the air and in desperation, she grabs onto it. A bright flash blurs her view and she closes her eyes, curling into a ball. After some time, she opens her eyes. There appears to be a female sprite standing opposite from her across the room.
    "Hel--" Kiri interrupts herself.
    She notices the sprite looks abnormal with a dark atmosphere emanating from her body.
    Her appearance, so captivating with skin like a midnight sky and no features on her face, just half of it covered with a mirror.
    "The mirror sprite!" Kiri exclaims.
    She remembers this creature from her studies, an enemy so strong that very few have come back to tell tales about her. Legend says that if you are able to look into the mirror, you can transport yourself back to where you belong.
    "I need to grab that mirror.." Kiri whispers to herself. With no tactics in mind, Kiri tries her best to dodge and grab the mirror, but the opponent is just too strong. The mirror sprite throws Kiri to the ground and holds her up by the collar of her shirt. Within this close distance, she catches a glimpse of the mirror only to witness herself already at the old academy.
    "This makes no sense, am I dreaming?" she says to herself. The protagonist locks eyes with the Kiri in the mirror and chills instantly run down her spine. The most toe-curling, blood-thirsting grin disfigures the once familiar face and it dawns upon Kiri what has happened.
    "They're sending their own over to replace students!" she says astonished. She screams and bangs at the mirror, but only to her dismay.
    "Does this mean.. I can never go back?" cries Kiri.
    She suddenly whips her tear-stained face towards the crystal, but much too late. The sprite that she managed to shake off caught up to her, along with multiple others. They slowly drag her away, her screams echo and echo until suddenly heavy silence fills the air. Then one of the sprites breaks the silence, "Who’s next?"


    This fanart is based on the story and my character in DOMO.
    Thank you! ^^ And Happy Halloween!

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    Default Suminten Ghost

    Mystical stories on Java are indeed endless. Modern and ancient societies have become one to give a unique story to the world of mystery. Various kinds of tragedies began to emerge which caused various kinds of impacts that had an effect on mystical stories today. Even this mystery story is clearly heard in many people ears that believe in the existence of ghosts. Not only that, the mystical story that also stirred the public made them even more convinced that the ghost was there. The mystery story of one of the Suminten' ghost is a very tragic story when we heard it carefully.

    This Suminten ghost story makes people goosebumps because there are so many stories that also hurt women’ hearts. This story begins with a woman from Geneng area, Pati. This woman was an ordinary woman who married a man. Suminten is a beautiful woman with graceful behaviour. Suminter has a real name that is Muthi'ah. As a wife who has been married since she was sixteen years old, she had not been able to give offspring to her husband for years.

    After a long marriage, one day, Muthi'ah knows that her husband had a mistress who was also his own neighbour. This story is further strengthened by the news that her husband wants to kill Muthi'ah. Her husband, known as Kesing, is basically getting bored with his wife and likes his own neighbours. Her husband's intention was even more evident because the woman that he liked was a widow. Plan after plan began to be compiled to eliminate Muthi'ah. Finally, Muthi'ah was raped by three men, one of whom was her husband. The mystery story of Suminten’ ghost is increasingly tragic because not only is he raped but also suffocated to death by his own husband. In the end, Suminten died and was buried in Genang area.

    Since the incident, the figure of Suminten’ often appeared as a beautiful woman at night especially in men who have evil intentions. Suminten’ ghost figure is usually piggybacking suddenly behind the driver or for those who use cars usually, sit in the rear seat. This makes the story of the mystery of Suminten’ ghost become increasingly horrified because many witnesses experienced it themselves. However, this incident also happened to my uncle's friend. In the midnight my uncle's friend named Paino passed in that street. Incidentally the car tire he was on was leaking, and finally, he had to change the tire. The atmosphere of the night was quite quiet. When Paino changed his tire, he felt a strange air around him. After he finished changing the tire, someone riding a motorcycle passed. This driver is riding a woman in a white shirt behind her. At that moment, Paino saw that the driver was not stable enough to carry his motorbike while riding a woman, and when he saw the face of the woman he was riding in, it turned out that there was a lot of blood and maggots in the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Immediately, Paino immediately rushed home and left the place. In the morning, Paino told my uncle about this incident. My uncle responded that the possibility was a Suminten’ ghost who was roaming. He also told him that there was a very tragic event behind his death. People even say that this ghost haunted because he wanted to take revenge on her husband. The figure who kept looking for her husband finally wandered and could not rest in peace. The story of Suminten's ghost is also one of the lessons for the community to be a good and sincere person.

    ================================================== =======================
    by IGN Nianin

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