Spooky Stories & Frightful Fanart

Once upon a time, on a night much like ours, an average Joe sits at home playing games. Suddenly, a clicking is heard from down the hall, but he lives alone, and has no pets. "Surely it's just a bird...", the man thinks to himself as he follows the noise to his balcony door, only to find that it was left ajar. A stark chill fills the air as the man approaches, the clicking gets louder. The door swings open slowly, revealing the shadowy figure of some formless creature, it outstretches it's arm, holding a freshly printed sheet of paper. The man tentatively takes the sheet, and reads it... What could it be?

It's just a submission for this year's Halloween Fanart and Spooky Stories contest!

How to Participate
This contest comes in two categories: Fanart, and Spooky Stories.

Write a story, or draw some fanart, of something spooky in the theme of one of our Subagames' Titles and submit your creation as a reply to this post.

You are allowed, and encouraged, to submit something for both categories.

There will be 6 prizes in total, 3 per category, and a participation reward for everyone else who submits a valid entry.

1st Place: 30,000SP
2nd Place: 20,000SP
3rd Place: 15,000SP
Participation: 5,000SP


• There must be some effort put into the story.
• No plagiarism. That also means you can’t copy any past entries, including your own
• No alternate accounts allowed
• No inappropriate (NSFW)content
• Do not include content from other media you do not have rights to. This includes anime, movies, books or non-Subagames titles.
• Doot

Contest Deadlines

Start Date

October 11th, 2018

End Date
October 31st, 2018 11:59PM EST