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Thread: Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

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    Post Spooky Inktober Contest: Fanart and Spooky Stories

    Spooky Stories & Frightful Fanart

    Once upon a time, on a night much like ours, an average Joe sits at home playing games. Suddenly, a clicking is heard from down the hall, but he lives alone, and has no pets. "Surely it's just a bird...", the man thinks to himself as he follows the noise to his balcony door, only to find that it was left ajar. A stark chill fills the air as the man approaches, the clicking gets louder. The door swings open slowly, revealing the shadowy figure of some formless creature, it outstretches it's arm, holding a freshly printed sheet of paper. The man tentatively takes the sheet, and reads it... What could it be?

    It's just a submission for this year's Halloween Fanart and Spooky Stories contest!

    How to Participate
    This contest comes in two categories: Fanart, and Spooky Stories.

    Write a story, or draw some fanart, of something spooky in the theme of one of our Subagames' Titles and submit your creation as a reply to this post.

    You are allowed, and encouraged, to submit something for both categories.

    There will be 6 prizes in total, 3 per category, and a participation reward for everyone else who submits a valid entry.

    1st Place: 30,000SP
    2nd Place: 20,000SP
    3rd Place: 15,000SP
    Participation: 5,000SP


    • There must be some effort put into the story.
    • No plagiarism. That also means you can’t copy any past entries, including your own
    • No alternate accounts allowed
    • No inappropriate (NSFW)content
    • Do not include content from other media you do not have rights to. This includes anime, movies, books or non-Subagames titles.
    • Doot

    Contest Deadlines

    Start Date

    October 11th, 2018

    End Date
    October 31st, 2018 11:59PM EST

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    Default Sugar and flour still mixed

    Gula gula Galapung
    Biar Kada bakula tapi sakampung.

    Roughly translated to "Sugar Sugary flour (as in sugar mixed with flour), even if we're not family, we live in one village/place"

    Have you read the verse? Carefully?
    Because that will be related to the story I'm gonna tell you about.

    It's a story from my parent hometown
    The place consist of many small village, and its been known that there, the villager believe in mystic and supernatural since long ago, some even still believe and keep the tradition. Like keeping some "Special" stones, old artifact, that give them power, or connect to their predecessor for gift or help.

    One of the village is called Baruh Village. Long ago, there was a plague come to baruh village, like their crops gone bad, many children start to get sick, and many bad things fall upon them. Seeing how this things come altogether, but none happen to neighbour village, they start to get suspicious and think maybe there are someone who practice dark arts in their village. Mind you, i'm not saying which is good or which is bad because any "power" require sacrifice. The difference would be that normally, the sacrifice come from the one who do or use the power, like doing ritual by giving food to river, trees, or kill an animal, things that can be categorized as worth the risk for getting the help in return. Dark arts on the other hand will take sacrifice without asking, it will affect the surrounding, greatly corrupt even the earth itself.

    The villager then start to look for the source and when they finally found it that night, they decide to raid the house right away. It was a house of a woman who recently lose her husband. The village chief ask her to come in quite, stop what she was doing and pay for her crime. As there is nothing she could gain from it, she decide to lock herself in his house. People try to break in but everyone who get close and try to open the door is thrown away by unknown force. The chief, seeing this situation order that they have no choice but to burn the house with her in it, but even as they try to lit the house, the flame is ablaze but it wont burn the house, which is made of wood.

    The chief tells the villager to keep circling the house and light the flame all around, while he start chanting, and followed by all other villager. As they done circling and light the flame around the house, it start to burn the house as it meant to.
    All the villager keep chanting as they form a circle around the house and watch it as it slowly burn. As the house burn, they start hear something from inside the house, a soft eerie voice, saying a repeated verse again and again. The voice source start to change, they hear it from inside the house at first but it beginning to feel like coming from inside them.
    Like their own thought.

    "Gula gula galapung
    Biar kada bakula tapi sakampung"

    They keep chanting, as the voice keep getting stronger inside them, until the flame burn all the house with the wife inside and the voice stopped.

    To this day, the older people will tell this story to their kids, and then tell them to tell their kid later, so as to not be forgotten. And in their life, they must only mention this two times. One time to their own offspring, and another if there are stranger come to their village, so they can tell them about this. Because as the legend goes, whoever repeat the verse three times, will become victim of the wife revenge. That is why i only write it twice.

    Now.... you only read em twice. Right??
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    Default Creepy night in DOMO world

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    Thumbs up The Lambisame Case and Juscelino Horse

    This case, it is called, The Lambisame
    Who knows not, the lambisame, is that homi, that in the night of full moon, it transforms.
    His body is full of hair, like Tony Ramos.
    His face, it takes that grotesque form, just like the face of Ronaldinho Gaucho.
    You're good!
    And he goes out at night, howling, to lick the men.
    That's why he says: lambisame.
    That in Latin means: that lick the homi.

    I was crazy to **** a farm
    What's your name?
    Mai says that there was the lambisame.
    Grass to God *****, I got a jumentin that I baptized him from
    Juscelino Kóbischeki
    I then convinced him to take me to Fazenda Óios D'água

    I said: Juscelino, you're going to have to take me there at Fazenda Óios D'água
    Here the donkey: Ufffzz
    I said: Ufffzz, that sucks!
    I was scared, because of the rumor of the lambisame band, right.
    Mai I made up to him that I would have a beautiful mule.
    I said: O Juscelino, you beast! You'll like it there too. There's a beautiful mule. Her name is Julesca. Gisele Bündchen does not even come up behind her.
    So the donkey pleased more people.

    I set the malt, the lamp, the train to make the camp.
    I muntei in Juscelino, and we were fôno, it was fôno, it was fôno.
    People! The moment you arrived at the entrance to Fazenda Oios D'água,
    Mai had a beautiful Laresmaid.
    Mai in a gauge of her had a log of a box of bamboo.
    I do not know what that ass of that Juscelino arranged
    That the flap of my hat hit the biribondo box.
    A bão. What the geeks, out like a Bad Boy
    Everything was broken, with his hand in his pocket.
    And it's those biribondo horse, when it flushes in person, fattening it is 3 kilo.
    So bloated that the person stays.

    I number nothing, no people, more Juscelino Kóbischeki
    The biribondo, all included in the category of Juscelino
    What jumping left was torano like a gauze in the chest,
    What do you think was already on top of the Bandit bull.

    When you think not !!!
    Juscelino broke a door to a house
    We were in the room, cum the people armoçanu
    You and his confidence.
    A bão! What I saw him rising seemed to be that he spat more gibberish.
    I said: Ready.
    Now I have to calm down Juscelino, who, in order to lull the furniture of the véi,
    And the came, more Grass to God, I took the course of the Brazilian Universal Institute
    "Who, what, get", Pharmacist
    I then took a picture of chicory
    I passed the pacifier, in the mouth of Juscelino.
    I got some good cachaça, Mariana.
    I put a sleeping loon out.
    I gave it to you baby. O you drank, I quit
    Now that I was Prussian with a flirt of him
    Pedinu uncorks. That I was there was Querenuosta camp
    Mai unfortunately, the biribondo, frechô everything of juscelino, I break the door of her house.
    She said that one was not poor, that is until help I asked her father unravel
    .... (Sigh)
    I'll cum for her
    Know when you are cunversanu with a person
    Why does she begin to cum?
    It was me with the fia of the véi.
    That had an hour when I slept that I was already a girlfriend with her and did not know

    When you think not !!!
    You go, get up. His name was Seu Tiao.
    Even though he was under the influence of the sedative, the rum.
    I got back again, I asked, I was there, I wanted to go camping.
    Mai unfortunately, the biribondo, frechô everything in the stern of Juscelino, I burst the door of his house.

    You said that you had not
    That he even camped with me later
    It was just me buying another door to his house.
    I said: Wow, so good. I left Juscelino Kóbischeki with the confidence of Seu Tiao.
    I went to the door to buy the door.
    Minino, by the time I got there, the salesman doing fuxico:
    Is Sinhinz saying that this door is to Seu Tião's house?
    I said: Whoa, what have you got?
    You're crazy, do not you know?
    I said: What is train? Do not look at me!
    Do not you know? Your Tiao is lambisame.
    I said: You beast !!! San Francisco, defend me from the animals !!!

    What my yo-yo began to fill with water, tear
    So I was able to understand why this farm is called: Fazenda Óios D'água
    I with the zóio full of water, that door under the arm
    I said: Note to me that I am not in a paid condition now not
    I picked up the choranu door, went to Juscelino's house
    I went straight into Juscelino's or?*a
    I said: Juscelino de Deus, Seu Tião is lambisame
    Then Juscelino: Ufffzzzz, he kicked his pacifier into the mouth of Seu Tião

    I was going to come to see people, to try to make the reverse of camping with me later
    I said: "Only Thou, aneinn. Leave that camp train for another day.
    The véi rino, babanu, with the foamy mouth he licked late:
    No, no, no! It has to be today. The moon is full, the sky is white. So that's fine.
    I said: "Just a little more, aneinn. Then take Juscelino
    There Juscelino: Ufffzz, ufffzzz, ufffzzz
    He: No no no, Juscelino Kóbischeki will oia my fia, I want to go is with you.
    I said: "Oh, yes, but I have a bad cologne. - I tried to do the latest reversal of the situation.
    You see, he reached into his rino pocket, took out a compressino rino, cantano, balancer, and said:
    I have a remedy that is very good, just take it
    "Atroveran, I take a step, Atroveran, I take a step"
    And I took it, I took a stick, I said: So ta bão.

    I pricked the kettle, the lamp, I left Juscelino Kokischeki with the confidence of Seu Tiao.
    I took the train to do the tent, and we went to the people, it was fôno, a pitch kills the inside
    What I did not see at all
    Me in front, Seu Tiao behind, buffalo in my throat, what I ruined to the soul
    When I got to where I was going,
    I thought I missed mine, I went inside.
    When you think
    Missing 5 minutes to midnight
    Your Tiao beat me in my tent.

    Aneinn, intimacy !!! Zezinho
    I said: What is train?
    It's because my tent desamontô, I'll have to sleep with you
    I said: Aneinnn, but, in a way we can not add this tent, So Tiao?
    No, no, on a break I ended up breaking was anger
    I said: So, okay, come on in.
    Guys, what did Seu Tião say I did not even listen to him
    He turns to one side, I to another.

    When you think not !!!
    There is no clock to mark the time
    Danu midnight
    That, every hour that GOD does, Sô Tião:
    No relogin: GIVE GIVE
    That, every hour that GOD did, it was slipping down the leg
    When I went to his face, he was not a man.
    The full body of the same Tony Ramos
    That grotesque face of Ronaldinho Gaúcho
    I said: You beast! Turn the train over and you'll remember!

    I said: "Oh, yes, I'm good to his face."
    I said: This zóio, for what so great zóio?
    He: It's for me to see you better.
    I said, "Oh, that's all, what's so big?
    He: It smells better for me.
    I said: ô Sô Tião, aneinn, more, this mouth, why this big mouth?
    Him: It's for me to top you!

    People !!! What I left was torano the tent in the chest
    Run me, lambisame behind, I run, lambisame
    When you think not !!!!!!
    I slipped on *****! On mine ***** !!!
    I just heard the lick on the coast.
    I said: Okay, I'll turn the train on, remember.
    What I stretched leagues, the lambisame was behind

    I arrived at his house the first time he
    Juscelino Kóbischeki conversanu with a fia of Seu Tião
    With me, I just said: Uffzz
    With it he looks like this: Uai, peak of flame?
    There she: Julesca
    I said: What ???
    Yes, I am the seventh daughter of Seu Tião
    The other six live in the city.
    I thought: Guys, for God's sake!
    The seventh wife of a couple, what of this train?
    I went camping with the lambisame, I blamed for the mule-without-head
    I said: Juscelino de Dios, let's get out of here now!
    Seu Tião's faith: No, who else will pay the door?
    I said: No, excuse me, Juscelino Kóbricheque!
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    Default The Visitor

    Not ready yet plz wait
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    Default The Visitor

    In an apartment in salem, Massachusetts, two sisters shared a room during the summer. In the night they were going out late and were going to bed before the dawn because they were on vacations and did not have the obligation to get up early. The major sister went away to the bed and remained slept in concerning seconds. The other sister remained in the bath for a few more minutes, and when it appeared in the room stayed without breath in the brief time that lasted the strange event. Scarcely a few minutes were absent in order that it was dawning, and a small light began to appear across the terrace, nevertheless, the girl saw another light: a brilliant, whitish and elongated silhouette, which from the foot of the bed was stretching the arms without meat towards his sister. when she entered the room, what undoubtedly must be the face of being turned towards the door where it was and then the silhouette diminished to steps forced as a fire in movement and went out of the terrace. who was this being? Had it happened before? The only thing that I could say that seemed to me to be interesting was that the slept sister had in his palate, marked in the lines, the Caravaca's Cross.
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    Cool Hallowennnnnnnn

    This is the feast of the Celts. Later, when the influence of Christianity widened, the church took the event and made a monotheistic feast of Halloween.

    Vegetables carved inside the lantern were first found in Maori 700 years ago. To gouge the pumpkin for Halloween is something that began in Ireland in the 19th century. It is said that these pumpkins, which used to look more gruesome, were used to abduct evil spirits.

    You've seen it in the movies; Kids touring houses and collects candy. These pieces of Celts remain from the time: at that time to circulate candies and sweet things around the streets to please the spirits. Some foods such as peanut, apple sugar, sweet corn, pumpkin seeds are identified with Halloween, especially in England and its vicinity.

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    Default Sleeping Coffins

    It was a nightmare for a child. It was a nightmare for me. It was a nightmare for me at night.
    As someone who has learned physics, I'm not exactly opening the fear. But it is exactly the biggest fear that I have ever felt in my life.
    I don't remember exactly what the timing was, but I'm worried about falling asleep I started having my own room.
    There is room for a small, narrow room. There is enough room for a bed and a few small drawers. I did not complain;
    A new bed was given. I used to sleep in the bunk, which I used to share the old bunk.
    A strange uneasiness from the first night was crawling from behind my memory. I looked at the nonsense, the love in the bed.
    I pulled down on me to get away from nothing in the bunk bed, and it means that I had the television followed by my father.
    When you wake up for something that moves from a deep sleep, you need to provide a few seconds, no matter what happens.
    Something was moving, a lack of doubt.

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    Arrow Pumpkingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Enormously established holiday, sweet and perfect being childish dreams. Maybe all for some happiness. Maybe they're all a bit of ordinary life to escape from the whole of the mediocrity and hide in a corner. If you burn it to a mother, see the candle. If you put the candle out, you can't see it. But you can still know that he's still there. That's why I got it wrong. I don't know what people think of their own ideas and worlds they create in their own minds, but those who are flowing through my tiny mind are my friends.

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    Lightbulb Dark Door

    I woke up seeing my father prepared breakfast for me.
    We have changed the bed to normal and put it in the place of the old bunk.
    One night I woke up with strange noises. The stuff he'd been standing on the floor of the bunk was swaying like a madman, and there was a strange buzzing through the wall.
    I've never told this story to anyone before.I can still sleep on my bed wall.Maybe you can call it imagination, but I can say: the other year they gave me a new room and my parents made it their own bed.

    DARK DOOR -______-

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